Titanfall 2 runs at native 4K resolution on Xbox One X, features dynamic superscaling

Titanfall 2
Titanfall 2 (Image credit: Electronic Arts)

However, since then we haven't heard anything regarding a concrete resolution. Would the game run at native 4K? Would be it 1440p like PlayStation 4 Pro? Luckily, an interview between Xbox Wire and Respawn Entertainment's lead producer Drew McCoy clarified the situation.

When specially asked about what the development team was doing to enhance Titanfall 2 for Xbox One X, McCoy said the following.

We have increased the rendering details and dynamic resolution cap of Titanfall 2 on X1X. This means the game will always output a 4K signal, but dynamically alter the resolution based on GPU load to ensure smooth framerates. Additionally, we have brought over from the PC version of Titanfall 2 Dynamic Superscaling for times when even full 2160p doesn't push the X1X GPU to 100% utilization... Players will notice lots of little details in the world and it maintains the fluid 60 FPS framerate needed for smooth gameplay.

Aside from the fact that the Xbox One X version of Titanfall 2 runs at native 4K with dynamic resolution — it's 1440p with dynamic resolution on PlayStation 4 Pro — the most exciting news has to be that the developers brought over Titanfall 2 Dynamic Superscaling from the PC version. This means that if the Xbox One X GPU isn't used completely, it'll render at higher than 4K and downsample to the resolution the console is outputting to. The image will be exceptionally clear and smooth during these occasions.

Unlike the first game, Titanfall 2 introduces a campaign alongside its multiplayer mode. The story explores the unique bond between man and machine and is surprisingly touching. If you haven't played the game, be sure to check it out at retailers.

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