Transparent Machines game revealed for Windows 10 and Xbox One

UK-developer Freeman Apps has announced plans to create a cyberpunk-themed game, Transparent Machines, that will be released for Windows 10 and the Xbox One under Microsoft's ID@Xbox program.

This is one of the first games we have seen announced specifically for Windows 10. It's described by Freeman Apps as a "Stealth Action-Adventure Puzzle Cyberpunk game." Here is its rather detailed story summary:

The 21st Century society is obsessed with the conflicting concepts of transparency and privacy take over our daily lives through the exploitation of controlled government by Artificial Intelligence Secret Government agencies behind closed doors, hidden beneath the Government. They can track and seek your data every move at anytime, anywhere, whenever you are. You are one of them, and 99% of the citizens in Utopia are infected by Artificial Intelligence Technology Secret Government propaganda and they turn against the silent minorities who speak out against them.You are an activist who is trying to save mankind and put privacy first which you are strongly against the government's propaganda of "making lives safer and easier". However you will learn that Government makes money off the data you release into the web cloud atmosphere around the central locked down cyber city in Utopia Futuroscope, an artificial city set up in North America where all minds and every piece of tech is tracked and controlled and run by one central network, Cambodia.You as an activist is "outraged" by the actions of the NSA, The Central Government Network yet continue to wilfully upload more and more of our personal information to Facebook and Google and other tech services. You as the activist explores the contradictory nature of our actions and beliefs regarding transparency making profits out of citizens data and corruption and bankrupting small business and eroding economy, letting 99.9% citizens turn poor. Your objective is to take down the dictator, Vincoeril'e Denorio, however things start to turn not what it seems.

Don't look for Transparent Machines to be released for a while. The game is currently targeted for a launch sometime in the first half of 2016.

Source: Freeman Apps

  • Valve better step it up with their Steam ecosystem. Looks like Microsoft's about to welcome PC+XBOX marriage.
  • Well we all know how passionate Microsoft is about pursuing their original idea after the release
  • haha true. MS never backtracks from their ideas.
  • When and if Microsoft makes sales better than steam's, which I think that is impossible.
  • I am glad you know the future.
  • All games relevant on steam were designed for PC os not steam os. Each sale even through steam is a won for MS if it targets dual platform play.
  • I don't think it's impossible at all.  With Xbox Live baked into every single Windows 10 release, if I'm steam I'm very worried.  Esp with MS money and their ability with Software. 
  • Microsoft needs to push this Xbox One + Windows 10 marriage hard, encouraging as many games and developers as possible to launch universal Xbox games (cross-buy, cross-play). That will make their Store much more appealing than either Steam or PS4.
  • I saw the render for this about a year ago. The creator's page:
  • I already stopped buying Steam games since Xbox one, but still prefer them equally.
  • I prefer buying portal 2 for 5 bucks on steam than buying on Xbox one live
    Oh wait there is no portal 2 on Xbox live
  • I got bored of portal. But your counter argument is like me saying Halo or whatev is not on steam.
  • I bought Homeworld Remastered, prior to that it was DA Inquisition on Origin. Everything else recent has been Xbox purchase. Valve are losing my interest rapidly by trying to shovel Steamos down my throat
  • Me too. I am starting my digital collection on Xbox one. I know they're going to be cross compatible soon.. 5 - 10 years.
  • What about Snowden? In the game?
  • I noticed his face as well. Everyone trying to cash in....
  • Hmm.. playing as Kim Dotcom. This game will rock XD
  • The premise sounds fascinating, but implementation is going to be the key. This will certainly be on my watch list.
  • My thoughts too. If done right this can be a wonderful game.
  • Oh you mean a game based on reality? Lmao
  • Sounds like they are explaining Google.
  • Such things will make windows 10 great. Bring it on.
  • Awesome I love cyber punk waiting for it
  • This sounds like this game is going to be AWESOME!
  • A traidor ahead.
  • Finally we start taking the real world horrors lightly and just game about it!
  • So its fiction
  • If the Wikileaks guy is in it too then count me in.
  • Windows 10 = one store , so we can play it on the phone? -,-
  • Only if the developer implement.
  • Hi, its Freeman Apps Technoloigies, I can say yes you will be planning to implement to play on the phone too! Thats all I can say for now. Check for updates from this game by us, we have more to share soon :)
  • Oh Great, Thanks for reply
  • Any relation to Dr. Gordon Freeman?
  • Or martin freeman? Lol
  • That's a hell of a description. I'm interested.
  • Looks like NSA is making games to prevent any further leaks! Nice strategy
  • great intro!
  • Hololens?
  • AKA The War Against Google.
  • Exactly.
  • The way how lazy they were when they made that Helix in the Video pains my Hobbyist 3D Modelers heart ;( Instead of propperly rotating the endpieces by like 5° and then applying an array function with a rotation to it thus producing a neatly bent helix they simply decided to build a straight ladder and then twist it which caused this distorted and unnatural look. /sad
  • "Hobbyist 3D Modelers" exactly, you don't know how is to work with a deadline. "end pieces by like 5°" have you ever done it? I am sure making the "horrible" straight ladder and twist it, should be faster.   You should comment again when you actually work in a professional environment and do something professional and not being a hobbyist. maybe you actually know and understand, these "it looks distorted" crap, means nothing when you have million days to do whatever you want vs having a deadline.   oh but of course, they were lazy, I am sure and you know everything /s   it's amazing how much crap people can talk on internet. oh yeah I forgot my (and stupid)   /sad ^_________^
  • If you need to consider time budgets in order to get something like THIS done right you might want to take some extra classes in whatever 3D Software you're working with. The difference in time effort between what they've done and what I've proposed is 20 seconds, maybe less if you're an experienced Modeller who does this stuff in his sleep, as both methods use an array somewhere in the process with the only difference being when and how the rotation has been applied to the parts of the doublehelix as it's being built by the Software. I'm just having a personal standard and what I've seen does not comply with it - Especially not with something visible for that loong in a Video and what would have taken so little to get a better result - Which is why I felt the necessity to comment on it. Just deal with an obvious opinion of someone else - No reason for hostility.
  • I think taking a game like this and combining it with Alpha Protocol would be cool.
  • Looks fun
  • I'm very sure NSA willban this gamelmao
  • Haha awesome now there's even a game about this! I wonder if the NSA's reputation could sink any lower? And Google definitely knows everything they say they do in that video, and much more.
  • Bring it on
  • Xbox one and PC are going to be the same lol