Train Simulator World hits the Microsoft Store with Xbox Live support

Simulator games are all the rage nowadays, ranging from farming to surgery and, yes, even goats. But if you're eager to live an alternate virtual life as a conductor, Train Simulator World is now available on the Microsoft Store.

Train Simulator World is a first-person affair that does just what it says on the tin: operate freight trains. The goal here is to replicate the actual experience of operating a train, so the engine seeks to replicate the performance, sounds, and feel of trains throughout the game. There are also different challenges to tackle in the form of delivering cargo on time or a "Service Mode," which is the game's take on full 24-hour "day-in-the-life" experiences based on real-world operations.

Sure, simulators may not be for everyone, but this one looks like it'll be interesting for anyone fascinated with trains. To top things off, Xbox Live integration is included, with achievements to be earned as well.

Train Simulator World is available on the Microsoft Store now for $39.99.

Thanks for the tip, Miguel!

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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