Tip of the Week: Save your stylus

Ah, the great stylus debate. Even with the advent of the more finger-friendly TouchFlo 3D, some people just can't put down the stylus. And that's OK. Different strokes and all that. And with the Touch Diamond family of devices (including the Touch Pro and Touch HD), there came the added bonus of the phone recognizing when you remove the stylus and then waking or launching a program.

And if you're they type that's constantly losing your stylus, here's a little app that can help remind you to put it back after you've used it. Brought to you by the fine folks at XDA Developers, it monitors whether your stylus is in or out. If it's out and your phone starts moving, it can alert you. Pretty simple stuff, but it could save you a little stylus headache.

Find the app and more information on it here.

Via PocketNow

Phil Nickinson

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