TouchTwit: Another Twitter app, coming soon

Another Windows Mobile Twitter application is coming down the pike. TouchTwit is awaiting approval from the Windows Marketplace for Mobile. And assuming it passes, it looks like it could give our two favorites, PocketTwit and Twikini, a run for their money. [via The:Unwired]

Phil Nickinson

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  • That one looks fairly decent. PockeTwit doesn't work well on the TP2 (screen rendering issues after rotating) so this may be just what I'm looking for
  • Yet another Twitter client without user grouping. Do the developers even use Twitter or follow more then ten people? Pocket twit is the only program for WM with groups, to bad it crashes all the time.
  • Who designed this video? Why is it so zoomed out, do we really need to see the TD2? By the way: RABBBITS! THEY'RE INVADING!
  • PockeTwit works fine for me. No crashes. The big feature that I like about this is browsing friends and followers. Somthing I don't know how to do in PockeTwit (if it in fact does it. Looks pretty. $$$???
  • Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?