Train Sim World Founders Edition Xbox One review: Railway authenticity at its finest

Train Sim World Founders Edition is an extensive, detailed simulator that will teach you many aspects of the process of driving trains and managing a schedule.

Most genres have found a place on the Xbox One, and everything from shooters to puzzle games are common on the console. However, one type of game rarely seen on Xbox is simulators. Aside from Zoo Tycoon, Kerbal Space Program, and Farming Simulator, not much else exists on the Xbox Marketplace.

The arrival of Train Sim World Founders Edition changes that, and thanks to how extensive and authentic it is, people looking for a top-notch simulation experience will be more than happy with this locomotive-themed title. Though some bugs and performance issues exist, they shouldn't stop you from giving Train Sim World a shot.

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Gameplay: A taste of train mastery

Train Sim World Founders Edition places you directly in the front seats of locomotives as an employee of Great Western Railway on some of Britain's busiest train tracks. Driving, turning, stopping, and managing a timetable are all your responsibilities; you'll spend hours trying to learn how to even get your ride moving in the first place. That's a good thing, though, because this job isn't easy in real life, and so it definitely shouldn't be here. There's about 40 different buttons, switches, and levers that change various things about your locomotive, and figuring out what each one does and how to use your controls appropriately is a fun challenge.

The most enjoyment with Train Sim World for me came from the educational aspect. It's incredibly eye-opening to see just how much work and care goes into maintaining a transportation service that many people today take for granted. In a way, seeing how complicated this process is in a video game has caused me to respect and admire the people who do this in real life.

Perhaps the coolest feature of Train Sim World is the 24-hour time schedule that changes to match the real-world Great Western Railway schedule. It gives a feeling of authenticity, and it's neat to follow the timetable in the game and know that another person is doing it for real at the same time.

Presentation and performance: Beautiful, but choppy

Simulators are at their best when their gameplay is supported by gorgeous visuals, and Train Sim World Founders Edition doesn't disappoint. Everything from the texture work to the lighting is fantastic, and when paired with the authentic sounds of various locomotive bells and whistles, the game feels very immersive.

Sadly, the one flaw present with Train Sim World is the performance. Whenever you have to activate a lot of your controls in a short period, or the weather is stormy, framerates tend to drop noticeably. It's never too bad, but it does make the game feel choppy and can be fairly annoying. In addition, sometimes models of cars, trains, or even passengers can glitch in odd ways, and this can take away from the immersive feel of the title.

Train Sim World Founders Edition for Xbox One conclusion

Train Sim World Founders Edition is an impressively deep and detailed train simulator that is as fun to master as it is beautiful to look at and listen to. Though it faces some performance hiccups, the excellent gameplay ultimately makes it more than worth your time.


  • Excellent authenticity.
  • Great attention to detail.
  • Amazing presentation.


  • Annoying performance issues.

Train Sim World Founders Edition is available now on Xbox One for $29.99.

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This review was conducted on an Xbox One, using a copy provided by the publisher.

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