Hands-on with Toshiba's gorgeous Radius 12 convertible with a 4K display

The Radius 12 is a sleek convertible that packs a whopping 4K display into one of the smallest form factors we've seen to date. And when you fold it right back, Continuum kicks in and you've got a high resolution tablet. It's true that the display is one of the defining features, but that's fine.

Because it's beautiful.

There is an option to have a lower priced model with a Full HD 1080p display, but it's the top of the line 4K model we've seen on the show floor. At 12.5-inches and 3840 x 2160, the display is stunning. Not just for its resolution, but also it's color quality. The "wide gamut RGB display supports 100% Adobe® RGB color space reproduction, making it an ideal choice for mobile content creators." Toshiba's words, not ours.

But all that shows when you just look at it. It's sometimes easy to exaggerate, but this has to be one of the finest laptop displays we've seen.

Away from the display we've got specs that we'd 'expect from a high-end laptop launching at this event. Intel Skylake CPUs up to Core i7, up to 8GB of RAM and all the ports you want including full sized HDMI, regular USB, USB-C and it has support for Windows Hello with it's infra red camera set up. Oh, and the F1 key is also a dedicated Cortana search key.

We've only had chance to take a very quick look at it, but so far, we're impressed. It'll undoubtedly be compared to Apple's MacBook down the road, but the Radius 12 doesn't make the trade off of actually being able to plug things in to it while chasing an ever thinner form factor. It's not exactly a heavyweight, either, at just 2.9lbs and 0.6-inches thick. It's designed for power and productivity on the go, and it's incredibly impressive.

Take a closer look in the hands-on video above.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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