Todoist Smart Schedule is adding AI smarts to your task lists

Todoist, the popular cross-platform task management platform, has announced a shiny new feature it's calling Smart Schedule, bringing some AI smarts into your daily planning.

Smart Schedule at its core will suggest completion dates for your tasks based on a number of key factors such as your current task load, past behavior and estimated urgency. It says it's in response to "snowballers," users who frequently just keep redating their overdue tasks and procrastinating on them. Smart Schedule is designed to help set realistic deadlines in the first place so this doesn't happen.

I, of course, have never continually redated my Todoist list. Ahem.

The full list of features includes:

  • The user's habits: Based on when users have assigned and completed tasks in the past, Smart Schedule suggests futures dates for similar tasks. For example, if a user usually assigns tasks containing the word "read" for Fridays, Smart Schedule is more likely to suggest Friday for future reading tasks.
  • Estimated task urgency: Drawing from a meta-analysis across all Todoist users, Smart Schedule estimates the relative urgency of any given task. For example, "read book" will be assigned further out than "fix bug".
  • The user's upcoming task load: Smart Schedule takes into account all upcoming tasks and distributes recommended due dates accordingly to even out the load.
  • Workdays versus weekends: Smart Schedule learns which types of tasks can be done on weekends, and which should always be scheduled during the work week (for example, "Finish draft" or "Check email").
  • The user's estimated "End of Day": Based on past behavior, Smart Schedule estimates when a user usually stops completing tasks and will stop suggesting "Today" as a due date.
  • A user's daily goals: Todoist allows users to set and track daily and weekly goals for the number tasks they want to complete. Smart Schedule will suggest due dates to help a user meet those goals.

Best of all the feature is rolling out from today on all platforms, including Windows 10. Grab it now from the Store at the link below.

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