Hands-on with Toshiba's gorgeous Radius 12 convertible with a 4K display

The Radius 12 is a sleek convertible that packs a whopping 4K display into one of the smallest form factors we've seen to date. And when you fold it right back, Continuum kicks in and you've got a high resolution tablet. It's true that the display is one of the defining features, but that's fine.

Because it's beautiful.

There is an option to have a lower priced model with a Full HD 1080p display, but it's the top of the line 4K model we've seen on the show floor. At 12.5-inches and 3840 x 2160, the display is stunning. Not just for its resolution, but also it's color quality. The "wide gamut RGB display supports 100% Adobe® RGB color space reproduction, making it an ideal choice for mobile content creators." Toshiba's words, not ours.

But all that shows when you just look at it. It's sometimes easy to exaggerate, but this has to be one of the finest laptop displays we've seen.

Away from the display we've got specs that we'd 'expect from a high-end laptop launching at this event. Intel Skylake CPUs up to Core i7, up to 8GB of RAM and all the ports you want including full sized HDMI, regular USB, USB-C and it has support for Windows Hello with it's infra red camera set up. Oh, and the F1 key is also a dedicated Cortana search key.

We've only had chance to take a very quick look at it, but so far, we're impressed. It'll undoubtedly be compared to Apple's MacBook down the road, but the Radius 12 doesn't make the trade off of actually being able to plug things in to it while chasing an ever thinner form factor. It's not exactly a heavyweight, either, at just 2.9lbs and 0.6-inches thick. It's designed for power and productivity on the go, and it's incredibly impressive.

Take a closer look in the hands-on video above.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

Richard Devine is a Managing Editor at Windows Central with over a decade of experience. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently, you'll find him steering the site's coverage of all manner of PC hardware and reviews. Find him on Mastodon at mstdn.social/@richdevine

  • Awesome
  • I think the 'Surface Effect' is starting to kick in.
  • For real, so many awesome convertibles and 2 in 1s coming out. Looks like the iPad pro is going to underwhelm, judging purely from iOS 9 and el capitan.
  • Yet it'll sell a BUCKET LOAD. :(
  • Did you try holding it, how does it feel in tablet mode? Also continuum didn't seem to work when he flipped it to tablet. Looks like a nice machine, too bad up to 8 GB RAM. 16 minimum for me, but I like that a lot of machines are coming out now, I will have some choices to compare to SP4 when that is out.
  • Can't judge trade show performance as gospel ever.
  • Precision touchpad or not? All OEMs adopted new Windows 10 hardware related features like Windows Hello authentication and Continuum on convertible devices but nobody mentions API introduced in 8.1 for touchpads. Can you guys start asking about it? It's kind of important. I'll certainly not get a laptop without it no matter how great it is otherwise.
  • Lol minimum 8 gb? What the hell for? What do you do on your laptop?
  • He runs Chrome... Lol
  • LMAO!
  •   LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
  • And 9 windows of pornhub running all at once....lol
  • Minimum 16GB, not 8. I run chrome, edge, virtual machines for windows phone emulator, hearthstone which really chokes my laptop, eclipse ide, visual studio 2015, VS code, trillian, aim messenger, skype, tweetium... Not always all running same time. :)
  • OK, you're excused ;)
  • lol not really. I have 'only' 4 GBs on my 5 year old laptop, and it runs like a breeze! Most of the things he listed aren't even huge memory hogs. 8 GBs is an overkill, and 16 is being clueless. A faster processor is usually a better investment.
  • Amen!
  • I currently have 8 GB and its not enough, for most people 4 is fine. Emulators (virtual machines) need a lot of RAM. I currently am using 5.8-5.9 GB of those 8GB (which is 73% of the RAM) with mail, edge, chrome, filezilla, aim, skype, vs code, db visualizer, battle.net, vs studio 2013, tweetium, and groove not playing music open. Edge with 2 tabs is taking up the most RAM at ~285MB, chrome with 7 tabs open is only taking ~106MB, in fact vs code is taking up more RAM than chrome at ~136MB. System task is at ~726MB. Performance right now is fine, but once I start running some more things it will start to be sluggish. I ran vs 2013 with windows phone emulator to see where that put me and I hit 89% of the RAM at 7 GB so yeah 16 is what I want. And yes I still use aim ... if you are over 30 you most likely still do! This toshiba looks nice, will see what else the other vendors have to offer with 16GB!
  • Do you actually know how virtual machines work? And IDEs and compiles can take up a lot of RAM too. And did you see he mentioned Chrome?
  • No. No. No and no. Superfetch will use your ram to cache so more ram equals a faster system. Either way some people DO NEED 8Gb ram.
  • 16gb is a pleasant thing for me as well. If anyone here has done renderings using either Revit or 3Ds MAX, you'll know that 8gb is minimum, and anything more than that is glorious.
  • AIM messenger?? Do you still use dial up internet? (kidding, didn't know aim was still a thing)
  • That being said I have a Lenovo y50 with 16 GB ram and NVIDIA 860m graphics card for game development, but my wife's MacBook air is so much faster and responsive (i5, 8GB). Think I should return my Lenovo.
  • Yeah maybe there is something wrong with it or stop downloading porn.
  • Something's wrong with your machine then. Do you have a standard HDD while she has an SSD? Both machines should be fast unless your Startup is bloated to heck.
  • Even if both have SSDs, Apple uses PCIe SSD Drives which are quite a bit faster than a SATA 3 SSD Drive.  It really isn't much of a contest. Also, a lot of Windows depends on the software.  The APIs and frameworks used to develop software on Winodws are super fragmented compared to Mac, where a lot of Software will just use Apple's APIs and frameworks, which are optimized spefically for the hardware that Apple uses in their Machines.  Apple is probably tuning more aggressively for Intel Processors, using things like OpenCL more extensively than Microsoft is becasue these things may or may not exist on a Windows PC configuration.
  • That is because she has SSD and you are using slow hard drive, just pop in a SSD and you will see the difference.
  • That was my reaction. AIM? Seriously?? I thought that died with GeoCities,the PC Turbo button and 1.44 meg AOL Floppy disks. lol.
  • Lmao the turbo button should make a return for over locking!
  • If you edit video on a laptop, 8GB is definitely the minimum. I'm a video professional and sometimes editing on a laptop is necessary.
  • Light work including -VMwork
    -Music production
    -Image editing
    -Web Dev
    -and more The thing has an i7 so WHY WOULDN'T you have 8Gb???  Heck there should be a 16Gb version.
  • well not everyone use laptop just for fun - for years I've done everything on it - running a VM (as many mentioned) takes e.g. 4GB right away from you (and many times you need to actually have it in parallel and keep it open), so you're down to 4, which isn't much.
    And at the moment I'm running at 7GB, and not doing that much (as I could), VS takes some, but Edge roughly calced from task list is at ~2GB (with 20 or so tabs open, so not that many, but pages are demanding and more with time left). 7 GB or so would have already kicked in the swapping if on 8, so yes 16 is the min.
    But I'd agree that you don't really need 32 GB :))) most of the time
  • continuum - they probably just forgot to "make windows more touch friendly" in settings, settings issue as that works fine - except that tablet mode isn't the best (to me)
  • I'll be curious to see what its battery life is like... and how much skylake helps mitigate the drain of a 4k screen.
  • I think this could be my next laptop. Maybe.
  • I dont know who they hired or what happened but Toshiba has been bringing out very pretty machines this year. They're usually the ugliest ones lol
    "practical" ones to be nice.
  • Yeah they went from bricks with "easy wipe keyboards" to sleek shining badass machines.
  • Would you just look at it! I mean sometimes you just have to look at it!
  • Eeeyyyyyy. Ed Bassmaster :P
  • This is almost making me wish my current laptop would just die so I'd have the excuse to buy it... Tic Toc...
  • he he
  • No stylus pen :/
  • I find the XPS12 better looking
  • OH! DELL, where for art thou XPS 12 refresh! So many bitchin' new techs to make that form the perfect best [for me]. My mum has the first gen, and stil want it badly.
  • Can you go hands-on the Primo with continuum device?
  • No. It's not available for hands on. It's still a prototype. Sucks but it is what it is.
  • Aww:/ oh ok thanks a lot for let us know:)
  • I told my friend to just wait for awhile before buying the laptop last week. He just spent 1,000 USD for Dell laptop that is 5 months old since launch with Windows 8.1, 5th gen i7 CPU and (well) HD display. But he said, he can upgrade to Windows 10 anytime anyway. But the point I was trying to tell him is that there are features in Windows 10, that only machines built for Windows 10 can have, like Windows Hello. But he don't care. Now, the best machines for Windows 10 are coming out
  • Nice he didn't take your advice because those features weren't important to him and he got a nice machine at a good price, Why is that hard to understand.? 
  • Because he could get it at a better price now, and would even have an option for it to actually be up-to-date, using the new features in windows, for maybe the same price he paid for the one he bought.
  • I NEED THA WALLPAPER!!! please someone if know how to find it - heeeeelp meeeeeee
  • How big? 12"?
  • 12.5 - it's in the article...
  • Re-reading from my PC I see that now.  From my phone earlier that was not obvious. This is important as this is the first sub-15" laptop with Windows Hello camera on the device which means we should see it on a lot more smaller laptops now.
  • That's your conclusion? Big difference between 12 inch laptops and 4-6 inch phones.
  • That's a nice looking piece of kit. Then you see the power cord coming out.  How can no one on the PC market figure out power cords but Microsoft?
  • Welcome to 4K resolution era beginning. Xperia Z5 premium, Toshiba Radius 12, LG 4K OLED TV.
  • Uh, Contiuum didn't work for the salesman. 
  • Early hardware. If it's not fixed when it ships, then it's an issue.
  • It's hard to believe Toshiba made a really nice looking laptop. Legit looks good. I wonder about battery life.
  • Methinks the 2-in-1 device category will rise in popularity thanks to Windows 10  
  • Beautiful laptop, but it's too bad Toshiba ranks nearly last in Greenpeace International's "Guide to Greener Electronics".  I am leaning toward buying from HP, which got one of the best scores.  I am not trying to plug a particular company--I just want to support more Earth-friendly/sustainable practices.
  • Why the guy who is speaking opening such a big mouth for simple words
  • 100% of Adobe RGB is nice, but I do not want to be editing on a 12" display. That said, for the odd occasions where I've used my Surface as a mobile editing tool, having accurate colour reproduction has been handy, but remember, that's only one part of the image quality game (the other being dynamic range)
  • The keyboard button which is normally next to "1" is placed right to alt key. I wonder how much confusion that will create. 4K screen sounds kinda overkill for an 12.5" but everybody talks how wonderful it looks so maybe it is the future. I just wish it does not drain the battery power much, if it does I have 1080p option which is nice. Ports are perfect, one type-c USB for future-proofness, full HDMI and SD card. I wonder if there is fast charge USB port? This is an impressive ultrabook and I am glad I didn't buy an ultrabook this year, I came very close buying one. I am still looking forward to what other brands will come up, especially ASUS. ASUS usually have better Linux support among its competitors which is crucial for me.
  • Does anyone else feel like the word "gorgeous" is being overused these days? It was overused in the Apple keynotes and since then it seems to have infected everyones vocabulary.
  • Well, it's a word that discribes something, so it's not unusual. 
  • kinda embarassing that neither auto screen rotation nor the continuum feature worked in this hands-on ;) but great machine!
  • I'm actually impressed as Toshiba's been quite boring over the last few years.
  • Dell XPS 15 with infinity display, Surface Pro 4 - This, Asus device etc - manufacturers are building amazing devices, no more comparing a pc device with Apple, time to start comparing to each other as Apple is about to be left behind in thier closed high walled world where they have less than 5% market share in the business world.  Keep your idevices, polish them, look at them while the rest increase productivity and charge into the future.
  • Eh, the only way I'd get a Dell, is if I bought it from the Microsoft store with an insurance plan, as Dell's after sales tech support is pretty horrendous. Also, their quality control is still pretty terrible, even if their prodct designs are getting nicer, and less gray-box-corporate.
  • #AlwaysBeGeeking
  • Do you know how silent it is ? (Q for WC people (and Richard Devine) - I know Toshibas are not very good at that (my experience at least) and that's like #2 on my list (if not #1). Though it's probably hard to tell w/ al that noise at the show room :) Nice looking laptop, and for all those that think 4K is an overkill, it probably is in some ways, but your eyes can actually tell the difference, they may not be able to describe that, but the pleasurable feeling, crisp and just quality of it is something you appreciate if you're spending time on it. And I don't care that much for the battery life.
  • I like my Windows desktop, but I love my Macbook Pro and I'm used to having iMovie and iMessage bundled in, to switch, as good as this looks. Not to knock Toshiba, they make good laptops; I had a Toshiba Satellite in college and for a couple years after.
  • Agree, when you think of all the "good enough" commercial-quality software that Apple bundles on their machines, a Windows machine doens't look all that much cheaper. Honestly I just hate how Windows Looks like watorcolor paint these days.  Even the bright colors seem dull. I prefer the brighter, rounded, more polished look of OS X.  Windows looks kind of depressing by comparison. I guess a better way to say it is that one looks a bit more inspirational and creative while the other looks... industrial, like a construction site.
  • Would be handy to turn continuum before demonstrating it ;) Nice presentation and device though.  
  • I seen a 2k laptop at Best Buy an the text was so small it was unreadable.  Basically have to blow everything up to make it usable.  At that point, what is the point of getting a screen with that resolution other than spec whoring?  This thing should only have a 1080p display, 2K at best.
  • Just buy a Dell XPS 13 2015 with 4GB of RAM. I'm Windows Phone developers and when i want open an 512MB Emulator, it's not enough and i have to close all program to run Emulator then open others program. That's terrible