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Treat Microsoft employees with respect when you're asking about Windows 10

Everyone's excited for Windows 10. I get that. Working at Windows Central it's naturally more obvious than in many other walks of life. The desktop previews are well under way and are largely being well received. But the dark horse in the room is Windows 10 for phones. We've only seen a small glimpse of it officially, no videos were allowed at the January 21 event and there are a lot of Windows Phone nerds around the world chewing their fingers off to try it out.

But here's the thing. Shouting your mouth off or just generally being a clown to Microsoft employees isn't going to make it arrive any faster. It's really disappointing to see so much of it going on right now.

Looking through the Twitter streams that belong to the likes of Joe Belfiore and in particular, Gabe Aul, highlights what I'm talking about. A couple of examples:

"@GabeAul between 13 to 16 feb,Year 6131? u lazy fellows are already late in testing, still how many years u r gonna test our frustration?""@GabeAul The big thing now on everyone's mind is WIN TEN! The next thing getting on everyone's nerve is for PHONE WHEN?""why @joebelfiore @GabeAul you don't listen Millions of fans crying, waiting need #Windows10 for phone - today

Excitement is great. It shows Windows 10 is in peoples minds, it shows it's a product people want to have. But the fact we don't have it yet is "getting on everyone's nerves" or Microsoft is not "listen(ing) to millions of fans crying" is absurd. These people have a job to do. You're not going to make them do it any faster. And being a dick about it won't to anything to change that.

Because here's the thing. First up, it's a Technical Preview. We're lucky that Microsoft is so open about its future products that it's letting the wider world test it. You don't get that everywhere. Apple, for example, only lets paid up members of its developer program get early access to its new mobile software. It's a privilege to be able to test this stuff, not a right.

It's not to say the whole community is reacting this way, far from it. But we see some of it here, too, in the comments at Windows Central. Microsoft employees are not obliged to respond to your angry tweets, so instead of demanding responses from them or calling them lazy, why not treat them with the respect they deserve? How would you feel if some total stranger called into your place of work and called you lazy or started hassling you to get your work done faster?

Let's be excited together. But let's not be a dick about it.

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Soon.
  • I dont mind when it will be, There's no hurry for something for free, but I'm still very hurt for wp7, and an update to an even lite version of win 10 would be necessary. Android users and ios are able to use most of store apps since the first phone, so should wp7 users too.
  • Not really. It was quite clear WP7 was being killed off when WP8 came out.
  • WP 7 is killed.
  • My HTC radar still works. Updates no, but still works...
  • Mine too. Although I don't use it anymore, but every now and then I bring it out to see if it still works - and it does. I keep the phone because it's the one that pulled me from Android to try, at that time, WP7. When WP8 came, I was completely sucked in LOL!
  • I have an old HTC with Win7 also but I have not tried start it well I don't remember.
  • My lumia 710 still works :)
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  • Just a heads up, This blog is addressed to all kinds of audiance.This is a tech blog.Not a adult rated forum where you get to write what you like. Do we even think about the young readers of WindowsCentral when we comment like this ???
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  • Good article, Richard. Sadly, it is a necessary subject to touch on. Bunch of sensitive Sally's up in here... I'd bet half the people upset are the ones being rude on Twitter and other outlets.
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  • Perhaps Daniel should reconsider the looseness of his "room for grey areas" as he puts it. When the editor lets profanity, name calling, and rude comments proliferate, some think it must be acceptable, and others want to test the limits of tolerance. The bar is set too low on WC, definitely.
  • I don't mind with profanity and lighthearted trolling, because we learn them eventually and use them in everyday speak. Even PG-13 uses the so called F-Bomb when possible. However, being disrespectful, calling names, and offending others shouldn't be tolerated in message boards and doing that doesn't require profanity.
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  • Tell that to some of the people in the comment section.  Seems fitting to me, not to mention it's pretty accurate a description from where I'm standing.  :)
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  • ..... Ok ill say this " they don't need respect that badly !! They have their share of people respecting them .... and for the part they aren't obliged to reply -- get this ' they anyways never do .. Some time back a bug was found and was reported many times to them ( ) they never even gave fck to it .. So what respect are u talking about
  • How do you know they didn't care about it?  Were you sitting in on all the internal meetings?  Just because they don't publicly discuss it doesn't mean they don't care.  There are a lot of reasons why they might not publicly discuss the bug other than not giving a "fck".
  • I expected a general response such as this from some wanabe cunt ... How do I know ?? .. Cause my team found the bug out and used it to crash many WP ... And it still exists even in all wp8.1 builds ..
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  • Yes, but I used the wrong one.  I should have said 7 the way he is crying and stomping his feet, because he isn't getting the attention he wants. The reality is that one of two things is likely happening, either they can't fix the issue until Windows 10, or the issue affects such a small percentage of users that they really don't care like he says and the bug is so far down the priority list that it will take a while or maybe never get fixed. I am sure going on an Internet forum and dropping f-bombs and calling users names will change all that though.
  • It's hard to be good/nice...especially when cloaked in the digital world. Good for you though, I respect your concerns.
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  • I don’t normally bother commenting but seriously… This article is childish, contains profanity and written in a derogative format. Next time you write an article on here work your audience and write for them. You could have written this in a news format. Not a rant about how a small Microsoft user base of billions have written a few stupid twitter comments.
  • I don't agree with you and I don't have a problem with the article. I am a forum admin myself (can be compared to this) and I understand the need for these kind of articles. I only think that these kind of articles should be shorter because the target audience cannot read long texts.
  • Keep you americanism for yourself. It's only the US where people go gangbusters over a swearword, but violence (real or in games) is ok. That's completely fucked up and Richard has all the right to call dicks...well, dicks. Unfortunately people being dicks is a real problem and it needs to be adressed.
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  • I applaud your rare bravery of using reason.
  • Thank you very much Richard. I appreciate you taking the time to say this. An increasing number of us rant about it in the comments, but it's nice to see the concept of being respectful to official employees of Microsoft on one of the most accessed 3rd party sites about Microsoft/Windows. Being that it is so readily accessed, I understand the replies saying that swear words and profanity are not welcome in an article, but I'd like to point out that another name for Richard, is in fact, Dick. So by saying don't be a dick about it came across to me as a clever pun of "don't be like me in this article posting swears and calling names". I'm not certain you meant it that way but hey, there's an instant rebuttal for you if you need one.
  • That's not true.
  • lol no. Most of recent Android apps require Android 4.0+, so people with 2.x have been left out too.
  • The problem is Hardware wise, much has changed from wp7 to today that todays apps CAN NOT work on wp7 devices even if they would get wp8 the hardware would make the apps not work. How people does not see that some apps need newer chips to work. I would like to see how you start up Adobe Photoshop CS6 on a PC from 1995. And this argument "apple does it" yes because they have not changed hardware wise like WP. From wp7 single core CPUs to today quad cores with more RAM about 4x more its clear as the sun that it can not work. Nobody wants to run GTA IV on a Windows XP with 1GB ram and a slow CPU believe me.
  • That's not an argument. Every Android and ios can run all basic apps, wp7 not. Even skype has been cut out. IMO wp7 was expensive enough to give him the possibility to run at least basic apps, at least the 512mb edition.
  • That's not true. Both old android-phones and ios-phones have very few working and updated apps.
  • Wp7 is dead so let it go already
  • @Andrea Comoglio, I understand you are still frustrated in 2015. However just move on and be wise about your next purchase. Research, research and then do some more research into the next phone you buy. In other words, look beyond what the phone's hardware is and look at the core of the operating system. The limitations of which combined with the direction of the market and technology (plus other factors) should indicate really clearly the support cycle of the device.
  • That's not true
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  • Your comment about iOS and Android are not even remotely true.  Almost every app in the store has a device requirement on it, and more often than not they won't support an OS older than 1 or 2 generations old.  Both companies don't allow the latest OS to be installed on every device.  My iPad 1 became a paperweight long ago, and the iPad 1 was introduced the same year as WP7 was. I am sorry you have to buy a new phone to get the latest updates, but I don't understand why you feel entitled to them.
  • Its true, my business is still giving out 256-512mb androids, and they still support every basic app, even some apps not even available on wp10 or whatsoever. I have a lumia 920, for us geeks a 1gb ram device is actually low end, but in the rest of the world, 1gb is still high end, 512 medium end and 256 low end. I have at home an useless Wp7 medium end phone, and I'm pissed because I know it could easily run win 10 and most of apps
  • Just because your company is giving out a device that still has some support, doesn't mean that every Android ever made is still supported.  You're drawing a conclusion from one specific scenario.  I gave you one specific scenario where it isn't true, yet you still refuse to accept that this is something that happens across all brands and all platforms.  If you want, I can give you more examples if you would like. Actually, your wp7 device cannot run w10 unless Microsoft writes an entirely new version of w10 for hardware that will no longer be used on new devices.  That hardly sounds like a good use of their time and money.  Your frustration blinds you from the facts and realities of life.
  • I just told you, not everyone here is a geek like you. A 512mb wp7 could be still a high end device for some people. I know microsoft won't ever update, but for me its a shame.
  • Oh come on......512MB on Android is nothing else than pure frustration. There will be plenty of apps that are not supportet. And yes 512MB WP7 phones still can give you a better experiance than any 512MB Android phone.....even if there are "JUST" 150.000 WP7 Apps.
  • My comment isn't predicated on being a geek.  What I said relates regardless of what phone you have.  You are assuming that my comments are excluding low end devices when they are not.  The reality is that what you are asking for just doesn't make sense for Microsoft from a business stand point, and indirectly for ~95% of consumers because it will increase the dev cycle for Windows 10.  All the same reasons are there for why MS didn't offer an upgrade option to Windows Phone 8.  You just can't see them because you are too blinded by your own inconveniences.
  • Why would someone make an OS, then launch it straight up? Give it time! Your going to get WP10, then see its features then say "Well this is old..." WP8.1 just came out not to long ago. Why do some people think they're so special they need a new OS now? Be patient, you make this community look bad!
  • If u think about it, android was on the same boat at the beginning. Lack all the good apps but had nothing but crap apps. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Let it goooooo Let it goooo...
  • Seriously man. Go buy a Lumia 635/530/830 ect.... The time spent whining about old hardware not getting brand new updates could be spent buying a phone Microsoft said they will update...which is wp8 devices...which there are a lot of...for not much money...catch my drift?
  • No! I have a lumia 920, so not a problem for me... But for the poor people who bought recently wp7. Remember, here in europe, they're still selling it
  • Wp7? You're kidding me,hopefully.
  • One more tweet was- hey Gabe if your wife asks you when is w10 for phones coming,im sure you ll say " in Feb" ....
  • @Richard I think people do these kind of things because when you hold your phone sometimes, you loose the reality that you are talking to real people. There should be something taught in our classes that have to do with social media manners
  • The problem here is that they don't give any date, and it frustrates people
  • "We have speeds up to 20Mbps!"
    "Rated 20MPG highway"
    "As low as 3% APR!" Doesn't mean you'll get anywhere close to it. Same concept.
  • I am excited, but I wont be frustrated by not knowing a date that coming soon... No idea why people are being crazy.
  • Simply because some people are crazy, and act however they want regardless of how their behavior is viewed socially.
  • The 'problem' is that people don't seem to grasp the development and QA process. If they give you a date and they discover a crippling bug right before that date and push it, you're going to get mad. They don't give a date so that they can make sure they have a  stable-as-possible build ready to go for us to try and provide feedback on. Asking, no, HARASSING them every day doesn't change this process, nor should it, and frankly makes those who are constantly asking look like complete idiots. Microsoft doesn't have to provide these technical preview builds for us to try out at all. People just need to be patient!
  • Would you prefer to have no information at all? Reminds me of a two year old wanting it now and there is no consoling him. Wonder if there is any way to move him to the bottom of the list.  
  • Because if they give a date and don't make it, people will be even more frustrated.
  • The guy that wrote this post is not polite at all. He mentioned D*ck about 3 embarrassing that your sound warning is hoarse.
  • Dick
  • Microsoft dick
  • That's what I was saying... Not nice at all and definitely not something our young readers should be hearing Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They shouldn't be on the internet, like many many other "grown up" children. And if you don't like an article don't read it
  • If there was a warning for the language being used I wouldn't have clicked on it or something that says "Not WP10 news" since this is a windows phone news website. Am I right or wrong on this matter? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Omg! He used the bad D-word in "his"-Article. Quick! Go wash you mouth with soap and hide yourself in the closet!
    You may get spanked by your gran gran for just even reading this article! Dude you are ridiculous. I may suggest you to stop using the internet completely as you may get confronted with bad language more than once.
  • I lol'd
  • Forc3 really? Is that a right way to have a conversation here? I'm sure your a grown up so please act like it and I hope u have a nice day :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • General, ye are wrong. Your rank is rescinded and now are a private.
  • Yes he's posting a article about respecting someone and he's violating his own rules. Strange!
  • Some people don't understand that point exactly.... Thanks and hope u have a wonderful day Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Smooches
  • I'll say it again, "Don't be a dick". Another name for Richard is Dick. "Don't be like Richard is being in this example". It's quite funny actually. What is the dirty word exactly? Do you also say "H-E-Double Hockey Sticks" around your house? Same thing. Censor ANY word and it becomes "bad".
  • We make the rules, we can't violate them ;)
  • All I want to know is if the preview will be as privacy intruding as it's desktop counterpart.. How do you ask that of a ms employee without coming of as rude...
  • Ask nicely. Gabe has replied to a question like that and it was a polite exchange on twitter.
  • Privacy intruding? It has feedback capability to gather telemetry for a public beta and to get, you know... feedback! You also don't have to actually report anything if you don't want to but that sort of defeats the purpose. THe event based feedback hooks are actually a pretty brilliant way to gather this data.
  • Well ms is using keylogging in the win 10 desktop preview version. That is simply not acceptable to me..
  • Then don't participate... it's a privelege to get to beta test this stuff and give feedback.  If you don't like the way they impliment it, you don't have to participate... SMH  All these people concerned about this issue are rediculous
  • Its simple really. Because MS have been dicks to their own phone community too.
  • SOON ™
  • This is sad that you even need to make a post to tell people to NOT be dicks. It should be common sense and courtesy. And dick isn't even a bad word. Much worse is said on mainstream primetime TV that kids watch.
  • let me them take as much as time they want... Hope this time MSFT delivers a quality product... which I could use as a primary phone 
  • >Soon The real question is, when will SOON be NOW ?
  • Well said Richard
  • I agree - the topic needed to be brought up, but the bigger point really is "remember you are talking to other human beings". The people he is talking about do this shit to everyone. They hide behind user names and think that being "anonymous" gives them a right to be a prick. Its a disgusting trend but fortunately its easy to break. A couple moments of thought on it and most people snap out of it.
  • I feel Microsoft is getting what's coming to it. They are continually pissing off their Windows Phone user base and some frustration is showing. People in a large part of the world pay a massive amount of money for a smartphone, something those Americans maybe cannot comprehend. They get second rate treatment from Microsoft compared with how Microsoft treats its user base on other mobile platforms. They have their beautiful user interface being butchered by Microsoft. They have updates rolling out at snails pace even for unlocked country variant phones, thanks again to Microsoft. They see services, products, and competitions... only to find it's only available to Americans. They see language implementation done half arsed, including keyboards that give incorrect characters, or not being able to input their language at all. They get maps showing addresses in foreign languages and even have the country wrong. Microsoft remains silent on most issues until things really get to a state where they have to say something. And lets not forget the Windows Phone 7 non upgrade debacle. Microsoft has it coming for them and I'm surprised there aren't more angry users on Twitter.
  • Psst, you're an example of the prime reason this article was done. Stop being a moron.
  • No, he isn't. His words are factual, but I still agree with the article. I live in Pakistan, and I have a Lumia 925 which I shelled out quite a bit of money for when it was first on market. But for all of that, Microsoft has disappointed me in some places. For one, there no Maps support here (while Google has it)... I can excuse the Cortana limitations not being here, but I can't excuse the hundreds of apps on the store, some of which may be quite useful, saying 'app is not available in your region' or not working like Xbox music, or video, or MixRadio; none of those work here. So yeah, I consider that MS does wrong customers from countries other than US to an extent. But I do agree with the article... For all the lack of service, I do not act like a dick about it on the Internet. Don't call someone else a moron, just because you have absolutely no idea what is happening around the world and what issue someone else is facing; it just makes YOU look like a moron.
  • True in most parts. But I would say, those crazy guys on twitter are not these angry users you described... They just want to try out the new win10 so badly. Those people you described are long gone.
  • Still here since WP7 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ok I lost you at Americans, do you really know what you are talking about? Have you ever seen a world map?
  • Have YOU ever gone to other countries to test and see if MS services work there, or in their languages?  Doubt that. That's a fine looking high horse you got there. But you need to get off it.
  • Them there rich Americans and there paved streets of comprehension of poverty, real poverty.
    Wait a minute, someone's at the door.
    It's just the NASA engineer to fuel up my flying car and vacuum the floor. Oh my, its freezing in Orlando, a frigid 50°...I better turn on the pools solar heat. Boy I'm hungry, I'm off to an All You Can Eat Buffet.
  • I'm quite satisfied with my Lumia 820. For me, most of the problems you mentioned were not a big deal. Sure, I had to wait a while at first to get cool features, but overall (considering phone quality and the support I got from MS), I am quite happy with my purchase. Compared to other smartphones at the time, this phone was a real value for money.
    The update pace is not at all slow. In fact, it's faster than Android. Microsoft has been supporting its users with updates since wp8 regardless of the phone they have, even if it's a low end, it's getting an update. The new UI in windows 10 still has time to improve, it all depends on the feedback MS gets. As for wp7 not getting an update, there were genuine technical reasons behind that. Wp7 and wp8 have very different architectures. The problems you mentioned cannot be used to justify those remarks on twitter. I bet none of those trolls would say what they said to those employees' faces.
  • This is why I now love Richard :D
  • @Marcus Buccella - I too agree.
  • It's nice to be nice.
  • I never using harsh words
  • He said that
  • Though correct your English..
  • Agree. That is all.
  • Tell me about it. That guy on twitter being rude with them about 4% market. I forget his name.
  • But that guy got reply from Gabe stating video will come along build. I too forget his name.
  • Reply or not, he doesn't have to be rude
  • Yes! But the biggest truth is that I found Mr. Gabe very humble.
  • So what gives you the right to call people dicks? I'm sorry but going by your logic you no different, you should correct yourself before others. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I mean amiable person. He is Very good. Don't have u any SENSE what I am talking about. Oh yes I got it. Its 0 ( according to ur username)
  • It seems in your eyes he is a god but I guess everyone is different so I shall respect that and move on.
    Have a nice day Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Agreed. Why even give the "dicks" a whole article? Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • What gives you the right to tell him he should correct himself before others? You are not different. (are you able to understand now?)
  • I didn't attack him nor did I call him names, just stated he should look at himself first before correcting other people because that language is unacceptable. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ok now! Let's clear this. I call Mr. Gabe a humble person ( is "humble" a abuse?) and then u told me correct myself. So the second question is who started the argument ? And I heard that men can't win in argument with girls
  • I think Pinky was responding to Richard Devine and the rude comment, not to your humble comment.
  • But I recieved mail from WC stating that she replied to me.
  • No point in fighting Apurva. Some people never listen.
  • Comment association is not clear on the WP WC app. It is also not very clear when receiving emails of replied comments. Some comments are direct responses to your own post, others are not. There appears to be a difference identified by bold or normal text. I haven't taken the time to figure it out. If you are using the phone app and select show in browser the comment structure becomes more clear.
  • That's why I was thinking that Pinky called me the word (dikc). I didn't read the last line of the article. This is the point I agree that somewhere I am also responsible little bit for this argument. And I will blame the comment system too. I am feeling light by saying the truth. Peace around me
  • Apruva, these comments get tied up and twisted , hence an email. Pinky wasn't talking about your humble. Humble is not a bad word, not even near, it is a compliment.
  • Sorry, I must have replied to the wrong comment because I was addressing Richard and not you unless you are the same person with two accounts Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lol! There is lot more confusion than I was expecting. Richard was calling rude to the person whom zapello Tiago mentioned. That person said to Gabe Aul "MS is lazy and that's why windows phone market share is only 4%. "
  • Pinky, its the wc comment system. Messages get bundled and bent, then an email is sent. Just ignore it and read carefully before getting upset, not saying you did, but it can happen.
  • Lol. You said that language is not acceptable. That means, you are hurt. That means, you think the post was directed to you. That means, you must be one of them... The crazy angry guys, which means you are a... Well... You get the point.
  • Sorry tejas, I'm not one of those internet trolls and I hope u have a nice day :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • OMG! you finally used that bad word! Quick! Hide yourself in the closet. Gran gran has some spanking ready for you!
  • *hidden* :-X
  • At General Pinky 0, I don't think you realise the world is not as "clean" as you think. Work in a complaints department and you will realise there are far worse things said. Besides all he is saying people shouldn't be jerks and treat the MS employees with respect, as they are no different then you or me or the busker in an underground station.
  • If the article was written in a better format without the name calling, I would never have a issue with that and I would 100% support him on it but this.
    Can't support name calling as its not the right way to do things on a professional tech news website. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Hey, who said wc is professional? What makes" a professional? Doubt many there, maybe Seth, qualify.
  • Twitter claimed they were gonna clean up their own house and admitted it has had a problem. Therefore, bad/wrong place, bad/wrong time. If you get shot down, is is what it is.
    Akin to hanging out in a lions den with a samach on your back and getting pissed off when you get mauled.
  • I also read his tweet..
  • Agree too!!
  • It's not on guys... Not cool
  • Well said
  • Absolutely true very good :D
  • If you give a mouse a cookie...
  • He will get fat?
  • Well said ... We have to wait
    it out... There is no point in blaming the officials.
  • Wait till its released and people start whining about the bugs...... :)
  • True that
  • So true ^
  • That is the scary part. Way too many people are going to install I that should not. This could go bad fast.
  • It's always somewhat windy before the storm...
  • The Internet in a nutshell
  • Love me some trolls...entertainment.
  • It's about time somebody talked about this.....nicely written....a little food for thought for everyone!!
  • By the picture i thought that win10 is out, but then article....
  • Yeaaaah true @theefman
  • Why would you even behave this way especially in a Public forum to a person(s) who doesn't have to do anything for us. Hopefully the mass isn't punished by the few
  • seems faster
  • Is that the best you can do?
  • ignore-lui ;)
  • It is funny coupled with your comment.
  • Completely agree with you.
  • THIS
  • So when do we get Wi*slap*! Don't say it
  • When the Seahawks win the Super Bowl!
  • LOL. But did you guys have any comment on posting the article about the puzzle's answer meaning when W10 for phones comes out, when the twitter feed was about the next PC build?
  • Hey richard: Are you cortana's brother....cortana says windows phone is lagging like seahawks.
  • so many dicks :/
  • Yeah it's a sausage fest in here....
  • Tear up
  • So little time...that's what she said.
  • Trolls just happen. Negativity happens all the time. And people truly don't realize that development is a long, thought-out process that can take weeks, months, or (as in HoloLens' case) years to master and perfect. Windows itself has over 80 million lines of code, and it's being rewritten for every device imaginable. What Richard Devine said couldn't be more right; show some respect for the awesome people who make what we use everyday! :) Technology does take time, even though we live in a world where we all want instant results yesterday. As the old adage goes, "Patience is a virtue."
  • It's ridiculous how people are complaining and what they are saying. Do their lives revolve that much around their phones???
  • I think its more about people not being able to handle having to wait for anything and smartphones are the biggest cause of this behavior, in my opinion.
  • those people are not real wp lovers... they are all trolls...
  • I agree
  • I agree with this
  • I agree with you..That's not the way to reply with them. They are doing what they should do...!!!
    And if you can't wait, then stop dreaming about it...
  • Very true. Some people here just treat these things as though they are being specifically made and released for them, and as if they signed a contract as to when they will get it. People. Its Microsoft's decision to release W10. Remember. They have all the right in the world not to. They are giving you an opportunity. Dont make it your right.
  • I think this article is irrelevant. People who misbehave aren't gonna listen or even read the article. Rest of us already know how to behave.
  • You read some of our comments lately?
  • That's called the internet and for u to jump on a high horse and start calling them names is so childish. Just because you write an article here and there doesn't give u any right to be so mean to others.
    So disappointing to see a good website going downhill after getting more hits. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • He's on his high horse for making the commentary on unsavory, entitled behavior? More to the point, whether or not people use foul language, it's the over-reactionary garbage at it's core. Look at your comment, this article is indicative of a good website going down hill? More over-reactionary drivel. Flat out, you're being ridiculous.
  • In your right mind, do you think this is something any young reader or a lady should be hearing.
    This is unprofessional to the core.
    This website should be about Windows Phone news not about childish comments on the internet. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why are you being such a dick?
  • He wasn't being mean, he was being straight forward and frustrated for understandable reasons. Those he referenced were being "mean" he just called them out on it. But because he used a few flavored words he's the mean one and we can excuse the real trolls?
    Gee how dare he have an opinion.
  • Did I say in any of my comments we should excuse the trolls?
    ..... No is the answer so please dont put words into my mouth and lets not feed the trolls.
    Thank U Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I am curious, why are you being so offended? If you're not one these people who have being lambesting these guys (MS employees) on twitter. So please elaborate, oh by the way "In your right mind, do you think this is something any young reader or a lady should be hearing.
    This is unprofessional to the core.
    This website should be about Windows Phone news not about childish comments on the internet." There are far worst things said and shown on TV, before the watershed so yeah; with the advent of cheap TV's alot of kids actually do have TV's in their bedrooms. If your ideal world would be a nice clean bubble, then I'm sorry your just naive :P. There will always be chaos and calm, even without people... Edit: here is the origin since your so concerned :P.
  • Just for your information, I would not stoop to that level and it would make me a hypocrite to do such things mate. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well, someone could offer a choice word from the article to put in your mouth...*runs away like the Kool Aid Man*
  • Lol again?
  • Hope u have a nice day :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Thank you for using the D word. my kid learned a word that she wasn't supposed to for another five years.
  • Said the same thing above and it seems nobody cares about our young readers on this website. Its a real shame Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Sure it is, now retire and pray for us
  • Lol!
  • People being rude etc on your site should receive a 24 hour block on posting comments. Or longer.
  • That may work if the user is using static IP's otherwise not really.
  • Reincarnation is helpful. A new email, and your back.
  • ..... Ok ill say this " they don't need respect that badly !! They have their share of people respecting them .... and for the part they aren't obliged to reply -- get this ' they anyways never do .. Some time back a bug was found and was reported many times to them ( ) they never even gave fck to it .. So what respect are u talking about
  • Sometimes I think WC makes articles like this, just to giggle at the comment fallout that ensues. I mean it's bound to, and does, get a lot of comments with opinions from all directions, when you tell people how to behave (on the internet at large, not just on this site mind you), while at the same time adding a few half insults to the mix in doing so. While I can't really argue with someone with the best of intentions trying to get others to 'not be rude' on the internet (if that is the intention), I do think it basically does more harm than good - like those little excerpts you see at the beginning of watching a DVD, telling how it's bad to copy and steal films... those that bought it are just angry at having to listen to that, while the perpetrators of course don't care.
  • Your opinion doesn't make the article irrelevant.
  • hence an opinion.
  • to be clear on my opinion, lets take an example, a crime or lets say murder for simplicity, we know we aren't supposed to kill somebody and we certainly don't have to be reminded of that. who do are criminals.
  • this is good advice for all aspects of life.  seriously people..just don't be a dick.
  • The golden rule: Don't be a dick.
  • Yes. Because if you're gonna be a body part, be a brain or heart. Not the most ugliest, shriveled, limp, hanging, sometimes awkwardly firm neck-in-pants, grotesquely hairy, sagging piece of weird skin-muscle-nerve weirdness.
  • My username takes offense to that!
  • Wheaton's law.
  • We love ❤ wp 10 does not mean we can hurt someone's emotion
  • Well said :)
  • Agree.. I always ask them nicely.. I mean, c'mon...
  • Sad this is like the second post this year about stop attacking people over the internet for updates from a site you expect mostly adults to be on
  • How true.
  • Articles like this only feed the trolls. Best to ignore them.
  • Leave Windows 10 alone!
  • Sorry but that's not going to happen soon because millions of win 10 fans are not going to read your comment
  • Leave Britney ALONE!!
  • Get a sense of humour. It was a reference to the 'leave Britney alone' viral you tube video from a few years back. :/
  • "Very poor choice of words" :P
  • Are you people Microsoft employees?
  • No but over time they've developed relationships with people at Microsoft or star have actually gone on to work for Microsoft, like Sam Sabri did. Also, remember Microsoft employees are people too. Be respectful.
  • Before they release Windows 10 preview for phones they should at least let everybody have Denim first! Yes, they are lazy.
  • Lazy? Ok you code and test for millions of device as well as passing all carrier QA checks quickly and easily. I'll wait.
  • Why should he? He's not getting paid for it, MS employees are.
  • So anyone getting paid should automatically be able to make things work on a magical timeline of your choosing? There's a lot more that goes on than Microsoft coding and saying "we're done!" and it goes out the door.
  • Let it flow, too much ignorance for you to handle
  • I expected more rant like this when TP is released. "wtf ms so many bugs", "buggy, regret buying WP" ....
  • well it's people you're dealing with, many of them think the Technical Preview for phones should be A okay to work with, but it has many bugs, they are releasing beta coded stuff FOR FREE as that.
  • I don't understand why you guys keep saying Free like its something big. Its a beta which we are testing for them and reporting any bugs which we are doing for FREE!!!
    Who in their right mind would sell a Os beta for a phone?
    Google, Apple, BlackBerry? None the above!
    Just remember guys, they doing this because they require more testers around the world using different phones on different carriers.
    They could release it without this testing but it could result in bugs being in the final built which would hurt the image of WP. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • read back the article ...   Because here's the thing. First up, it's a Technical Preview. We're lucky that Microsoft is so open about its future products that it's letting the wider world test it. You don't get that everywhere. Apple, for example, only lets paid up members of its developer program get early access to its new mobile software. It's a privilege to be able to test this stuff, not a right. We're talking about early access to the mobile software OS not just beta apps or as in like Preview for Developers
  • I'm a software tester myself and I get paid doing so but when it comes to the windows ecosystem which I enjoy using daily, either it being on the Xbox One (Preview Tester) or the Windows (TP Tester) I rather test it and report any bugs so that our wp community get to enjoy a great os without any issues. Microsoft to open this to the wider public as you say, its for three reasons. 1 being that WE tech heads are usually are the ones that talk up any software (Hype) out there which then the general public buys. 2 and its the biggest reason they want more people to report the bugs which helps them in the long run 3 and the third is to receive any feedback on improvements on the os that the consumers want. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No
  • Being an Indian, reading those tweets tell me that unfortunately the grammar and structure used in the sentence seem to be Indians too...
    Probably WC readers...sad to see such idiots popping up everywhere cause this isn't the first time...
  • U .. u u are a true DiCK ... What testing are u talking about ?? It's the same phones .. There isn't much diversity in the hardware on WP
  • This comment proves you have no idea what you're talking about.
  • Enlighten me
  • how can you call them lazy, they making Technical Preview available to many persons with the phone, Carriers are in control of releasing updates, look at Verizon how long they took to release updates, their users came from Lumia Black straight to Denim as of yesterday their release, many of their users are not enrolled in Preview for Developers.You try coding and testing, it sure ain't easy, many sleepless nights i can tell you that, all we users do is use the apps and the OS and you complain.
  • Well my iPhone 4S gets updates from the same day iPhone 6 users got it. I use an unlocked L1520 and I can't have Denim the same day my L520 got it. Yes, I have 3 phones.
  • Why isn't every body just waiting and write nice things to them instead. If they give out Windows 10 now, it's many a big possibility that your phone crashes and then its just to throw it away... Just wait, you hole life is just a constant wait. So calm down and wait for this to ;)
  • cause most of humans are impatient
  • Though I am aganist any personal attack to any employee but microsoft as an organisation has failed to live upto the expectations of customers. I am not talking about windows 10 in particular. They use to command a monopoly in OS market, when desktop were the only computing devices, and they have pretty much used to twist arm various other players in the industries, linux is one such example.  Though I prefer windows phone over android but in long run Microsoft won't be able to compete in the market. Google's stratgey of releasing a greater number of version ( i don't know the exact word for it but they update their product on on going basis) is far superior then one big update strategy like microsoft. Google chrome is perfect example for it, it is gradually growing and performing better ( PC version) than IE, on the other hand MS announces a updtae for IE. The time difference between announcement and the actual relase makes the updated technology redundant, at least in perception. And being a owner of Lumia 720, I am sure win 10 for 512MB phone will be really tonned down OS. and I fear that win 10 APPs' wont work on win 8.1 devices. The arrogant Windowscentral team should understand my point here, I understand its not my right to get a new OS on my 1-2 year phone but it is my right that it is in usable condition as far as Apps are concerned. Last time I raised a point against the MS and they deleted my comment and probably they will delete this one too, but its not the MS who has made WC "WC" but the people on this site has made them. If we were to abide by the rules of MS why didn't we chose to go on their offcial sites and forum.    Note: I ask all those guys who are using/ or have used any harsh word or language against any MS employee should refrain themselves in doing so. Lets just be inside the border and have your say registered. 
  • What only once ur comment was removed ... Mine are removed each time LOL ... People at this site need to know that by deleting comments the problems won't go away ...
  • comments disappear now and again. Can't imagine why. I've seen user names change by wc, well according to the user, how bout that shit?
  • "The arrogant Windowscentral team should understand my point here, " No. They need to give you the banhammer. Your entire scrred is so full of inaccuracies and flawed conclusions that it is almost embarassing. Another entitled tech jock that "demands".
  • "it's many a big possibility that your phone crashes and then it's just to throw it away" do you even technology?
  • nice words richard. people need to calm down,they are doing their job to get the best possible preview for us!! i want it to to come but... go for it boys do your job properly so we can have a good experience. thanks!
  • True words... the sad thing is that when it's out and it is not as stable as the dev preview or any release you see the same people are crying again...
  • they can cry all they want, if they read what they have agreed to, it's all beta coded stuff  , you can brick your phone and shouldn't be used on your main daily phone
  • Aaaannnd people's sense of entitlement continues to skyrocket.
  • So true. Seems like the more technology progresses, we as a society regress.
  • If you've read Gabe's twitter you'll notice it's not people from technologically advanced countries doing the crying, it's mainly low IQ broken English rants from users with names like Rasheem Narqueshd asking the same shit and over and calling the employees names
  • I have noticed that it does seem many of the people doing the most rude yelling are people from India and Asia. It may be a translation/cultural problem. It may be ok there to engage in some abhorant dialoge, but in English, it is just flat-out unacceptable.
  • Beat em with shoes and get a bag of rocks...
  • You do realise a person can easily take on another name on the internet. So your opinion is not wholly accurate :P.
  • Very true really !!! Complete respect to Microsoft team that they are allowing users to test their pre released software for free and they listen to us and manage to make further enhancement to it by our feedback. Thumbs up to them Lumia + Microsoft Rocks !!!! :-) :-)
  • Here is the anwer from gabe for people who yell at him. :)
    Gabriel Aul @GabeAul  ·  5h 5 hours ago @RapKaps Welcome! Twitter is fun! Sometimes people yell at you but it will be okay. Keep eye on  for Win10 phone news
  • Well said. But I can image things will get worse once preview is live. A lot of folks don't realize it's in early stages. I always loved to be the early adopter but as software developer I have never whined about something not working during prerelease cause I know the drill..
  • First they crave for it and of found buggy they say MS su**s
  • Well said Richard even Android don't give the latest updates to all their phones but Microsoft tries to give latest updates to all the phones.So we should respect and ask them politely and thanks for the article Richard.
  • +920
  • +520
  • Keep in mind, some Android phones NEVER get updated.
  • Lol *some*
  • Hurting someone to show your anger is not a good idea.
  • Punch puppies instead
  • Beat baby seals like they did in the old days for their hides.
  • True
  • The Windows phone community is too defensive and retarded at times. 
  • don't start the war mate
  • Err it is not the community as whole and just like every where else in the world a handful of people just ruin things for the rest of us.
  • While I completely agree, companies bring this stuff on themselves to some extent.  They don't have to make these announcements.  They could wait until the day of release to do so.  It's a two-headed monster.  They make these announcements because they want to generate interest and hype.  With that comes the people that can't handle what they don't know.  Every company and their public facing employees know this.  People are not going to change, and they know this too.  I am not saying that makes it right for people to act the way they do, but let's not pretend that these employees and their leadership don't have some expectation of what's coming before they make the announcement.  Just as I know there is a possibility of some irrational lunatic replying to any post I make in a public Internet forum.  It is what it is and it isn't going to change regardless of what is said and how it is said.  Some people will still do and act however they want regardless of the social acceptance of that behavior.  If that wasn't the case then this wouldn't be a problem in the first place.  I don't have an issue with them being called out for it.  In fact, I think it is still the right thing to do, but there has to be an expectation by the employees and the company that this is going to happen.
  • I am completely disagree. If MS decide to release TP into the world, then say also when. Do not flirt with "fans". I can understood, if for some reasons MS team move release date, but any "hints", "crypted messages", etc, looks or me like Justin Bieber and its girl-fans. This is not a business style, so you get in responce "angry mob" style answers. 
  • They clearly said it will be released in February. That should be it. They can't predict any specific date. Stop asking them for something they can't provide.
  • They've said February. That means it comes in fucking february, there's no flirting, teasing or insulting their fans. It's unfinished software that they release as soon as it's done during this month. They can't give you a date because there IS no date, it's done when it's sufficiently bug free.
  • Thank you for that article! Well said!
  • idiots will be always idiots...... this one is same as beta of VLC....soon we will have people bad mouthing how bad windows 10 phone technical preview is...
  • Every setback...
  • ...Has a major comeback.
  • But only one platform has fans as idiotic as WP. 
  • Well if Apple or Google opened up their O/S via official & very very public channels, no doubt you would still get the same mentality from some people. There are over 7 Billion people on earth so yeah...
  • Russell Wilson. Legend.
  • I actually dread the release. People need to have some perspective on what they're getting into. I plan to install, but I'm also prepared to provide useful feedback.
  • I for one will wait for others to install it first, and if there's a consensus in the WinCentral forums that the bugginess is not overly frustrating or doesn't affect the functions I use the most, then I'll jump on the Windows 10 Tech Preview bandwagon.
  • Same, also once there is sufficient feedback that the roll back via LSRT works then I will jump in. I only have only one phone to test it on lol. If I had a secondary device however it wouldn't be an issue.
  • Respect? On the internet? LOLZ
  • Thank you!?!?! It's gotten a little out of hand. It's ridiculous how stupid people are being. Being an ASSHAT to them isn't going to get us anywhere.
  • Thank you. Even internally we're an excited bunch asking about testing out the new stuff. You should've seen the response when they opened up WP10 testing internally. The Wheaton rule is applicable to all people all the time.
  • "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."
  • Well said
  • Thanks :-)
  • "Show no mercy, have no pity! Kill them all - old and young, girls and women and little children."
  • People won't care about the progress, just the result and lead time. This is a business world, as MS declared something to the world, who cares about the in progress status, but just only WHEN will the goods delivery, rather than cannot stand for the voices from this world, then pls do not declare anything in the future. As a R&D department, fighting with the stress and coming out with a good but I not confident with NICE results and also prove to the world you have mobile market talent.
    Take a look, why Apple charges people with the insider preview program but still million of people willing to purchase? I bet you have the answer.
    +L1520 user here.
  • They declared February, not X day of February.
  • Of course, I didn't expect much for windows 10 on mobile, let see YouTube updates for those who has W10 soon.
  • Apple=money money money& money ..............
  • This happrr because Microsoft is getting on the nerves od people and always late to the dates they give noy onky because of Windows 10 for phones . And sum of windows phone fans like me are just had enough of being polite and this is why Nadella said that he wants people to love Microsoft because many people already hates the company and its strategies
  • Exactly.. Don't be a dick, people..
  • You bleeding bloody heart. The way Microsoft has treated it's partners and customers all the while rolling in billions in profits validates the disdain and disrespect being vented by those who paying close attention to its products.
    You'd not be in the business had it not been for those who are most frustrated.
    So, shove it mate!
    And MS, hurry up and make something inspiring.
    Google and Apple have kicked your arse. Time to get even.
    Yours truly
  • Lol. Ok whatever you use to justify your pisspoor attitude.
  • I've never written anything on any of the forums before. No poor attitude to justify.
  • You just said the disrespect and disdain was validated. Or did you forget that already? That's a pisspoor attitude if I ever saw one!
  • Get a life troll.
  • He is right, you are wrong and ignorant
  • I hate to say it, but you'll notice that 90% of the abusive Tweets are coming from people from a certain country.
  • hahahahaa ikr?
  • Where is that? (I don't use twitter)
  • Sorry I won't name any names.
  • Is it the one that rhymes with plates?
  • It's in the 3rd world
  • Amen
  • Damn straight.
  • Totally agree with this article. Do be a dick. Gabe: all I got to say is, make it great.
  • Don't*
  • Agree with this article. Mobile technology is complex and Microsoft with all these exclusivity deals has made it even complicated. Give them some space and time. Microsoft employees are working hard on W10. They do not even have to do tech preview but they are offering it.
    Kudos to MS. Have patience!
  • This place should be renamed Microsoft Central. This MS butt crawling article is stupid funny. Must be a slow news day.
  • I think you missed the point
  • His father should have
  • So what, it's OK for self-entitled egomaniacs to think the world revolves around them and the very people working their butts off to deliver us something great should be at their whim? Please.
  • This article is nothing more than an MS ass kissing exercise. Plain and simple.
  • Sure will. Someone tell them to stay actually listening to us. We don't want Xbox Music and Video... We want Zune back. 80% of is have been dating that over and over and they keep reading this other mess on us. When someone refuses to listen to you, you start yelling.
  • When someone starts yelling, that's when they get ignored.
  • Satya asked for love ! We are just giving it back. But it mustn't cross the line........
  • Great Article. Well put!
  • Good Stuff takes a lot to address issues like this and you've been open & honest about it!
  • 100% agreed. Never used harsh words & never will.
  • The more time they spend on it the better for us, at least we wont have so half-baked product(I know its still an alpha product)
  • I really feel sorry for Windows Phone team regarding this thing... Those annoying people makes me really shame as windows phone user.... They sound so selfish & disrespectful... Btw thanks for putting this Richard. U should mention those douche user name too so that they know...
  • Well said but probably falling on deaf ears unfortunately.
  • Verizon released the denim update on Nokia Lumia icon.
  • They did yesterday
  • Yeah people on twitter get hell bitchy about it. They are also cowards. On guy posted "you've only kept us waiting for 5 years", I replied "it must have been so hard for you", he called me the C word, then blocked me. All talk but too cowardly to deal with a response. Sad cos I wanted to retweet him and favorite his tweet! Haha
  • Well said!! But nice the 925 got Denim today:)
  • Trust me, even when the preview is out for phones, after testing also, people will BLAME MICROSOFT for making such a shitty buggy without forgetting that it's gonna be a technical preview and it is meant to be with bugs so that we can help them out to get rid of them when its ready for official rollout. I feel bad for Gabe and Joe. Some people really are next generation of IDIOTS for posting such comments.
  • So good post WPCentral.. What you said its absolutely right.. Let us guys be Gud to Microsoft, one of the best companies, unique from others..
  • Patience is a property most often associated with mature people. When it is missing, it usually comes from kids or grown-ups which lacks this ability.
    Just stating the obvious..
  • Apparently, it's easy for a troll to evolve into a dick
  • One and the same.
  • By the way, try to figure out how is the windows phone sales person treating customers, holding an Apple iPhone with no aggressive sales attitude to customers, the service center hold the repair phones for months but keep telling be patient for the progress. Maybe Europe is NICE but not in Asia, maybe this is out of subject but I would like to send this message for you which is IF WE DON'T INTERESTED WITH YOUR OS THEN WE WOULDN'T ASK FOR MORE. I don't think customers always right but if u wanna get more sales or being no.1 in this world, either you take our response or just leave it.
    2015 & 2016 sales result will prove again who is the best.
  • Well said ;-)
  • Unfortunately Richard, you can hardly do anything about it. That kind of behaviour has very much to do with the type of person that is exhibiting it, and that can't be changed easily. There are some that will see the article, and go "Oh yeah, might want to tone it down a bit, those are people after all", but the vast majority will keep the same mindset.
  • You know what, one person has since tweeted after this post and has recognized that he was in the wrong. Sure, it's only one. But you know what? Makes this post worth it.
  • Well, then it's worth it ;)
  • Yes Sir!
  • In english they said BETTER LATE THAN NEVER..Yeah I do hope my 512 RAM Windows phone will get the update.
  • U people blaming Microsoft employees...WTF....Microsoft is has the best support to the consumers and they at least giving windows 10 to all windows phone 8.1 devices. See android lollypop 5.0 is available only for few least Microsoft is not doing like damn sure the technical preview will be perfect and will run smoothe on all wp8.1 devices..and when win10 is capable to run smooth on all devices then obviously then only they will release.
  • Why are we justifying and acknowledging these clowns?!
  • Exactly!!!!!!!
  • I agree.... Well done microsoft
  • Couldn't agree more, some people just don't know how to behave. Yes, it's the internet, but you can still come out looking like idiots.
    Consumers are allowed to want and wish and expect something from their products, and there are ways to show it, disrespect isn't one of them.
  • The cool thing is they allow us to download the preview for free
  • Well said Richard!! MS employees are just trying to ensure to provide a bug free preview to the users. I am an MS enthusiat myself. A Windows phone user, a SharePoint Deployment Manager, a SharePoint Power User, a Yammer Community Manager as well... We should see how MS is trying to ensure a continuous roadmap to all these products and also finind innovative ways to engage new and existing customers.. It is not mandatory to share all the previews and research with common users but they are doing it for 1 simple reason.. Empower the users to be ready for the future.. So relax people.. Win10 is on the way..
  • You're not seeing the bigger picture. It's more like the angry parent (phone owner) that wants his kid (Windows Phone) to succeed, that wants what's best for him and can't settle for anything less. Although a real parent would never abandon his child to try with another (iPhone, Android).
  • I have to say, that I have been a dick in regards to the Icon update because Microsoft, Lumia and Verizon could not get their act together. After pumping up the world about all the amazing things in Cyan and 8.1 they completely skipped the update. To further fan my flames, Verizon sales sold me Two Icons last August saying that the updates were already on the phones. Clearly I was a dick about it with sarcasm, but I never use profanity in the public arena. It's just distasteful. That being said, you are 100 percent correct. Any further or future updates are icing on the cake. I personally don't care when 10 comes out. I do want Microsoft to get all Lumias globally on the Denim update and though I have it now I will continue to ask them (nicely) to make sure to follow through for the sake of the Windows phone community. Denim is what Windows phones should have been all along. Let's be polite but persistent in asking. Try to show excitement rather than rage. There are good things ahead in Windows.
  • First give us denim. We don't want windows phone 10 now. :(
  • Great people all around the globe.
    They are not forcing you to use it. Don't want it now? Okay, no problem, u have the install button in your hands. Choose wisely, live well.
  • Seems faster.
  • Seriously Stop. 
  • So chill out and don't be a Dumbo u will get ur preview
  • This should go without saying no matter what you're talking about.
  • Thank you for this article. I am a nerd who loves having early access to new windows software, but I am continually appalled by how my fellow developers treat those that make our beloved software. This treatment is also why people don't make apps for us, if there is even a small bug, we tear them apart. Please people, be reasonable and courteous.
  • Awesome article, Richard.
    People really need to learn the definition of decency. And yes, they should feel thankful to Microsoft for letting them test its products even before them being out, like you said.
  • Why are you getting so hyper about msft employees? Stop being one!!
  • I work for Microsoft? Yeah, OK. In my old life I worked in a customer facing roll, just like the people currently delivering Windows 10 to a lot of customers. And you know what? People getting on your back about this and that and that you were doing a poor job really, really grinds.
  • Worst scenario is once when Microsoft publish TP for phones people recognize that their device is not in first wave. What ugly words then people from Microsoft it can expect?
  • Me agree respect them for their hard work
  • Microsoft should just release a very buggy, non working version of Windows 10 to those who complain and when they complain about the bugs just screenshot there message and say to them, patience is virtue. Just my two cents
  • Couple of things. This Twitter thing, can anyone post comments to your tweets or tweet history? If that is correct, it sounds awful. Secondly, a much needed article, and I can't believe the sense of outright entitlement that people think they have these days. I think MS are pretty good in terms of listening to feedback, and certainly better than they were. I do worry about the nonsense that will come their way until release, and the post-release.
  • +WP10dp
  • Lets name and shame them?
  • I wouldn't call it a privilege.
  • every one please watch KINGSMAN movie, because they are really gentleman.
  • Well said.
  • I'm excited to see what it's going to bring to the mobile platform but I for one won't be touching it with a 10ft barge pole until it moves into the DP area.
    A forum folder will need to be created for all those who've ignored all the warnings about installing it on their one and only and relied upon phone!!
    Of this I have no doubt!
  • Agree
  • The first tweet among the three was very rude...perhaps he might be androidish fellow..
    Even Android too didn't fulfilled the Lollipop update to many of them as expected.. What its all about..
    These fellows ask for an early update and then for fixes...
    First fix ur mind peaceful.. Then u'll know how to ask them... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Couldn't agree more with this article....
    Those guys are pure rude.... Go back to your android authority...
  • Rich unfortunately where there are humans there is disrespect... Just a fact.
  • Nicely written...
  • Agree totally with this. I've been feeding back as part of the insider program on PC and people that are part of that seem to (mostly) get that this is a preview and the point is to help with the development. Been really surprised and disappointed by people acting as if the tech preview is something Microsoft 'owe' them,and many acting as if its a final release that they are purposely holding back on. When it comes to Windows Phone in general, people seem to whine a LOT in general, not just when it comes to this preview. I'm not a fan of fanboyism but at least just be fair.
  • Except negativity has almost become the WP fan way these days. Maybe even just the Windows fan way.
  • Yeah exactly!
  • Someone please give Richard a kaala khatta because he pointed out the obvious
  • I think one reason for this global frustration, is the extrem slow rollout of the denim update. It's almost 5 month now since announcement and many lumia users are still waiting for the update. And there are still many out there who are waiting for the cyan. If you buy a WP, you expect a less fragmentated OS than Android. But in reality the updates are coming slower than than Android updates to Android devices. Lumia users are simply tired of waiting. Microsoft should really change their practice to announce something. Please stop announce something when it's far away from finnished. Announce it when it's done and there would be no frustration.
  • Great message. I would take it a step further by suggesting we treat everyone with respect.
  • They should have give us a release date. I'll be happy if they said it's coming in 28th feb. At least we know a date and this way we don't have to keep checking "Update" from settings. Teasing us with screenshots and not giving an exact date is too minstream ! -_- 
  • It is still very much in development. They go through internal tests before they release it to external testers. They don't tell us a date because they can't be sure of it. Many people here expect a bug free and complete build like in the Preview for Developers. It simply isn't that. There will be bugs, lots of them, and some of them they will fix before we get our hands on it. When they feel a build is ready for the Technical Preview they will release it. They can aim for a date but if they run into a major bug they will release it on another day. If they tell us a date and then delay it people will be even more disappointed. They said we will get it in February, so wait for them to release it.
  • I think it's good people showing MS their frustration. If we didn't complain, WP would've probably not get notifications. People have been waiting 4 years for the features found in other platforms, and to tease WP users is just disrespectful to the users and supporters.
  • Well said Rich.... But I want it now :-)
  • Well tell me something I don't know. Most users are selfish cocks, any rational person will just ignore the cockery. But doesn't mean its not hurtful or frustrating.
  • This has won the internet for me today. Nicely said.
  • Well I have my own business, I no what its like having people pressure, and I know I can be that dickhead sometimes as well on others, so its a fair point this and I do apologize for anything out of turn I've said.
    Just do what I do, take your time but in doing so you have to get it right first time ( on time). This is my business Moto . ( Get it right first time on time ).
  • Well I never insulted anyone....
  • we should motivate them such sentences makes anyone angry and disturbs them on the Projects they work on.
  • Yeah
    If you don't know coding and developing apps and software's !
    Then shut up and be patient for the developers to do it correctly
    The reason you peoples lives have become so dependent on such is because you want things but you really don't deserve to have it
    You just own the mobile and that comes with a statement that it can be updated to the next version of the software
  • Really? An article for this? Lol
  • What people really should be complaining about is ATT and Denim!!!!!!!
  • The rudeness Richard described is probably more accurately a general statement about technology and society in general. It's always a good rule of thumb to treat others as you would like to be treated. Most people would never say such rude things in person but via the relative anonymity of the internet those same folks feel perfectly fine trashing someone in a post. It's a sad commentary on the current state of affairs I agree. However, I believe Joe and Gabe probably have pretty thick skin by now and can take it. Still, I'm quite excited for the release of the Win10 for phone (if that's how we're saying it now) and read through this site and the forums to catch any news of a release.
  • I couldn't agree more! Finally someone sad "be respectful and shut the Hell up" Guys they are working on it why are u thinking that they are lazy? They must have try really hard because that's the job so pls shut up and Wait. Like in the text, its a privilege to get the builds.
  • Wow before telling off people you should learn a lesson in humility and respect for others. Nothing gives you the right to call others dicks and be self righteous when you are pointing out others for being rude.
  • Calling a dick a dick is in itself not being a dick, it's being right. It's like calling a banana a banana. 
  • Lol! And 'Richard' is a 'Dick', as in 'Dick' is a shortened version of 'Richard'... Therefore he's allowed to say it! :D
  • Like I said to Gabe and he loved my tweet. Haters can hate. Some of us love windows phone and its killing us to wait, but we do understand and respect them for making sure its safe to use and if mostly glitch free. U people should respect that. Would u give your family raw chicken and poison them? Let them cook this baby to perfection.
  • Unfortunately this is the world we now live in where the anonymity that the internet provides means people can be as vike and rude as they like without concern about their identity being revealed. Its really a shame and I hope this doesn't dissuade MS from their approach to Win10 as its imho a great way to deliver excellent software and experience.
  • They could give us all and release a buggy horrible build. Or they could shut the whole thing down completely. Come on, people. MS is listening. I for one am offering feedback whenever asked, and when I can. Not all of it is positive, but it is offered as a request or constructive criticism. We could all wind up with bricked phones if they release too early FEe
  • Exactly! Great point!
  • MS should withhold the updates from the "dicks" suspend their insider account or something...
  • It doesn't pay to treat anyone this way. Respect, yes.
  • Lol. Damn yall people are funny. I think we all frustrated and desperately wanted windows to succeed and catch Android and apple but have patience. At least they told us February and not just soon or in the 2nd quarter.
  • I think MS has to be blamed as well. They kept teasing. And they've been like this since for windows phone.Why not just give a hard date. We applaud and we appreciate the work of Ms giving us such privilege to TEST the early builds... Test is the key. If you want users to test it give them a hard date. Put a big highlight on Disclamer when using the preview build. After all its an early build. I don't see MS loosing customers through preview build bcoz they ain't satisfied. I see them winning by giving customers voice on what has to be done on the preview build. The more Ms teases that more people gets anxious. #justmy2cents
  • Hmm... But Microsoft should realize they should be faster.... In China WP has only 0.3% market share
  • This is one of the more frustrating parts with this site and people online in general. Thanks for the article. There should be one of these once a week.
  • Well said
  • Words of wisdom, the truth has been spoken.
  • Go Richard, you da man, HA you called the dicks, dicks. I am well stoked to high heaven waiting on Win10 but I'm semi clever to realise these things take time. I would love to have the full version tomorrow if I could but its not ready. Stop opening the oven door dicks and wait until its ready.
  • A better title would be: "Treat people with respect."
  • Although kudos for the article for pointing this out, since comments like the ones above does give us users a bad name/rep, I dont like the use of the word dick in the article. It's a very sexist term to have a word for asshole derived from a male organ. It's similar as to how a scared/weak person is called a name derived from a female organ. At least both genders have assholes, it's a term I would prefer used.
  • This comment is so underestimated, great idea!
  • Just an opinion:- while WP8.1 was a big leap there remains a functionality gap that prevent people from migrating to WP for fear of losing out. Those of us using WP are largely happy enough but it can be frustrating waiting for MS to get their product up to speed and at times we have felt like beta testers. I've been on WP for 4 years but I do sometimes envy the options available to Android users and some of the crappy ports we get. There have bern promises about the app gap closing but still new apps don't launch on WP at the same time as iOS and Android, if at all. People have invested money in the platform based on many a promise of progress that simply haven't been kept. However...
    That MS offers previews is amazing. They have not, to my knowledge, announced launch dates for final products so moaning about them being lazy is ridiculous. Windows 10 is the last throw of the dice for WP so it makes sense they nail it and give the world a genuine alternative to AppleDroid. It's fine to feel let down; MS screwed up massively with the WP7/WP8 incompatibility problem, causing many to feel they'd wasted money on a dead platform. If they screw it up this time it's game over. No promises have been made yet, though, so we wait and see. The past is the past and as annoyed as you might be, all we can do is look forward eagerly and contribute to the discussion. Behaving like a petulant child rarely works out and a lot of WP users on these forums will whine first and adj questions later. Lets just see what happens over the next 3 months or so before chucking the toys out of our prams...
  • +930 Well said Richard, well said.
  • I thought this goes without saying. Sad that you even had to make this post. Those same guys complaining will be the first ones bashing MS if the preview messes up their phones.
  • While I agree that some people need to get a grip, there are a lot of people around the world who use and are interested in Windows and Windows Phone. Many of these people are mature and respectful, but you will always get a small % of that population who are ignorant and clueless who are also more vocal. These are the same people whom this kind of message will fail to register with and will keep being idiots.
    Anybody and their dog can get a Twitter account. Unfortunately these kinds of trolls exist all over the place. From forums, gaming communities, fans of movie or tv series.... And of course, programs and OS's. When you decide to engage with your community, you have to accept you will face a few of these fools.
    That doesn't mean I am excusing their actions, I've just been in too many communities and forums since 1998 to know that these kind of people exist everywhere and no amount of pleading or reasoning will improve their attitudes. Unless you can block or ban them.....
  • I don't know. Mesa day startin pretty okee-day with a brisky morning munchy, then BOOM! me sa respect microsoft. no war.
  • Come on chief.. Dont take classes....
  • I hope W10 for phones would really improve on the browser capabilities and experience once it gets officially released. Why not embed Adobe Flash just like in PC version? I think that would be cool and very useful. Also needs a lot more improvements on html5 support. Just some ideas for improvements.
  • Flash sucks for mobile (battery drain). That's why Steve Jobs was so against it and why sites like Youtube are dumping it for html5. Flash is on its deathbed.
  • I agree. That's what I thought would also happen, but even now there are still a lot of sites using flash for videos and among other things. It still has some life to it. Also, the technology has already been fused within Windows PC since 8..., so I thought why not?
  • Lots of entitled little shits on the interwebs. People who usually behave this way are losers in their real lives.
  • I loved the dick ending
  • I think we can safely assume that all of these impatient disrespectful hate comments are coming from young kids who aren't taught anything by their parents. If any of these comments come from adults... that's just incredibly pathetic...
  • Agreed v need to wait patiently as Microsoft is testing so that v don't face issues after downloading so plz be patient guys
  • yes while seeing such comments i felt very bad.they are working for us.MSFT gave a good chance of installing preview on any WP which many OS's dont give and also they are working hard and taking time so that our device will be safe and is not damaged by the respect them
  • Great. I really like this Richard Devine.
    Well said.
  • Couldn't have said it better myself. So many rude people out there. Manners cost nothing. Once someone is rude/impolite to me, they can forgo any future help etc. It's frustrating to see so many cringeworthy comments online, tech sites in particular.
  • Rules number 1 : "don't be a dick"
  • Omg, these people need a life.... I thought I was bad :/
  • Yeah sad the level of disrespect that is shown by Windows Phone, Windows users.. Agreed 100000000000000000000%
  • I told this earlier that shouting on Microsoft will not bring windows 10 for phone earlier
  • In a word: entitlement. And let's face it, most vocal mobile users today are kids
  • "But the fact we don't have it yet is 'getting on everyone's nerves' or Microsoft is not 'listen[ing] to millions of fans crying' is absurd. These people have a job to do." And those who wrote those tweets do not have a job.
  • They not doing care of fans
  • Well said Richard , some people don't know the word PATIENCE
    They now shout for the release and after the release they shout for bugs in it.
    #growup guys you are getting a great technology for free of charge so show some respect n manners
  • Agreed
  • They all are careless i think this update come after one year
  • Being someone that works in a similar environment, I greatly enjoyed this Richard. I totally agree that they deserve respect and that they are doing everything they can to make their client base happy. I hope we all recognize that this new "open" Microsoft is awesome. Let's work together to make sure Microsoft knows we appreciate them and their new openness. I want this open experience to continue.
  • Gabe and Joe should block those users from getting the Preview. Not the type of customers they need. Much less being a spokesperson for their software that's still under development.
  • At this early stage I could care less about Windows 10; but I sure would like to finally see the damn Demin update on the ATT 1020.    
  • I'd rather they get it right than to rush it out with too many bugs.
  • February 14, valentine :)
  • I completely agree. Be nice and treat them they way want to be treated. I prefer to have a solid preview and wait then to have a weak build...
  • I totally agree.
  • I'm glad you made this article.
  • Truth said
  • Agreed. Some in this community take their frustrations with carrier-controlled updates and put half the blame on MS. All this even after they try to offer us workarounds like PFD. It's like a kid opening gifts on his birthday and then whining when there is nothing left to open.
  • just remember that they practically can't work around the clock because there will be different people working on the OS at different times of the day and there has to be time for breaks and the person finishing their shift to tell the guy/gal that is just starting their shift what they are up to.
  • Much like the update, these people's attitude is also just a technical preview of what its going to be like once it actually comes out. Moaning and whining about bugs all day.
  • This is no different to VLC reviews being appalling. Both very sad for the platform but part of it is the immature age of many Windows phone users. Hopefully Gabe knows that.
  • I just have to say ' wait for the whole Feb. If it doesn't come, then only you get the right to criticize. Feb isn't just 5 or 10.. It's a 29 day long month. So please be patience.
  • Well said Richard :-)
  • Agreed
  • Good article, I think I know why you wrote it, there's this twitter handle saccin... Very rude fellow trolling Gabe Aul, personally I would buy him an android phone, disgusting
  • Calling us "nerds" doesn't help respect either. Nor calling out nit to be a d*ck.
    Yes we are getting frustrated, as Champions enthusiasts of the platform, supporting Windows Phones is a challenge, when it takes a year to get WP8.1 out to Verizon users.
  • Yes, nerd is such an insult.
  • I agree... Patience.... Channeling inner Yoda
  • If you think people are acting like dicks now just wait until they start bitching about the bugs after installing the preview. Brace yourselves for the incoming shitstorm.
  • Sad that you even have to write this.
  • Whether its due to the release of a TP or not, we should all observe Wheaton's Law as often as possible. The world would be a better place to live in...
  • First of all, Microsoft is giving us a favor to give us this preview early. people shouldn't be rude about getting something they don't have a solid date to get it, not to mention that they don't have any official contract or right to get it in the first place. Second, don't say they are lazy without even basic knowledge about software developement and testing. many developers, testers, engineers, designers and managers are working hard for a very large product developement life cycle and you easily and unrespectfuly say that they are lazy.
  • Thanks so much Richard for saying that C'est tres chiant de lire toujours les memes complaintes !  
  • I don't see the need for WP central to right about peoples freedom to express themselves, I do also agree that we all have seen how harsh WP users can be. Needles to say that we all anticipate WP10 I check my app at least 4 times daily.So common give us a break WPC
  • *write
  • Its unfortunate that guys like the author of this so called article are entrusted with writing for mobile nations. Honestly, is advising social media etiquette for consuming public a part of your job Mr. Unprofessional?
  • It is clearly filed under editorials, but.. your username.
  • You can kiss Devine's arse all you want but calling d##ks to MS customers complaining at MS honchos is utterly unprofessional. What credentials has this Devine guy got anyways? Do you even know what an editorial means in journalism?
  • Lol. What a twat.
  • He has every right in the world to call a dick, a dick. Get over it. People need to learn to treat people with respect. If they are going to sit behind a keyboard and say things they would never say in real life, they need to accept that they are being a "dick".
  • Well said rich, but they building a lot of hype for this build they should give them a specific date so everyone could relax a little bit... I just hope this build of preview worth all this hype
  • It's sad that this article even needed to be written. I don't understand where people are getting the idea that the TP is "delayed." They said it would be out in February, and the month isn't even half over! And watch, the people whining and crying over the "delay" will be the first ones to scream and shout over bugs and issues. Some people just don't understand how these things work.
  • The problems here is that they keep people drooling over their teases, if I were them they should work for it before they give us hints, teasers and announcements. Are we WP consumers, users and die hard's need to adjust? They hell we care, there's a lot of better OS and platforms out there that releases updates regularly and internationally. They're lazy and incompetent. More words than work.
  • True words :)
  • It's the internet. What do you expect?
  • This article should be taken down and an apology should be posted for our young & old readers for the use of words on here... Totally unacceptable and unprofessional by the website Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Totally agree with the article ..
    People, don't be a dick!! even just shouting over the internet
  • Not only are rude tweets are happening, rude comments in Windows Central are also too many. Useless and rude.
  • if MS rushed it out and it did not work those same people would be saying, hey you should have taken longer to test. No Win Situation
  • Why parents whin on kids when they got failed in exam, because they love them they want to see them succeed and stand up... Similarly, fans whin and get angry because they actually love WP and want to see it getting bigger then android or ios, however I agree with the author, fans need to be patient and nobody has any right to abuse somebody you even don't know...may be that person is going through some personal problems and such attitude of fans can amplify the same...
  • Lol since when people give a damn about internet...
  • Agreed.
  • Well said, Richard.
  • Yes right. Lets try not to be a dick. Dicks do things that are not nice, like putting backdoors in an operating system or putting out server updates that just kill your system. But you are totally right, the customer needs to know it's place.
    For the poor Microsoft people, well, like they say, if you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.
  • I'm liking this Richard guy...
  • The problem is not about respecting them; when they are not able to fulfil their own deadlines of dates then why declaring big propagandas then? They declared Denim to arrive in Q4 2014 in India for 1520 and till date not able to deliver. Now they have even stopped replying on this. Is this not arrogance? Microsoft must put its own house in order rather than declaring big things, not fulfilling and then being arrogant for customer tweets!! Remember Customer was, is and will be the King!
  • True but... there is no reason to be a dick about it.... Lol I have said this before... Some WP users have a sense of entitlement when it comes to this stuff and they need to chill out about it. It will come when it's ready and hopefully not before...... But I know full well that the bitchen and moaning about it will start 2 minutes after it's released.... Cry me a river if you want but then build me bridge to get over it... Posted from my HTC M8
  • Good point Richard and definitely we should respect Microsoft employees for what they are doing etc etc but the frustration is coming from somewhere else. Denim update. This is very much a well cooked update not like a technical preview but still I haven't received the update yet and many others haven't too. I big OS update by Apple is seeded worldwide at the bloody same time but Microsoft cant so it for denim and other such small to medium updates. Also, Microsoft is changing so much in the looks department and other features that it looks like they are not able to make up their minds and the users want the best thing immediately because of the big changes in each iteration. This is a good thing that MS brings big features and changes the look for the better but for god sake make up your mind MS
  • How many handsets have got lollipop by now? 5? 6? And it's buggy as hell. Yet MS is supposed to blackmail the operators into releasing untested software with their 5% marketshare like Apple does? Get real. And Apple burnt operators by bricking phones with untested updates, I doubt even they will be allowed to do it in the future.
  • Well said, Dhiren Chavda.
  • Just remember that this is a vocal minority.
  • Pay attention to Minsk summit now !
  • I m not complaining but Microsoft is doing wrong....announcing windows 10 back in Sep '14 and give a glimpse of windows 10 for phone on 21 Jan and no 1 minute video....what I m trying to say is why they don't announce anything when they are close to release a TP....take an example hololense,if it was announced 2 year back when they are on alpha stage people would probably yelling at Microsoft to release it soon. No one care what problem is getting to release their products,people want it fast once they announce it.
  • Thanks Richard, most needed article, but would people learn? Doubt it... Nonetheless it needed to be told. Thanks...
  • Still waiting for an update on t-mob for my HTC HD7 for cyin' out loud!!!
  • You do know this is 2015, I bet you can upgrade free of charge to a newer Lumia or an m8
  • Well said :)
  • Funny that the one moaning the most, will b the first to complain when they find a bug even though its a TP
  • Also MS is not respecting WP users, new office touch, outlook lock screen etc is first delivered to Apple and Android devices but not us and then Joe comes along and says we haven't forgotten you. This means they know there is unrest among the WP users but still fail big time to address it. WP users are still laboratory rats for MS the real business is their software which delivering in the cloud, to Pc And to IOS AND ANDROID DEVICES
  • Another glaring example of not having any clue about development pipelines. Those things are independent or parallel to WP. You should understand that WP is a losing preposition for MS if they abandon their entire business to focus exclusively on WP. They are a huge business with goals fast larger than you seem to appreciate. None of your complaints are personal slights against WP community or MS fans. It's just a pipeline and order of operations.
    People should shut the f*ck up, keep on working hard and things will come, sooner or later :)
  • Hahaha... This article has pointed out to me that Richard has one of the best 70s pornstar names... 'Dick Devine'... :D I bet you used to get that all the time at school! ;)
  • I'm 30 and still getting it ;-)
  • Haha, you may as well embrace it man, you're never gonna shake it off! ;) 'This is not just any Dick, this is M&S Dick'. :D
  • I do not agree partially with the opinion of the author. Microsoft has an obligation toward his consumers. Don't bring up the example of Apple. If their consumers are ok with their practices, it is their business. We want all from the business that are living from our money. Without us they will get the destin of Nokia. The answer of Gabe was a silly one in the context in which everyone is frustrated because an expectation created by whoelse than Microsoft. Just give us a date or stop communicating pourly with your consumer.
  • Cock found!!! No windows 10or any updates for you in the future
  • Technical Previews aren't for average consumers. They're being used by so called "experts." Fans of the system, tech enthusiasts, call them what you will.
  • Such people should not be given windows 10 :P
  • +1940
  • yes absolutely...i respect them..
  • Thank you for making this post. I want Win 10 now, I also want a lot of things now, but they aren't ready yet.
  • I can't tell you how many times I have seen people, generally young people, act like asses on some forum and when you call them out they respond "It's the internet." like posting on the internet gives some sort of waiver to how you should act.
  • Great article Richard, it doesn't matter how many times you wrote the word"dick", because the truth is the truth!
  • :D well said
  • Well said. Very well said..!!
  • Nice reminder but idiots will remain idiots..
  • Its sad, people need to style up. if i promise to buy you a drink andf you wont pay for it although you may offer to drop me at the venue, it does not give the right to throw insults at me if the offer is delayed or i keep you in suspense.  There are other options people, so move on or grab them. Ahhhggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • If MS had 40% market share these entitled children would be totally irrelevant, to bad they feel important for being "supporters".
  • I think I'm the one who should ask Microsoft employees to do the same thing to me. I dont' care about windows 10 at all because my 1520 has not received Denim. Thus, I have no reason to cry out for windows 10. My 1520 was bought from an official retailer and it was carrier-free. So far, quite a lot of locked versions worldwide have got the Denim. I contact Microsoft Lumia staff for explanation. However, they tried to fool me as they blamed the delay to "low internet broadband quality and carriers". I replied them not to fool me because carriers in my country (Vietnam) never sold devices. The Vietnam region 1520 has the only way to get the Denim is to flash the original rom to regions eligible for update like Finland, 11 months ago, I left iphone for Lumia 1520. Currently, I decided to get rid of my 1520 to return to Apple iphone 6.  I loathe the feeling of being lied. Microsoft did not treat me with respect, nevertheless, I'll never do the same to them. That's why I chose to switch back to Apple. 
  • You did the right thing, in my opinion. Although I don't understand the need for this Denim, I have it and it's mostly irrelevant. MS should never came up with it.
  • "Hey Cortana" allowing real hands free while driving is quite relevant.
  • My dear, Actually, Denim isn't a big matter toward me coz it never hepls Microsoft solve its current weaknesses of its OS as app gap and user experiences. I left Lumia 1520 because I feel uncomfortable with Microsoft' customer care. I paid the same price for the similar device, Vietnam region 1520 has always been got updated after other global versions since Cyan. I don't understand how Microsoft evaluate its customers I guess Vietnameses customers like me is not as valueable as those in other regions. In the aftermath of the talk with Microsoft Lumia Vietnam staff, I made up my mind to switch. I just needed them to give me true explanations, but they failed to do it. A carrier-free device could not receive update due to carriers ? Who would believe such useless explanations? I asked them why other operator-free 1520 versions already got the Denim? They just kept silent and replied they had no idea. All i need is TRUST but I think Microsoft never wants such a thing. Therefore, I quit.  One more thing, I chose Lumia 1520; for, I'm a loyal fan of Nokia. I used to think I could be as loyal to Microsoft as I was to Nokia. Perhaps, Microsoft never appreciates it. I still hope someday Nokia would be back to mobile device industry. I won't hestitate to leave Apple for Nokia.
  • The sad part is that these very same people who bicker about the preview being slow to role out would have trashed Microsoft had they given into demand and released a buggy preview. People just don't get the effort it takes to build anything, let alone such a good OS. I just moved from android to Windows Phone a few hours and I'm already happy that I get to actually pay for apps using my debit card, unlike on android, where thanks to my country's stupid policy makers, I'm unable to do so. People have started taking too many things in life for granted.
  • The internet and social media gives a voice to too many idiots out there.
  • Those kind of people harassing MS should move on to Android or Apple.
  • @Richard Devine - sounds like you're channeling Adam Hills from The Last Leg in this piece :)
  • Well said!
  • Amen!
  • Thanks for putting this blurb together. I get impatient, too, but people are getting ridiculous. I always liked to think WP community was a little different but it seems infantile and rude attitudes are everywhere. Those is exacerbated by today's instant serve society. People just don't know what is involved in making anything anymore. Sad.
  • I haz denim. I'm happy without W10...
  • I agree, Richard. The entitlement mentality is poison to civility, and we need to stop excusing it just because it's on the Internet.
  • I have worked in a call center so I know how awful is to be insulted by strangers. Do not be such assholes guys, let them do their jobs and wait.
  • Yeah I used to work in retail. Got this stuff face to face every single day. It grinds.
  • People like that will always have something to complain about
  • He said dick... Lol.
  • Dude, spot on
  • Whingy article, but had to be said.  People (dicks?) behave so poorly on Twitter and forums that a little reminder is no harm. Also when did dick become so offensive.  I know aguy named Dick (a Richard).  You have private dicks, clever dicks, so why not plain old dicks.  If that little word is going to offend you then good luck out in the real world. Also, also ... as soon as the preview is released, guess who'll be complaining that their device is bricked or the battery only lasts a few hours?  Yeah, the dicks.  Can't win.
  • Kids, did u imagine what is developing mobile OS? microsoft can give u a buggy version of os today, and then u'll get angry cz os is buggy! if u can develop mobile OS faster, so do it! We'll get it, when it will be ready for public release. I'm waiting for win10 too, but i'm understanding that it takes time to develop a new OS. OS is not a toy for kids(people who's getting angry, and disappointed because Microsoft didn't release a toy for them today). people are always dissatisfied, they always asking for more from others... like kids)
  • Ok, então os usuários do WP precisam de um guia de boas maneiras agora? Isso é ridículo! E eu não estou falando do Windows Central! Deixem de ser idiotas usuários!
  • That is why I don't use twitter full of overgrown children, who think just because it has been blurted out in cyberspace it is not going to hurt anyone's feelings.
  • This article could have used a little censoring but it's still largely relevant. Its not about moral policing as some here have opined. It's about being courteous to people who work day and night to give us unforgettable experiences with our phones and for being the prime reason for the existence of tech sites like this. That being said, the onus is on Microsoft to deliver good and deliver hard. Although most of those who are using profanity against those employees are trolls, there's also genuine angst amongst users, especially the fans who have actually borne the brunt of being treated like *d**ks' because of Microsoft's second rate treatment of its own platforms and user base. Sure, you could say that they were saving the best for Windows 10 but why haven't they saved enough for 8.1, that its still behind its contemporaries even though its capable enough? That's what's irking people. But good fans and consumers always wish for the best and I am glad to be one of them like so many here :)
  • Well said. Place is full of cunts.
  • The same guys that you presented in this article will probably be the same ones who will shout: It's buggy, it's not's .. it's... and a millions times it's... it's obvious that in a crowd there must be some with less than 2 neurons in their head. W10 will be released soon, it's no point getting nervous on any ms employee. Would you rather have the first TP release with major issues?? instead of waiting a few days more? I think not!
  • I have yet (and wasn't planning on it) to complain about w10, but thus article smacks of a growing concern I have about W10: Loss of any degree of objectivity. Look, I get this is a fan site and that most of us want to see Microsoft portrayed in a positive light for a change. However, and it could be pure coincidence, whenever bad news about the Icon went up, it seemed like 3-4 other articles went up right after it, usually what appeared to be filler content. You have Microsoft employee in the forums, and it is obvious that there relationships between Microsoft employees and writers here. I don't condone mistreating people over Twitter but your article seems completely out of line for the reasons I just mentioned. I have grown to believe that this site will never take Microsoft to task when it deserves it. That doesn't help Microsoft, it coddles it. Personally, I have been less than impressed with the way Belfiore handled the Icon fiasco and the WP relationship with Verizon.
  • You are right man. We need to treat them well.
  • People should've respect for everyone on internet, that's what humanity taught us and that's what we have to contribute towards humanity. Thanks for pointing out through this article.
  • This article really makes sense, folks should get their feet back on the ground!
  • Great post! At least some stupid dicks will read it
  • People whining and complaining remind me of the character in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, who felt she was entitled to the piece of gum just simply because she wanted it. Some peoples sense of entitlement reminds me of this spoiled brat syndrome and probably need damn good spanking...but then again who are we to say anything because heaven forbid their feelings get hurt.
  • It's a maturity problem that you see on multiple tech blogs. The comments on this site are by-far some of the most juvenile I've ever seen. Males from their teens to late 20s that behave more like jocks and punks on some sort of "team" than actual tech ethusists that have any clue as to how anything works. They bought something, so now they think they run everything. And living in a world where everything online is either "free", 99 cents, or a torrent search away, they want their satisfaction now, perfect, and at no cost to them, because they are special snowflakes. Dont work on their timeline? Well then you are "lazy", says some rude idiot that doesnt even know how to hook up a router without an instruction booklet. If I ran this site I would make a few bannings just to get the point across that this isnt a fourm for your trite complaining, and immature banter.
  • Agreed. Some people need to grow up
  • When in INDIA Comments in 321....Oh!Its Already here.
  • Seems legitimate
  • I agree with you, Microsoft and Nokia People deserve the respect for what they are doing because I love my Windows Phone(520 & 630) and Windows PC. Since we are getting a chance to test the early builds free of cost is just really awesome. So I love Microsoft and Nokia people.
  • Hope it's true!
  • We, the Windows Phone community, should be grateful that Microsoft is giving us these Preview/Technical updates. Rival OSes don't do this. At least not without some form of charges.
  • I feel Microsoft should respect its customers too. For a year now I'm getting Cortana messages on Twitter when The Netherlands doesn't have Cortana. Microsoft telling me my Lumia will be better with Denim when I can't get Demin and telling me my Lumia will be awesome with W10 for phones when it will take at least until this autumn before getting it. They advertise stuff they haven't delivered. So it's all right,and fair, to ask for respect for employees, but I want Microsoft to repect their customers too. Stop the bullshit. Deliver stuff when it's ready and then present whatever you have. Don't present stuff and deliver them 6 months (denim) 9 months (W10 for phones) or over a year later (Cortana)
    Mutual respect...
  • If we assume everyone is having a bad day, we'll live life much more gracefully
  • Last line is the best! :)
  • Bull
  • Great article Richard. But I am really surprised with the amount of puritanism and hypocrisy in many of the comments of this section.
  • It's a maturity problem that you see on multiple tech blogs. The comments on this site are by-far some of the most juvenile I've ever seen. Males from their teens to late 20s that behave more like jocks and punks on some sort of "team" than actual tech ethusists that have any clue as to how anything works. They bought something, so now they think they run everything. And living in a world where everything online is either "free", 99 cents, or a torrent search away, they want their satisfaction now, perfect, and at no cost to them, because they are special snowflakes. Dont work on their timeline? Well then you are "lazy", says some rude idiot that doesnt even know how to hook up a router without an instruction booklet. If I ran this site I would make a few bannings just to get the point across that this isnt a fourm for your trite complaining, and immature banter.
  • Amen
  • True that...!!
  • @TheZuneLune The Verizon case it's another thing. Here it's about the release of the first TP for Windows 10 for phones. The target was set as February. We are still in February so from my point of view there is nothing to blame MS for, for now. What for? for not telling the exact date. why? in the SW Development field anything can go wrong at any time. With so many phone models it's clear that time is needed to test the same scenarios on every one of them? Or would you have liked to have the TP release with one or two phone models actually being tested, and on others to encounter severe issues? It does not matter it's Microsoft, a giant SW Company. There are real people working there, not robots. This is about an OS release, not a 3rd party 50MB application. I understand your point over the Verizon situation, but again there, Verizon is to blame! And in any case of any carrier, the delay is caused by the carrier and their lazyness.
  • Oh man.. I hate when WC kiss MS ass. They aren't perfect. Just kick their ass sometimes
  • Amen
  • Great article Richard. But I am more surprised about the amount of puritanism and hypocrisy in many of the comments above.
  • Microsoft just doing timepass... I'm bored from news of windows 10.. Kindly someone messages me when windows 10 phone preview will released... Bye guys
  • It's Twitter, people are assholes. It happens to every company.
  • Any good news about w10 for phone
  • We want Windows 10 eagerly!!!!!
  • Seems funnier.
  • [clapping]
    Calling out bad behavior on the internet is like pushing against the tide but it's always to be commended.
  • True dat, hope Microsoft will be able to deliver best experience about Windows 10!
  • Please some one send Windows Insider programme download link.
  • It's pitiful to see this. I normal stay out of the comment section because every time I comment I get beat down like a dog. But this is worth the time. It'll get here when Microsoft feels it's ready. Everyone might be complaining now because it hasn't been released, just think how much complaining they'll be if it bricks their phone on a bad release. People who complain without thinking of the consequences, well I need to say no more. Microsoft has said February, it's barely the second week. Come on guys, give Microsoft a break. Their at it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Richard, WELL SAID... Come on people, if we got a build that crashed all the time, people would get pissed it isn't perfect. Wake Up
  • I would like to talk about why I am frustrated. first off all, no real flagship phone since Icon(not counting 930 because they are the same). Secondly, the Office apps on iOS and Android are a lot better than WP. No office touch for even windows tablets. For how long, must us loyal microsoft customers and enthusiats have to wait before we hear any concrete information about what's in store for us! We care about Microsoft, but at this rate we are getting frustrated. And apps are being pulled from the store. WP is losing potential customers. I was so hyped for windows 10 event and so dissapointed at how little they shared regarding phones. On the plus side, 535, 532, and 435 were a step in the right direction in terms of specs and pricing for a low range phone. 830 and 735 were overpriced in my country. I am now using LG G3. I want to love windows but people are going to forget about it, including me unless they go all out soon, clock is ticking. 
  • Some one send Windows Insider programme for phone download link
  • Very good article i always wonder why some people cant act intelligent even in the forums there is no need to get upset about phone updates.
  • I find it ironic that everyone is up in arms about the author's use of the word "Dick"..... Did no one notice the author's name is Richard?   Anyway, regardless of how it's written, the point remains; Just because you have the internet, doesn't mean you can go around being a rude jerk to people who owe you nothing
  • Here here sir.  Thank you for this!
  • Shouldn't be teasing. Just set a date and people will be more than happy to oblige. Denim, now this. We got hi hopes. Get on with the show.
  • This is a result of MSFT BS over & over & over again. Mind you I'm not take the side of "rudeness" per say but every promise related to updates have been unfathomably incorrect, and at the end of it felt like "here, take the scraps and lets be done with it" ..for instance this last one, Denim, they promised heaven and earth in camera performance and Cortana and said it would start slow at the end of December and everyone would be up to date with in 2 months. Neowin writs of a busted Lumia after the update, high-end users were snubbed, the list is long. Now you, windowscentral, talk about us being lucky that MSFT is so open with their WIN10 software. Lucky us or necessary for them to get a product right in this .com era and have a hit? I'm thinking the latter. It's easy to get caught in a bubble up in Seattle, a beautiful discovery bubble, but nevertheless a euphoric bubble and lose touch with the buyers and now reach out for input to get it right. Their strategy as is isn't being loved by the buyers, obviously. Change it.
    A fan since WINDOWS 95.
  • This os only Miscrosoft fault, for people to behave this way, so its the company that should be targeted. Its only natural that people shows their frustration when this are done too slowly, but i agree that employees should not be mistaken with the company (as its to the company to demand more or less from their workers). If they (MICROSOFT NOT THE EMPLOYEES) want better community, treat them better. Start giving away real dates (and i am not talking just about windows 10), and be on schedule (its shamefull to MS that not all COUNTRY VARIANT lumias got denim by now). This would calm a lot of people and improve the Company visibility even to other people and markets...
  • Im amazed how butt hurt people are getting over a single word. I don't even consider Dick a swear word. Lol. Must have a different meaning a crossed the world... I dunno.
  • Don't give in. Impatience leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to Tizen.
  • lol
  • BooHoo. Somebody called them lazy, somebody called them Dicks. Society is made up of a bunch of crybabies. If they can't understand that social media is going to expose them to the worst in people they should go back to their Moms tit. If WP doesn't like the garbage, shut down the comments. Seriously, what a waste of time and energy to come out and write that article. Like suddenly the assholes will stop. If they don't like the comments, do not say anything about releases. The rest of the world has deadlines that have to be met. Why should we protect the "brave men and women" working on code for a cellphone? Talk about taking it too serious. Calm your tits and grow a set Richard.
  • I dunno, I like calling out people for being assholes. Regardless, it's our site, our time, our energy to waste ;)
  • The fact, that this is already the second article about the bad behaviour of the WP-Community says it all.
  • ...and yet still so many whiners & a-holes in the comments.
  • If you're personally offended by this or trying to give excuses for why it's ok to treat MS execs poorly, you might be a dick...
  • Treat everyone with respect when asking them about anything.  Good point though... It's getting bad. 
    It will be even worse, when people get the first build and it has bugs... There will be chaos made by ignorant people thinking this is like Preview for Developers! 
  • I agree, rants get you no-where
  • Here! Here!.  If the only think you can complain about is wanting a "Preview" version of Windows Phone, then maybe you should turn your phone OFF and get a life!  Your significant other would appreciate it!
  • Love Microsoft!
  • Just don't be a dick.
  • Gabe Aul gave all his patience to all these whiners.
  • Oh no! Somebody on twitter called me lazy. Oh no somebody posted they are unhappy with how fast I work. I need someone to write an article to stop it. My feelings are hurt. Where is my mommys teet when I need it? Stop using social media if you don't have thick skin. Shut down the comments on Windows Central so nobody feels bullied. The brave men and women programming Cellphones need to be protected from such things as deadlines and performance. Give me a break. Two kinds of people; people that give you results and people that give you excuses. People that give you excuses rarely give you results, people that give you results never give you excuses. The Tech world is full of excuses and half baked results. They are victims of their own confidence. Don't talk about it if you don't want it critiqued.
  • For someone who disagrees with this article, you sure have a LOT to say on it...which I find rather humorous (this is at least the second bloviated response you've had)
  • WC need to just chill on posting stuff about WP10 everyone has his or her opinion. Being a d*ck is someone's opinion just chill whining about it. bixhes....
  • Yes, when I was with Android, I have never encountered in forums as many people as in WP forums who have feelings of entitlement, it's as if Microsoft and the whole world owe them. It's so irritating when they post angry comments and start name calling employees of Microsoft.
  • Wheaton's Law: Don't Be a Dick
  • This is turn out to be hilarious. MS is doing people a favor by letting them get a glimpse of the new tech. Now guys are going haywire about it. Amazing how wp10 is getting people high. Hope it wont disappoint many. It will be a war of words.
  • I'm in no hurry for Windows 10 for the phone.  Windows 10 for the PC sucks so badly that I don't care if a phone version ever gets release. 
  • Well said Richard, out sucks that in this day and age we still have whiny babies who throws tantrums like this.
  • I've always thought that die-hard Windows (phone) fans were some of the rudest around, but a lot of that also comes from frustration with the platform's lack of success, in terms of sales, mindshare and marketshare.
  • I think it just goes to show the sad state society is in right now. People getting worked up over phone updates to the point where they get offensive, people dropping hundreds of dollars on phones when their current one works fine and people just generally staring at their phones all day. Second,I see some trying to make this a racial or cultural issue, but the truth is that there are idiots everywhere. I mean if I was to make judgments based of off comments on American news sites I would think that the US was a country full of racist hillbillies.
  • Being a Dick is an expression not exactly in the literal sense.. And Richard you are absolutely correct. Everyone is excited, the best part is even the Android users are waiting when MSFT will bring on something that knocks them off their feet.... But tweeting discouragement to people who are the who's who of one of the world's largest computer company is nothing short of being a dick. We cannot lose our sense of decency. We can tweet them encouragement and support them which might have a positive effect... Who knows when a good phrase or syllable huts them and....well I too am waiting with a bated breath..We need to stop acting like bunch of kids, you know what I mean....
  • Denim for #1520 -_-
  • Unfortunately there are many people out there who struggles with their head. It can't be so difficult to be nice. It comes when it comes
  • You are wrong. There is a really simple solution: just say when is it going to be available!? MSFT does not say 'cause they don't know. If the know, it's really really stupid of them not saying. So one simple advice for MSFT: stop talking, start delivering. Cheers
  • I will treat them with respect... IF THEY RELEASE WINDOWS 10 FOR PHONES! /s
  • Those tweets all sound like non English speaking folks.
  • developers need respect. they are working their ass off to get the best in the market only for us. we have to understand this.  i owe them huge amount of applause and respect for whatever they have done for the mass till date and whatever they are going to do in the future :)
  • If it's hurried, it will be bad, let them have their time Sent Via Windows Central app
  • Today's fast moving technology has created and molded impatient consumers. Sad to say the least. Put down your device and enjoy the simple things in life.... then when you get back to your device, maybe WP10 will be ready. It's just an OS that you will be bored with after 3 months anyway. Move on....
  • Oh quit being little babies!! If we buy there product then we have the right to bitch and complain! Who the hell are you to tell us otherwise? Exactly. Now go jump on a pogo stick!
  • You're preaching to the wrong crowd. This site is frequented by mainly Windows enthusiasts. The kind of people posting disrespectful comments are a different crowd of people. Also, it's the Internet, most people have learned to grow a thick skin!  
  • Well said. The amount of immaturity shown by people has gotten out of hand everywhere over a Pre Beta. It's to the point you can't ask a simple question on any site without it being hijacked by some ignorant troll. Really makes the Windows Phone Community look bad when all anyone reads is negativity.
  • Maybe it's time to disable comments. Rarely does anyone have anything useful to say as is clearly shown here. The overwhelming number of negative responses to this very valid article is proof. That, or it's time to hire some moderators.
  • Yeh we should respect them.. !!
  • Well put. Very well put.  Some people get carried away in their fantasy land and just lose all respect, drunk on keyboard courage...tsk tsk
  • Patience and Respect