Toolbox for Windows 8: Windows App Review

Toolbox for Windows 8 is an interesting utility for your Surface Tablet or Windows 8 computer. It is a collection of nine different tools where six of these tools can be tiled to a single screen.  Toolbox for Windows 8 is a nice multi-tasking app with a decent selection of reference tools but it needs more productivity tools.

I can see Toolbox for Windows 8 coming in handy at times and the app has potential.  It just needs a little more meat on the bones to make it shine.

Tools include:

  • Web browser
  • Calculator
  • Unit Converter
  • Facebook
  • Voice Notes
  • Notifier (timer)
  • World Clock
  • Weather
  • Doodle (free hand doodle pad)

If you want to monitor your Facebook account while surfing the web while monitoring the weather... Toolbox will let your create a three windows layout to do just that. Each tool can be used in multiple windows so you can monitor weather or time in several cities at one glance. Layouts can be saved for easy access. 

Toolbox for Windows 8 is a nice multi-tasking app but needs a little more gusto. Maybe allow you to open Office Documents or a game? As is, Toolbox for Windows 8 is creative way to monitor several different resources at once but productivity uses may be limited. For example, you could pull up a recipe on the browser and use the notifier as the kitchen timer and the converter to convert ingredient amounts.

Toolbox for Windows 8 is a free app for your Windows 8 device and you can find it here (opens in new tab) at the Windows Store.

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  • also please check our windows phone app IDOS, thank you
  • My number one complaint about Windows 8 (although a minor complaint) is that the clock is not visible at a glance. I realize that it does not take much effort to check the time, but I tend to browse the web in desktop mode because of this
  • Use swipe from right for the Charm menu and you will see the clock without going to desktop mode.
  • THIS
  • Download a clock app and put the time on a tile.
  • Same here. So I downloaded clock app like most and then snap it right. Downside is you get now big clock on the entire right side. So toolbox is improvement since you can add clock + weather for instance.
    Unfortunately toolbox is limited to 2 apps when snapped to side. Wish it could tile 3-4 so it would be similar to sidebar.
  • Developer of Toolbox here!  We've got a ton of new tools and features on the way.  We're getting ready to roll out Toolbox 2.0 this week, which includes new tools, fixes, and enhancements.  Our roadmap is vast and ambitious, and we're very excited to roll these features out to our users.
    If you have any feedback, questions, or comments, just let me know!
    You can also contact us at usersupport[at]
    Thanks wpcentral! =)
  • awesome, great work
  • I love app as possible replacement of sidebar:-). 1 thing on my wishlist: - In snap mode support more than 2 simultaneous apps: 3-5 I know you can switch with right click on lower pane but would be great if you could have 3-5 apps at same time. Also calendar app would be great to add.
  • Looks elegant.
    Well done to the designers.
  • Is wpcentral going to be rebranded to wmcentral (windows mobile)?  It seems like the scope of the site has reached far beyond just Windows Phone :)
  • Or maybe Windows8 Central ... ;)
  • Yes!  That's a good one.
  • Probably just Windows Central then... otherwise, what happens when Windows 9 comes along?  The site's global focus is mobile, though.
  • If there's one big feature missing in WP8 it's sidebar gadgets. I wish you could tile multiple weather apps, clock, calendar on the right side of the screen. This app might get close to that if I understand correctly.
  • Yep, with Toolbox, you can actually have access to up to 6 tools within Snap View, that works similar to gadgets, with the exception that each tool still maintains full functionality.
  • Tried it today but I only get 2 apps at same time in snap view. Still better than 1 though. Would be great if you could expand that. Also minor but clock is US AM/PM. Would be nice to allow 24 hour format as well.
    I wonder what the 5 dots mean between the panes. Seems it's just a handle to remove a pane/app. Would be great if that could be a pane resize control.
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