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Trekstor bringing its WinPhone 5 to Kickstarter in November

The Trekstor WinPhone 5 was initially spotted in a listing on the German Microsoft Store in September after being on display at IFA 2017. Positioned as a business to business (B2B) device at the time, the WinPhone 5 never actually went on sale, but now it looks like it's headed to Kickstarter.

According to German blog, Trekstor will kick off a Kickstarter campaign on November 1, aiming to crowdfund the WinPhone 5 at a cost of €209. That's for a low-end device with 3GB of RAM, a 1.5GHz 617 processor, and 32GB of storage. The display is a 5-inch 720p panel, and cameras include a 13MP shooter on the rear and a 5MP camera up front.

If all of that looks familiar, it should: those are the same specs included in the WhartonBrooks Cerulean Moment, which also took the crowdfunding route with a doomed Indiegogo campaign earlier in 2017. In all, Trekstor is targeting a goal of €500,000 for the campaign, a target that, while much lower than the million dollars WhartonBrooks was seeking for the Cerulean Moment, is ambitious, to say the least. For context, WhartonBrooks was only able to garner just under $30,000, landing far short of its goal.

Trekstor could very well run a more successful crowdfunding campaign, but with the combination of a device that certainly isn't blowing anyone's socks off in terms of specs in 2017, and Microsoft's waning interest in Windows 10 Mobile, prospects aren't bright. In any case, the campaign will run from November 1 through November 30, so we'll know for sure within a month's time.

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  • Someone didn't get the memo.
  • Probably was busy filing those pesky 'TPS' reports 😶 (office space reference, just in case anyone hasn't watched it). Lol.
  • LOVED that movie....YEAHHHHH,  if you could just release that surface phone......that'd be greaAAAAATTTTT!
  • Yeah, WTF for? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
  • They were too busy reading about Kickstarter...  There's a sucker born every minute.
  • That is like $244 in US dollars. As long as the camera worked (no bugs), I could go for this.
  • You can get a better phone with modern components for $100. This is massively overpriced.
  • If you read the blog post itself, it's clearly vastly inferior to the Lumia 950, which you can *easily* pick up these days for well under $244. Honestly, with Microsoft having *officially* thrown in the towel, it makes zero sense buying one. Many apps are ceasing to function as developers turn off the server end needed to make those apps function. Even some of Microsoft's own apps like Skype don't function correctly, let alone anything close to how slick they used to run a few years back.
  • Yes, and it's sad, because I could argue that WP had the most fluid experience, and it has always been great to use. Just beautiful.... The 1520 was the best overall WP device ever. It had everything.
    But, without proper support from MS, not to mention developers, this makes no sense at all. With WP we had terrific support from Nokia, developer support was increasing at a nice rate everyday, and MS showed at least a moderate amount of interest in the platform. I still love the idea of WP, but having one of the last of the best WP devices I couldn't spend any money on a new one....... Especially not knowing if the ugly ass Spotify app will ever be fixed.
  • had to respond to this -- it's as if microsoft is purposefully pushing users away from wp -- nothing but grief now using skype with dual sims... syncing messages with just a month's history takes >20 seconds if even succeeding. I have a whole new perspective on drinking the ms kool-aid and trialing another one of their forays into the digital oblivion
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  • sniperboywc,  You can pick up a 950/950 xl for 60 bucks more on ebay...and it's a bazillion times better than this trash!
  • I'm lost for words.
  • Did you ever use WP?
  • Best. Response. Ever.
  • That was a serious question. No sarcasm meant.
  • Heh, that makes it even funnier!
  • No need to attack me rodney. I never use BB, android nor iOS. Does that mean anything to you?
    In my hands, I'm holding 950xl and will not change if possible.
    My comment was based on the fact that someone just launch a campaign with exactly the same spec phone that failed miserably last time. It doesn't make business sense. So that's why I'm lost for words.
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  • Come on, Steve and rodney. Make peace ✌
  • Oh.  Listen,  Ananve,  If he makes a valid point,  etc...I am there to say good point...I have no issue with him....but he fanboy's out WAY to much on here.   Anyone says anything either bit critcal of MS or him, he's goes all emoticon on point proven above.   He thinks I do not use windows devices,  etc....I am still using my 950xl in my shop as a photo scanner because the camera is so good.  I make parts for motorcycles, snowmobiles etc...the 950xl works great for a phone for me on the go,  Not so much.  
  • Lol. That's enough, Steve.... Just stop.
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  • It's not about saying negative things about MS.... It's about trolling. I say negative things about MS all the time, but I give credit where credit is due as well. These guys claim to like MS, but all they do is talk about how inferior WP is than iDroid..... Yet, do you see them on any other MS related articles?... 🤔🤔🤔. They're trolls, ananve. They've been trolling WP related articles since 2010. Don't fall for their BS..
    Do you know how to spot a troll? When you say "troll" they will come running like kids after an ice cream truck. And, it's always the same ones.... If you're not a troll, and the comment doesn't pertain to you, then just keep your mouth shut, and move along. It's that simple.... But, a troll like Steve can't keep his mouth shut. That's his problem.
  • You have me mistaken for someone else there butternuts.   I am not a troll.   did you see the awesome links I found regarding the new device?   Trolls won't do that.  USE YOUR HEAD!  Not the emoticon button!   If that is,  in fact the new surface "phone"  I am getting one.   I may still have to use my iphone,  there are just to many apps not in the windows ecosystem that I rely on when I am mobile.  That being said,  if that device I posted,  is,  in fact the new phone,  I WILL OWN ONE.   So...please.  Don't confuse me with your so called definiton of a troll.   I am NOT.   I use an iphone because Microsoft could not and was not interested in providing me with the things I need from my phone.  SIMPLE.  The reason I am in every phone article, comptuer article,  xbox because I LOVE MICROSOFT...I want them IN CONSUMER.....Unlike a few others that post here!  
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  • Poor Trekstor. Does Microsoft even have a dept to sign up OEMs with Windows Mobile firmware for new hardware?
  • probably there's some guy, fired months ago but didnt get the memo yet as he was using a windows phone and MS HR never deployed their app on windows store.
  • Still looking for his red swingline.....keeping with the office space theme.
  • "Waning interest" is an understatement....
  • Why even bother? Hitting half a million in sales will be impossible.
  • Hell,  Wharton Brooks had Jason flying the flag for over a year and they never passed 20k in sales.   
  • Well let’s see... Could the reason Wharton Brooks couldn't take off was because they massively over sold the phone? WB "This is going to be the BEST windows phone, EVER!" Reality, very underwhelming to say the least.
  • No.   The reason Wharton Brooks never sold any phones is because it was a joke from the beginning.  I do not believee for one min they were serious.  I think it was a lets try to "scam" these people out of some money.  Have a look at their website.  it was designed by a 5 year old using a box of crayons.   These people are supposed to be the premier software designers etc they were touting on their page...Yet their page was Something a child could have come up with in 10 seconds with a peice of paper.  
  • While I don't agree with Steve's politics, this post is funny LOL. And true.
  • eryker...Im not an american,  so I am of no political affiliation in the states....I am a judge of people by what they do as a human.  So,  as that,  Donald Trump is a peice of oragne shart.   
  • I don't understand why anyone would do this without any differentiator.
  • If it runs Windows on ARM then it has more chances to be a successful campaign.
  • Huh?
  • Sure it would even have more chance of making pigs fly if this, if that, if other things, but it doesn't. As it pretty clearly states, it is old hardware that's less capable than even the Lumia 950. It's not possible to run Windows on ARM on this older generation of ARM hardware. Even "fetch" had far more chance of happening.
  • Word is that SnapDragon 835 is a minimum.... Windows on ARM will use some Win32 emulation that is baked into the SnapDragon 835. Unless of course, I'm completely mistaken.
  • Windows mobile still has potential, but the specs of this device should be on par with 950xl or Elite x3 for starters. bundle the phone with a lapdock or a continuum tablet device and you could have a decent experience, (price depending). what ever happened to windows mobile powered tablets and laptops anyway? 
  • Continuum isn't decent experience at all. It is dead for a reason.
  • Yeah, tried to use mine with the TV sets in the hotel room and found that they were always 720p, which Continuum couldn't handle.
  • Is it a joke
  • Is it April 1st already? 😶.
    If it does surpass the goal, hopefully Microsoft will support the handsets sold with patches and updates, although I am not holding my breath.
  • Seems timely...
  • Wharton Brooks...
  • 🤔🤔
  • Have a look, Is trekstors address a bestbuy location?  if so,  then Wharton Brooks!  
  • Fail. And why?
  • Rad.
  • I was in Europe last week, and was surprised to see multiple people still using Windows Phones.  Just because Americans gave up on them, doesn't mean there isn't a market for them in Europe.  I could see this working well.
  • Some people might buy it, but with Microsoft admitting the OS is only getting security patches and no new features there is no incentive for anyone new to join the platform. The existing userbase isn't large enough.
  • But, there would be no support.
  • Yes outside America people are still using Windows Phones and still have the apps they need.
  • I am outside of america and NONE of the apps i need are on windows phone.  Some were,  but left.   But,  it's not even close.   As I mentioned before,  You have to be a basement dweller if your windows phone can do everything you need.  If you were actaully out and about,  it would be a totally different story. My 950xl is now a 3d scanner type device now in my custom shop to create parts etc for my clients snowmobiles, motorcycles and atvs.  
  • What do you do with your phone?  90% of my phone use is phone calls, web browser, texting, and email.  All first-party apps included with the base phone.  I've found my old Lumia superior to my current Android phone in these features.
  • Order and pay for my coffee before getting to the shop so I don't have to wait in line,  unlock all hotel doors that unlock with the plastic keys, open the parking garages,  start my car and my rental car, deposit cheques ETC.....again,  when you are using your phone as a truly mobile device,  there are many short comings on windows mobile....that cannot be addressed without Apps.  simple.  
  • I'm sorry, but why? There is no market for this device. While I still prefer the Windows mobile UI over the Android I'm currently using, there isn't much else at this point that Windows mobile has over any other mobile OS. Microsoft was ahead of the curve, but now the competition has caught up.
  • Microsoft was never ahead in mobile, they were always quite far behind. One of the biggest causes of the failure is how far behind they were.
  • You definitely haven't been paying attention. Before Windows 8 and 8 mobile Android an iOS were going for realistic icons, and now they're all simplified like in Windows. Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) was a Windows mobile first with the Lumia 920 (4 years ago), and now all high end phones have it. Face Unlock (not the crappy Android photo version) was a Windows first with the 950 series and the Surface Pro 4. Now 2 years later the iPhone X is getting it and the Galaxy S8 series has it too. Driving Mode was Windows mobile first. The 950 series was practically bezel-lesss 2 years before it was the cool thing to do. Everyone is now copying the Surface line when they were initially laughing at it for 2 years. Yes, Microsoft has dropped the ball with their mobile line, but you can't say they were behind the curve. Apple quoted Wayne Gretzky and said they go to where the puck is going to be and not where it is. Microsoft had the puck, and Apple just caught up with the iPhone X. Yes the iPhone line has sold much better than the Lumias, but the 950 series was released 2 years ago. Samsung and Apple just caught up with the tech that was in the 950 series. It's easy to take jabs at Microsoft, but take an honest look back and try to tell me they didn't push the market forward.
  • They didn't pave the way for anything. None of the technologies you mentioned were Microsoft first. OIS maybe, but that was Nokia, not Microsoft. The 950 has giant bezels. That makes no sense. What phone did you mean? Iris scanning was available on some Chinese phones before the 950 and it is a dumb feature. Android face unlock and now the S8 have proven it a bad experience on it's own. People are going to be disappointed with the iPhone 10 if you have to hold the phone up to your face a certain way for it to work. A finger print sensor is just faster and easier. My S8 is always unlocked before i could even get it in range for the iris scanner. Dumb feature. Google stopped developing it years before the 950 for a reason. Everyone laughed at the Surface RT and they flopped hard for obvious reasons. The Pro line wasn't the first convertible either. Surface didn't really change anything. Windows sales are still dropping and it didn't attract new developers. UWP had flopped. Overall Microsoft was way behind the ball. OIS was the only thing you maybe had right and that was Nokia, not Microsoft. It also isn't enough to make up for all the other ways they were hopelessly behind.
  • I was referring to Windows the OS in my initial comment, so yes Windows mobile the OS had OIS before any other mobile OS. To get the hardware to work you still need the software for it. I'm not saying the 950 series didn't have a forehead and chin. However, you can't argue the bezels were pretty minimal. Its bezels were smaller than the Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6S (released the same year as 950 series). Please share a link to the Chinese phones that did face unlock via infrared scanning and not comparing a photo to a photo on storage. I would be interested in checking out that device. The Android face unlock via the photo method was and still is a joke. The new version in the S8 uses infrared scanning. The iPhone X essentially has a micro Kinect in the notch. Apple bought the team behind the Kinect hardware 4 years ago to create their version of face unlock and animojis. I have moved to an S8+ because my 950XL shattered, and the infrared face unlock works better than it did on the 950XL. Grated it is 2 years later and hopefully newer hardware. When I lift my S8+ off the Nokia Qi charger the screen turns on and unlocks before I can get my finger in position, and yes I have large hands/no issues reaching the sensor.  Cherry picking with the Surface RT are we? They laughed at the Surface Pro 1 and 2 as well. Pro 3 is when Microsoft finally hit their stride with the product line. The Surface line and cloud services are what is keeping Microsoft afloat these days. I'm not saying the Surface line was the first convertable, but it is the first one people actually wanted to use. Those screens that swivled on a center axis and folded down were a joke. I felt bad when I sold someone a laptop convertable when I worked retail. Thankfully it wasn't too often.  
  • microsoft was always ahead of the curve. wm had continuum like technology way before android was even born. and they had smart watches in ******* 1995 and tablets since early 90's. remember windows for pen computing. so troll anywhere else.
  • LMAO Kickstarter... Already doomed before being doomed with Window Mobiles.  LMAO at anyone who backs this.
  • Just wait for it, when they start campaign with cshell... :)
  • Lmao
  • WTF?
  • Think MS would allow others to develop this OS?  Like donate it?  Maybe without MS it might have more cachet?  
  • Oh, look it is the Cerulean Moment...
  • Which looks like another phone...because it was....Just a rebranded chinese phone...Don't act like you did anything special Mistagreg.
  • I admire the optimism, but I thought April Fool's was in April, not October or November.
  • Is this a joke?
  • It looks so much like the Cerulean Moment (OMFG, WTF was that name???) and look at that writing and warning crap on the bottom of the back of the phone? What were they thinking?
  • for what !!!! oh sorry for unsupported windows 10 mobile
  • Love the fangirl downvotes....waaaaahhhh crybabies!
  • I think that only a high-end, flagship phone is going to garner any interest in the crowd-funding space and there just aren't enough Windows phone enthusiasts left to make that feasible either. I might have been interested in such a phone a while back but, after Joe Belfiore's recent remarks, I've decided to jump to Android with an LG V30+, due in Australia this month. I'd been saying for a while that I'd stick with Windows as long as it could do what I needed but assumed that a move to Android at some point was all but inevitable. I've bee having issues with the wireless hotspot on my 950 XL recently, even after resetting and not rejoining the Insider Fast ring, so it needs to be replaced with something that I can reliably tether my Surface Pro to while commuting. Sad day but I knew it was coming.
  • :))) no another Cerulean like crap attempt. who on earth would pay for another device on a DEAD OS??
  • i don't get why there is so much windows phone haters here, oh nvm alot of people here use android clearly and they just wanna hate on windows mobile and call it a dead os even though android users are basically using older versions of  android in most case scenerios which is basically an old version that can be called as dead and not supported anymore... what else ? wheres that snarky logic now ?, windows mobile still gets security updates and app updates FYI . "lets buy that new razor phone cause you know what comes with an year old android version" good one ..another old version on a new device, you should take your salt in little doses without throwing all around , specially in places where it doesn't concern you..
  • Oh my gosh : ) Windows mobile haters are on fire today, whats the matter, not enough live tiles in your life ? i get it. you just don't have a life to bother with that some of you had to just come here and talk a bout a "dead os" or platform that doesn't concern you when you should be bothering about that old and unsupported android version you're using .. yet again razor is a good example of why devices that come with android will forever be out of official support.