Tiny Sheep for Windows 10 turns you into a sheep farmer — in a good way

Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, Tiny Sheep lets you clone sheep by tapping on the screen, manage your farm by building and upgrading shearing centers, and then sell the wool for profit. The free game sports colorful graphics, lively animations and plenty of features.

And Tiny Sheep is an easy game to just pick up and play.

Holy sheep!

When you first launch Tiny Sheep, the Windows 10 game greets you with a brief tutorial on gameplay. Your job is to clone sheep by tapping on the bottom of the screen. The sheep are then herded by your trusty sheep dog to shearing centers, where they will be shaved and the wool prepped for sale.

The faster you tap, the more sheep are cloned, the more wool is generated, and the more money your sheep farm makes. While the general premise of Tiny Sheep is straightforward, the game has a few management features to add to its overall challenge.

For starters, shearing centers have limits on the amount of sheep they can process. You can upgrade existing centers or build new ones to deal with an increased workload. Just tap on one of the centers to view your options. Also, the cloning center has limits on the number of sheep it can produce. A progress bar depletes as you clone sheep, and when it's exhausted you need to give the cloning center a little time to replenish its energy.

There are three additional areas in which you can manage your farm's productivity. You can spend money on research to improve productivity, buy boosts to increase productivity, and upgrade your market truck to increase the amount of wool sold. Navigation buttons line the bottom of the game display to access each of these areas.

In addition to the management options, control buttons are available at the bottom of the screen to view your current goals, access the game's main menu (view stats, settings, and achievements) and access the game's store for in-app purchases.

As you generate sheep, alerts appear along the right side of the display to inform you when shearing centers are nearing capacity, research opportunities are available, gifts have been left, and more. Along with the trials and tribulations of cloning sheep, the game has bonus features to help you build up your cash fund. Productivity goals can earn you a little extra cash, and storks cross the screen from time to time and, when tapped, drop bundles of cash to be collected.

A nice feature of Tiny Sheep is farm silos. You can build silos on your farm to allow the game to continue to shear sheep while you are away. As with other farm structures, you can build additional silos or upgrade existing ones to handle more wool. When you return to the game, a popup window appears to let you know how much wool was generated while you were away.

A taptastic game

Tiny Sheep

Tiny Sheep may not be the most complicated title, but the game is a fun time-waster. The graphics look good, and the animations lively. I like the blend of simple tapping and farm management that maximizes your game performance.

Sometimes the simplest of games can be the most entertaining ones. I cannot say that Tiny Sheep is a great game, but it ranks up there with the likes of Make it Rain and Hamster Universe as entertaining games to spend a little down time with.

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