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Tinder client 6tindr updated with improved toast notifications and more

Need to find a date? Then you’ve probably heard of Tinder, the mobile matchmaking app on Android and iOS that uses your location to find potential dates. We don’t have an official Tinder app for Windows Phone, but we do have Rudy Huyn’s 6tindr. It launched last week, but already has a nice update available in the Windows Phone Store. Let’s see what’s new inside 6tindr.

Head to the Windows Phone Store and you’ll see 6tindr sitting pretty at version 1.1. This update brings:

  • Added Live tiles for contacts (with number of unread messages)
  • Improved toast notifications (every 30 minutes)
  • Add emoticons as well as auto-correction and suggestions
  • Improvements to fast app resume

While not a major update, it already starts to introduce features that you won’t find with the official apps on competing platforms. Namely Live tile integrations for contacts that you really care about. It’s also great to see Rudy already start to refine the app with improvements to fast app resume and toast notifications.

Want to take 6tindr for spin? If so go grab it in the Windows Phone Store. The app is free and ad-supported, although you can remove those ads with an in-app purchase. Let us know what you think of the app below in the comments. 

  • So what's with the number 6
  • It's like Rudy's trademark..
  • Started from Vine and the 6 seconds videos. 6sec... Then the rest is history.
  • Rudy is Satan
  • lmao
  • Lol
  • Rudy is looking for other part i.e. 9 :)
  • Good job Rudy! Another great app for the increasing WP community.
  • great job, Rudy. appreciate all the work you do. that said, I refuse to use anything that requires you to log in with your Facebook account. mainly because I do not have a Facebook account.
  • Then you can't use Tinder, even on the official apps that is the ONLY way to log in...
  • I know. which is why I don't use any service that makes you log in with a Facebook account. I like to keep my info separate, only sharing what I want to share.
  • You are aware that even on Facebook, you can choose what you share and with whom you share it...
    Sounds a little paranoid tbh...
  • The entire point of Tinder is a bit of a 6 degrees of seperation hookup app. It finds you people with mutual friends or interests in your area who are also looking for a date. How are you going to do this without Facebook?
  • You can always create a dummi facebook account that you will use for stuff like this and various other crap like competitions that you don't want to compromise your main account with.  
  • Not having Facebook is a serious detriment when job hunting. People don't like hearing this, but sorry, recruiters will search your internet presence. And, given that so many qualified people apply to a job, if a recruiter has a choice between someone with a Facebook account that seems normal and someone without a Facebook account that they have no impression of, they'll call the person with the Facebook account because it's less likely that he's a total weirdo no one would want to work with.   Don't be paranoid. Create a simple shell account. Like a few TV shows, friend a few people, put up one photo of you smiling on a beach, and lock everything down tight. Facebook only knows what you tell it, so tell it next to nothing. But make sure you don't seem like some anonymous, anti-social and/or unknown weirdo to recruiters.
  • Downloaded it to give it a try, the only match I received was from the now fixed bug. I think this was a bad decision on my part.
  • It also fixed FB images upload
  • If I download this and it causes my phone to burst into flames should I blame Rudy, Nokia or my dashing good looks?
  • Why every 30 secs ?!, why can't it use push notifications?!.
  • I think OS limitation..lots app take 30 mnts..(may be i m wrong)
  • How can whatsapp, viber, fb and Skype update their live tiles in near real-time ?!.
  • I've always wondered this myself. Everyone always says WP limits it to 30 minutes but some apps are immediate.
  • I guess I found the answer, read post #9
  • Push notifications can upload the live tile in real time. 30min is the limit interval for background tasks.
    Just an example: only Instagram can access their push notification system. So Rudy can't implement real time push notifications for their app. Then Rudy checks every 30min for all the notifications and sends to our phones just 1 toast/push that also updates the live tile.
  • When an application has millions of users and the live tile updating is neccessary then Microsoft will allow them to have that access. An official tinder app might be able to get that.
  • If I was single I would be all over this app!
  • Spoiler-alert: A lot of people on Tinder are not single.
  • Amen to that.
  • Even better. It means they're not looking for a husband...hopefully.
  • Hahaha
  • With tinder you can easily find the persons full profile. This one girl would only ever message me at night at about 11. I used my detective skills and she had a boyfriend so I didn't bother anymore. I rather someone who is not just bored and is actually interested.
  • I don't use these foolish apps and (questionablebly) social sites but its great that things continue to move forward on this OS. I want to see what it can be. Im impressed already.
  • I was gonna try to develop a tinder client for Windows Phone. I guess I don't have to anymore. Rudy Huyn is awesome!
  • Do u have any published apps ?
  • But how you can make a client app when Tinder doesn't even have an API?
  • You download the android app, you open that apk file and study it. (It's like reverse engineering)
  • Anyone having a problem with the live tile count? Mine keeps growing and growing every time I get a message. Its giving me a total number of messages rather than how many NEW messages I have.
  • Yep, having the exact same problem on my 822. It'll disappear when I open the app, but then randomly the ever growing number returns to my live tile
  • Yeah, its making me mistakenly hopeful that girls actually want to talk to me :'( lol
  • lol same on me
  • My live tile count is always 6 lol. Speaking of the devil
  • Very buggy. Freezes constantly.
  • Definitely the application has problems. 
    Almost 95% "matches" came from people who I NEVER selected.
    After lastest update ( is slowest and unstable crashing all the time.
    Nokia Lumia 1020 CV UK - GDR3 Black & Nokia Lumia 920 CV UK GDR3 Ambar
  • I also had this problem, then I found out that the "nope" only works if you tap the button with an X on the App screen. If you use the resources of dragging left or right, the application always sends a 'nice'. It's a bug already reported. So whenever dismiss someone go back to the home screen and use the X (or the Heart).
  • Mine "Matchs" are different because came from girls that I didn't saw or had selected before.
    Then how can I "Match" with them?
  • Yup. Mine too. Rudy just confirmed the bug. Fixed coming to v1.2
  • lol already. That's Rudy for you.
  • Buggier than the previous version. The app kept freezing and crashing all the time.
  • 6tindr sounds like a Punjabi guys name...
  • Got a poker of 6s followed by a 9 (9gag) right on the top of my apps list (after 500px), however, living on an island in the middle of the ocean makes 6tindr near to useless. No one is using it here. Oh well...i guess it's back to the old way of meeting girls, going out :)
  • Please make a file manager for windows phone name could be 6file manager
  • Wow, that name must have taken ages to dream up.
  • Only facebook log in, maybe I don't want to log in with facebook :/
  • Does anyone ever get a common interest in music? I only seem to be getting matches for movies and TV, but never music. Is that a bug? Or is my taste in music THAT exclusive?
  • Well, I've got music matches even in the 'darkest' bands I hear, so I guess you're too underground :)
  • Worst app EVER. Freezes as hell
  • Thanks Rudy!
  • Not available for my device. 920 at&t version unlocked t-mobile.
  • App sadly pulled :(