TipRanks lets you track the record of analysts, launches exclusively for Windows Phone 8

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re all investing in the stock market one way or the other. Whether you do so as an individual investor or participate with mutual funds and hedge funds, we’re all in this together. TipRanks is a new app for Windows Phone 8 that’s aimed at all investors. It’s now available for you to download in the Store, so let’s check out what this app is all about.

It’s pretty hard to ignore sound bites offering you advice on whether or not to buy stocks. Even if you’re not an active participant in the stock market you’ll come across advice from analysts in newspapers, television programs, social media, and elsewhere. Although they claim to be experts in finance, how can you measure the worth of their advice? With TipRanks.

Hindsight is 20/20, or at least it was until TipRanks came along. This is a platform that gives users insight into the track record and measured performance of financial analysts. The platform was founded in 2012 with the goal of giving individual investors more power to make informed decisions. It started as a browser application, but is now going mobile with Windows Phone. Here’s a video giving you an overview of how the platform works:

TipRanks offers users three plans when joining the platform. Basic is free and gives you access to the accuracy report of an analyst, one analyst integration with finance report, and three day turn around for technical support. There are premium ($14.95/month) and ultimate ($24.94/month) plans that offer a ton more features. Definitely check out the plan selection page at TipRanks to see which profile works for you. We’ll focus on the basic plan, because that appears to be the functionality you get with the Windows Phone app.

  • View analysts profile with information on their average return, ranking, and recommendations
  • View analysts portfolio
  • View opinion on specific stock

First impression of TipRanks? It’s pretty wild. We’re not big day time traders over here, but certainly see the appeal in the data that TipRanks provides to consumers. We can rank and review restaurants, now we can do the same with financial analysts and the advice they give.

TipRanks is exclusive to Windows Phone and you can thank AppCampus for that. AppCampus, as you may or may not remember, is the mobile accelerator program that’s jointly funded by Microsoft, Nokia and Aalto University in Finland. Apps that are funded by AppCampus agree to become Windows Phone exclusives for Windows Phone for 90 days. After that they can join other platforms like Android and iOS. It’s a killer program for startups looking to join the mobile space, but want to remain independent. Neither Microsoft nor Nokia take a share in the company, all they ask for is Windows Phone exclusivity.

Want to try TipRanks for yourself on Windows Phone 8? The app is available for free and you can grab it in the Windows Phone Store. You can also use the QR codes below or swipe to the right in our app. 

  • Ahhh, I read it too quickly. I thought is called TI - PRANKS.   Ok, I'll get more coffee now.  hehe
  • This seems far too serious and useful, we need more cartoon soundboards and fart apps if WP is going to attract more Android users.
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    true this^
  • That Red! Always wanted it but chicked at the last moment and got black
  • Nice to see platform exclusives!
  • huh this looks pretty cool/useful.
  • Hi, I'm Benji and I'm from TipRanks. 
    If you have any usage questions, suggestions, improvement ideas or any other ideas please do not hesitate to contact me. We're always interested in feedback and we're building a strong product we believe in. 
    Please let us know what you think.
  • I worked with Benji during the AppCampus, and believe me: If the rest of his team is anything like this guy, you are looking at an app that will outperform all competitors and really make sure you get your ROI (Return of invest) in the stock market. Also: It's really amazing to see all these high quality AppCampus Apps finally being released. Seems like the Accelerator is paying off! On that note - Our AppCampus App might not take too much longer either! ;-)
  • AppCampus seems like a cool program. If I were Microsoft, though, I would've requested 6 months of exclusivity; 90 days is too short. Still, glad to see the deluge of all these cool apps, and currently Windows Phone exclusive!
  • Can't exit the app.
  • Hi Jazmac,
    We would love to help you resolve your issue with our application. If you have a technical issue or any other problem or suggestion we want to know
    My email is benji (at) tipranks (dot) com and I would love to hear your feedback and help you solve your problem.
    Thanks, and I hope you have been enjoying our app,