Best Xbox One Stealth Games Windows Central 2021

Whether your stealth style is a dagger in the back or a silenced sniper rifle, the Xbox One has you covered. Stealth games typically hinge on killing enemies from the shadows, or outright avoiding them all together.

Here's our comprehensive round-up of the 10 best Xbox One stealth games as of 2019.

★ Featured favorite: Hitman 2

Hitman 2 is the ultimate stealth playground available today for Xbox One. In Hitman, you'll navigate vast open maps filled with all sorts of intersecting opportunities to dispatch your targets. Hitman 2 is a bit of a masterpiece, and for stealth fans, unmissable.

Stealth, with aliens: Prey

Prey takes place on a seemingly abandoned space station dubbed Talos I, where alien containment procedures seem to have failed. The game throws all sorts of stealth options at you, including the ability to transform into innocuous objects like coffee mugs, to avoid the shadowy stalking creatures that have taken over the base. Prey is awesome.

$30 at Microsoft

Ultimate sniping game: Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite IV is an open world stealth game with an emphasis on sound and sniping. You must use environmental cues to mask your rifle shots, as you battle through Europe during WW2. Sniper Elite is infamous for its slow-motion x-ray kill cams, which layer piles of organ-bursting satisfaction onto proceedings.

$60 at Microsoft

Political assassin: Dishonored 2

Dishonored is another stealth title from Arkane, taking place in an alternative steampunk universe filled with supernatural phenomena and oppressive governments. Playing as either Corvo or Emily, you will utilize a large stealth toolkit to unravel a political conspiracy that threatens entire nations.

$40 at Microsoft Store

Cyberpunk stealth: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

The legendary series' most recent entry didn't set the world on fire, but it's still a well-executed cyberpunk stealth game that continues the Adam Jensen story arc. In a world where cybernetic enhancements are a hot-button political issue, Jensen utilizes his own mechanized powers to stealth his way to unravelling a corporate conspiracy.

$30 at Microsoft

Steal everything: Thief

Thief is a criminally underrated stealth game, based on a classic series of the same name. Thief grants you a wide range of tools to help you burgle your way across a dark, Victorian-styled city gripped by plague and poverty. After a routine job goes awry, Garrett finds himself caught between a violent revolution and a criminal conspiracy threatening the entire city.

$20 at Microsoft

Apocalyptic stealth: Fallout 4

While it isn't a stealth game by genre, Fallout 4 has plenty of mechanics perfect for those who are assassination-inclined. Silenced weapons, stealth perks, and sneaking gameplay can be incredibly satisfying in Fallout 4, using silenced weapons with slow-motion V.A.T.S. kills to take down your foes.

$30 at Microsoft

2D Ninja: Mark of the Ninja

Mark of the Ninja is an acclaimed side-scrolling stealth game from Klei. In Mark of the Ninja, you must work your way across layered 2D environments to avoid traps, CCTV cameras, and armed guards, utilizing various ninja-styled tools to overcome your foes. You can traverse the game without killing any enemies, or carve a bloody path to the end. The choice is yours.

$20 at Microsoft

Historical hitman: Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Staple assassination franchise Assassin's Creed takes its blend of open world action to Ancient Greece in its latest instalment. Although stealth has taken a back seat in the franchise in recent years, there's still plenty of stealthy satisfaction that can be found striking out from the shadows. Odyssey is a vast game with stunning visuals well worth your time.

$60 at Microsoft

The legend itself: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Thanks to the magic of Xbox One backward compatibility, we now have two of the best stealth games of all time available on the console. Metal Gear Solid takes place in an alternate timeline where advanced tech and a shadowy global conspiracy threatens the freedom of all people. These games are masterpieces, and have aged incredibly well.

$20 at Microsoft

I cannot for the life of me recommend Metal Gear Solid HD collection enough. While it's pretty old, originally from the PS2 era, the gameplay holds up even today, and has some of the most engrossing (if inconsistent) storytelling in gaming. Prey is also a personal favorite, which has incredibly satisfying stealth/sabotage gameplay, particularly at higher difficulties. More powerful foes can be taken out by laying traps and setting up distractions, using the environment to your advantage. Plus, who doesn't want to transform into a coffee mug?

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