Toolbox for Windows 8: Windows App Review

Toolbox for Windows 8 is an interesting utility for your Surface Tablet or Windows 8 computer. It is a collection of nine different tools where six of these tools can be tiled to a single screen.  Toolbox for Windows 8 is a nice multi-tasking app with a decent selection of reference tools but it needs more productivity tools.

I can see Toolbox for Windows 8 coming in handy at times and the app has potential.  It just needs a little more meat on the bones to make it shine.

Tools include:

  • Web browser
  • Calculator
  • Unit Converter
  • Facebook
  • Voice Notes
  • Notifier (timer)
  • World Clock
  • Weather
  • Doodle (free hand doodle pad)

If you want to monitor your Facebook account while surfing the web while monitoring the weather... Toolbox will let your create a three windows layout to do just that. Each tool can be used in multiple windows so you can monitor weather or time in several cities at one glance. Layouts can be saved for easy access. 

Toolbox for Windows 8 is a nice multi-tasking app but needs a little more gusto. Maybe allow you to open Office Documents or a game? As is, Toolbox for Windows 8 is creative way to monitor several different resources at once but productivity uses may be limited. For example, you could pull up a recipe on the browser and use the notifier as the kitchen timer and the converter to convert ingredient amounts.

Toolbox for Windows 8 is a free app for your Windows 8 device and you can find it here at the Windows Store.

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George Ponder

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