The popular knowledge game Trivia Crack just received an update today on Windows Phone to version That may not sound like a big update but according to reports coming in there are a lot of new features.

Also, maybe we missed it but Trivia Crack is also now playable on Windows desktop as a proper Store app. It's not quite a true Windows 10 app as this runs on Windows Phone 8.1 too, but it certainly shares the same code base. Now you can enjoy challenging your friends on your Surface, laptop, and phone.

One report from a user claims that the new version for phone supports "messaging, achievements, ranking, etc." and in fact, we see this under the left hamburger menu for both phone and PC.

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Trivia Crack came to Windows Phone nearly just over a year ago. While the game was functional, it did lack many of those features mentioned above. Those features were available on iOS and Android, so it is nice to see them finally trickle over. Not only that but being able to play on our 32-inch 4K monitor is pretty swell too.

Grab the update for phone or PC and let us know what you think.

Thanks, Theodore L. and Suhasa S., for the tips!

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