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Windows Vista's tiny user base will see official support end one year from now

Yet another version of Windows is entering the home stretch of its support life. One year from today, on April 11, 2017, Microsoft will end all software updates for Windows Vista.

Vista's support end (opens in new tab) will only affect a tiny percentage of PC users. According to Net Application's latest OS market share numbers, Vista is only on 1.41% on all PCs. That's below the number of Linux PC users and well below those of Windows XP, which is still used by 10.9% of PCs even though Microsoft ended its support over two years ago.

Windows Vista launched in January 2007, over five years after the launch of its predecessor Windows XP and after a number of development delays. Among its many new features, Vista included a revamped graphical user interface called Aero. However, its high system requirements, its lack of compatible drivers for third-party hardware devices at launch, and many more issues caused many Windows XP users to skip upgrading to Vista. This caused Microsoft to extend the support life for Windows XP from the normal 10 years to over 12 years.

Vista was finally succeeded by Windows 7, which launched in October 2009 and became a major upgrade success for Microsoft. Mainstream support for Windows Vista, which means that the OS would no longer receive any major new features or upgrades, ended on April 10, 2012. One year from now, the security updates for the OS will also come to an end.

  • Vista was villain. Windows 7 was hero and windows 8 was rise of villain and windows 10 is rise of hero :P :D lol
  • lol
  • Basically: Fail, Success, Fail, Success, etc...
  • Win10 is far from success.
  • Just like the Star Trek movies. Sent from Windows 386
  • Millennium was a villain and XP was a hero :D
  • Millennium was awesome.
  • I liked "Me!" a lot, but then I had a computer which was very allround-compatible with the OS, too. Not many people had that experience.
  • ME is probably the worst Windows ever
  • What's funny is that Windows 7 is pretty much just a streamlined Vista.
  • People don't understand this... The hate bandwagon is real. Also, even if I like win 10 in my opinion Vista was the best looking OS till now, but now we have material / minimalist design...
  • I don't even get the hate against windows 8 either. Sure the start menu takes a while to get used to but it was fresh and nothing that bad. It is pretty much windows 7 behind that funky skin. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I never understood the hatred for Windows 8 either. Booting to the start screen for a desktop PC was not the best idea in the world but I never found the old start menu to be particularly efficient either, preferring instead to pin any application shortcuts I needed regularly on a hidden taskbar. It meant the new start screen in Windows 8 made very little difference to my everyday computing tasks and I never really got my head around the endless complaints from what to me seemed to be an inefficient way to use a PC anyway.
  • I liked 8/.1, but it felt like many core apps were divided from things like device manager. Furthermore, apps like Mail felt like toys, and lacked the functionality that Mail has returned in 10 (still missing features like Block though)
  • The problem probably is that at launch Vista had a lot of compatibility issues and was very resource hungry, specially for the machines that were common at the time. After some time, patches and service packs it became a good OS, but it's image was already damaged. I liked win 8 a lot, but it had it's own hate bandwagon by consumer and press.
  • Love windows 8
  • Totally agreed. vista is the best looking Windows in terms of aesthetics.
  • Totally agree, everyone hates on Vista and praises 7 like it's the trendy thing to do, but few people actually realize that Windows 7 is just a rehash of Window Vista with some slight UI changes. A lot of Windows 7 system apps work on Vista as well. The means Windows Vista is almost completely forward compatible with Windows 7 indicating that the two are almost the same OS's. Really Windows 7 might as well be Windows Vista SP3, but that wouldn't work well marketing-wise. And sadly, it's become the "cool" thing to hate on Vista despite the contributions Vista made to all subsequent Windows OS's including Windows 10.
  • Windows 7 was what vista was supposed to be. Vista was rushed out the door (because they were so far behind schedule already) but development continued and was re-released as Windows 7.
  • That is also true, but that essentially just validates my statement about Windows 7 being Windows Vista SP3. After Vista SP2 and the Platform Update, it was pretty much on par with Windows 7 in most aspects.
  • Yes.
  • I always felt that 70% of Vista's reputation problems stemmed from hardware companies not bothering to write drivers for it. I had very few issues with it because I ran it on machines that had compatible hardware.
  • Every other OS they build is great xD Zachary Bowling - ZAD Apps
  • Its a "tick tock" OS progression
  • More like regression since w10
  • "More like hyper-progression since w10" FTFY
  • Wait ... what? Some users are still on Windows Vista?
  • There wont be any enterprise user for sure or that company is dead for sure.
  • I still have a pc with vista... I still love using it :P Posted via Windows Central App for Windows 10/Android
  • There are also some users still using Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT, and 2000 Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • The company I work for has a PC here that has 95 on it. To get the PC and propriatary hardware/software replaced would cost $35,000-50,000. The machine still works and we have no reason to replace it. It's a device that checks roundness, concentricity, perpendicularity and runout of machined parts. No it is not connected to the internet, but it's a dedicated machine for dedicated hardware. Sometimes you NEED to keep and older OS.
  • I had an old samsung laptop that was still running Vista untill I made it my Windows 10 technical preview PC. But if I weren't so tech savy that I wanted to test preview versions of Windows it would still be running Vista today. Most people never upgrade there Windows version, so there might still be people using a old Vista pc that is still working great. Why would they pay a €130,- for a new version of Windows when there old one is still running great. ​It has been a pain for Microsoft to get people of, of Windows XP and that OS really is archaic, a remnants of a computer age long gone. There are just to many people following the mantra if it ain't broken leave it as it is!
  • I still have it installed
  • Well vpc07 has better management of VMs & for those who have ultimate tinker was a good game(especially if you were lucky to locate the orig. Source to download the level editor)
  • Wrong thread.
  • Honestly those must be some old folks that are using Vista not to mention XP. ( no disrespect intended to the elders).
  • I think it is mostly old folks. The kind who still drive around town in their '75 Chrysler Cordoba, thinking "there's nothing wrong with this car".
  • Lol
  • I just binged a picture of that car. I like it. I would definitely drive one
  • Too bad Windows Vista can't be upgraded to 10 or else I would have done that a while ago for my Nana's Dell laptop (the Dell laptop model that has a poor-quality charger port that breaks every-now-and-then.) That is, if all the software was guaranteed to work. She already uses 10 on a business-related computer and likes it.
  • There was a free upgrade that Microsoft offered to those on Vista back in 2012 (a few months before Win7 was released). All you had to do was fill out a quick survey of why you hated Vista (this survey was on the Windows webpage). I had upgraded some of my relatives' computers to Win7 that way, and now upgraded them again for free to Windows 10. Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • Do you mean 2009? Back then I wasn't good with computers like I am now. I messed with theming and stuff on XP and played computer games but that was about it. Too bad she didn't know about that.
  • Wasn't as open-ended as the update from xp as any of those users retail included could get a discounted update to vista but for 7 you actually had to buy during the qualifying period
  • Vista actually would have been a great OS if the hardware at the time had been up to the challenge. Sleek, sexy UI, and some cool new features, but it was too demanding for basically all laptops, which were the trend at that time.
  • Didn't Vista introduce Jump Lists? If so, screw all the Vista haters because that is the best feature to come to Windows this millenium.
  • yes most of what is in Win7 was introduced in Vista. Unfortunately Vista had way too many performance issues and so people didn't know about these features. A similar story for Windows 8 introduced Live Tiles, Windows Store, and support for multi-touch. Now everyone knows about these features in Windows 10 (but don't know that W8 first came with it) Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • & a new driver framework based on what at the time was used for tv tuners on xp
  • Looks better than Windows 8/8.1/10. :)
  • 7 8 9 (as in Win7 ate Win9) so that's why we have Windows 10. Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • More alive than Windows mobile.
  • Like XP, Vista was really great after SP1..... Vista gave Ultimate Extras....Used to love using video wallpaper...Now with modern hardware it would of been nice...
  • yes video wallpapers would have been easy to implement in Windows 10 especially with those of us who use more powerful computers. Posted via Universal Windows App on W10
  • Stardock still licenses their full iteration for w7 & above. Though there's a registry hack to bring back basic support
  • It's worth noting that Windows Vista's "tiny" user base is 80% as large as all distros and versions of Linux combined and is larger than every version of OS X aside from 10.10 and 10.11.
  • People still using XP really, really needs to let it go. It's so old, a person who was in kindergarten when it came out is well into college.
  • Agreed I know. I remember XP when I was five
  • We should all take a moment and recognize the incredible contributions Vista made to digital computing and subsequent versions of Windows. Pretty much every feature we consider standard in Windows 10 was introduced with Vista. In fact, after SP1, Vista was a great OS. It was truly ahead of it's time to the point where it took a high end computer to get the most out of Vista. But if Vista was released just a little later when hardware had improved enough, Vista would've run perfectly fine without a hitch with great looks and performance. I would still use Vista today if it supported modern hardware and had drivers available. With today's modern hardware, Vista is a pretty lightweight OS but not so obsolete unlike XP that it doesn't support all the modern technologies needed to run modern applications. This is thanks to Vista being the core of all subsquent versions of Windows. Basically, Windows Vista is really one of the best versions of Windows. It was just too ahead of its time and poorly marketed.
  • Mm...I see a trend here. Now where have we seen the term 'Poorly Marketed' lately....
  • Well it's true, a lot of Microsoft's failed products were due to poor marketing. Take the Zune HD for example. It was technologically superior to the iPod Touch in every aspect, in fact, it was one of the first consumer mobile devices to use a multi-core CPU & GPU. It supported HD video and lossless audio playback and was the first device to have an OLED screen. Nevertheless, the Zune HD failed even though it was the better device? Why? Because of poor marketing. Same with Windows Vista. It's been almost 10 years now since these products were released and we are now able to look back and study why these products failed. I assume you're talking about Windows Phone though in your comment, and it's too early to do a case study about the success or failure of Windows Phone. There's quite a few factores at play and still in play right now. We won't know the true impact of Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile for another decade or so.
  • "It was truly ahead of it's time to the point where it took a high end computer to get the most out of Vista" That means it was rushed and it was NOT optimized, genius. Even good marketing can't make up for something that sucks so much at launch.
  • Back in 2007 when Vista was released.. Hardware requirements was just half of that what we used today and was de facto standard for years. So an OS with just double the requirements had of fail.
    By 2009, Vista requirements had become de facto standard , so win7 saw wide acceptance.
    Had Microsoft released some os with requirements at least near to vista before its release, vista would never had such bad fate. Posted via Windows Central App for Windows 10/Android
  • Well that & some manufacturers like NVIDIA had bribed them to certify weak hardware for premium 650go
  • There are probably more comments here than users! Vista, for me, was an oddball. XP was always my go to, I avoided ME and 7, although 7 did grow on me. 8.1 was a bit of a car crash. It seemed as if no one knew it's place, or what it was to achieve. Maybe it was to get us used to start menu's etc, although the app screen was awkward. Now w10 is here, 8.1 made sense :-/
  • I miss my dreamscenes... probably my favorite windows ever
  • Windows Vista was graphically stunning ever in the history of any OS.
  • Vista was just crap. Windows 8.1 was my ultimate OS. Pity I upgraded to Windows 10.
  • Goodbye Vista, you two faced Windows :( You looked so gorgeous, but were so hardware demanding...
    I think Vista was the best looking Windows version ever :) Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on HP 250 G1 notebook. It is a scary old monster, I think :D
  • Yes it was
  • Me, I still can't understand why everyone hated it, I'm still using it and I'm fine with it
  • I liked it.
  • My dad is still using Vista on his old laptop. Idk why everyone hates that os, I haven't experienced any problems... Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • I have never used don't know what was wrong with it. People seem to loathe it a lot..
  • When Vista was introduced, it was slow, bloated with driver issues.  Boot time was ridiculous, file system was glacial with lots of disk churn. Not too noticeable now using the latest generation of PC technology and third party driver support but back then, Vista was the pits.  A little sad to see it go by the wayside.  It had some oddball features that I liked such as the sidebar (which was hated by everyone else apparently) and the XP-ish like UI.
  • Some people have said that it was really good after SP1..
  • With a decent PC and SP1, it ran great, even my P4 with HT and 4GB of ram ran it like a champ, the reason why people felt it was slow was that standard laptops at the time were shipping with slow ram, most of them with 2GB of it, and Pentium D processors, not Centrino Duo (Core or Core 2 mobile). Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Goodbye Vista, I still remember when it came out, I had my Pentium 4 Extreme rig running XP and wanted to upgrade it just because of the startup sound and new logo that appeared on Microsoft's webpage, oh good old times. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Haha... Man !! You summarized it very well... Took me back to my college days...
  • In case anyone hasn't noticed the pattern, Microsoft OS has always had successful to failure every iteration all the way to Windows 95, 98, 98SE
  • WinMe Part Deux. Sent from Windows 386
  • Vista was a perfectly fine OS with a rocky start... That and OEMs being SUPER lazy releasing machines with 256Mb ram.  Vista, with superfectch literally collapsed and who got the blame? MS.   People really do not recall this stuff.
  • Vista...? Still...? Wow, it was as much annoying as android...