TrueCaller update adds Persian language support, blocks installing to SD cards

Following its big update to 5.0 earlier this week, TrueCaller has picked up another that brings Persian language support and blocks installing the app to an SD card, along with the usual helping of bug fixes.

Here's what's new in TrueCaller version 5.0.2:

  • Added Persian language
  • Fix to block installing on SD-card since that will cause Caller ID not to work (system limitations)
  • Small Bug fixes

Earlier this week, TrueCaller was bumped up to version 5.0 in a massive update that brought real-time spam detection, an improved caller ID, Live Tile notifications, and much more. While today's update may seem relatively minor in comparison, it's nice to see a whole new language being added in the wake of such a large update. If you'd like to snag the latest version of TrueCaller, you can do so from the store link below.

Thanks to everyone for the tips!

Download Truecaller from the Windows Phone Store (free)

QR: Truecaller

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  • Which they would make it work with the Nokia Lumia icon
  • Or non Lumia devices.
  • I had an HTC 8X that would tell me when I had a spam call come through on the older version. I think this is like everything else where the carrier can block useful stuff.
  • I have an att m8 for windows and my phone wont tell me where or who the number is. Sad times.
  • I love HTC, have a M8 droid, and REALLY wanted to get the WP version until I found out what you said, and you can't just block numbers like you can on other phones. I think it's one of the most used features of phones now and should be included.
  • I've never blocked a number. I just want to know where the number is from lol
  • I've heard that it doesn't support it because verizon is blocking that functionality. I'm kind of saddened
  • Anybody know if TMoUS is blocking it? Won't work on my Lumia 925..
  • Since the win10 tp update, Truecaller no longer works on my device...
  • Like most apps that a linking into the system.who would have expected thst
  • So why are these apps being prevented from installing to SD card. It seems like I constantly getting apps that are changing.
  • They disabled installing to the SD card because it wouldn't function properly unless it was on the device itself.
  • I guess that is his question. Why do they not function well enough. Cant be the access speed
  • Limitations of the Windows Phone 8.1 API prevent it from handling Caller ID from the SD Card. It must reside in phone memory.
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  • I'm Persian I'm happy for seeing these comments :)
  • Do they sell high end devices in Persia❓
  • Yes. I currently have a Lumia 1520.
  • Cool. Me too... How do you feel about the next 1520 being smaller than 6"❓ I'm not too excited about it at all.:-\:-\:-\:-\:-\
  • 5.7" to 6" isn't bad BUT i want following specs: Snapdragon 820, 4K Super AMOLED screent 4Gb of Ram, 32Gb internal storage with SD Slot, 25Mp rear and 8Mp front cam, 4A non removable battery (phones with non removable batteries looks better.), Sense ID and Retina scanner, N-Trig Pen,
  • Perfection
  • Lol.
  • Retry it if you installed to SD, it may work when not on SD.
  • Still asks to click in discovery on numbers you already have.
  • Nice, Its first time I see a topic with 'Persian' word in it :D
  • This is the first time I visit a Persian in Windows Central.
    Glad to see you Farshad.
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  • I paid a lot for my htc one and with the lackof w10 tp support and lumia-exclusive featues it feels moe like flagship hadware and nothing else moe by the day.
  • Doesn't this app know my phone number and the phone calls I receive?
  • Reviews in store are pretty bad
  • Windows phone community is really aggressive if compared with other communities.
  • Must be much older reviews from when Truecaller didn't have Caller ID. Look at "most recent" reviews.
  • I'm AsLaNoV in the store comments :D
  • And by the way, the app on my 520 still not working like they say
    So I'm not changing my review for now
  • Watching a Persian vampire movie right now. Installed this app and waiting to see how it treats the spam calls.
  • Now it truly works....I've tried it out and it did really worked
  • The app still has a bug, i cant get it to install on my 925 and i had it before. mayne 
  • Same here can't able to install on L620 showing error (Attention Required) at last moment of installation
  • Won't work on windows phone 10 preview.
  • Whenever I am downloading this app from Version 5.0 it always show error while installing at last moment. Even I downloaded truecaller.appx and tried to install manually, even that time it show error on last moment of installation process. Is there anyone facing same problem :'(
  • Won't work on windows phone 10
  • But I am on Lumia Denim
  • same problem here on my l520.... tried almost 10 times...
  • wp10 problems and crashes (ye know test sys)
  • Not able to download
  • Great app, works like magic here in Sweden.
  • Thank you For Supporting Persian ;) good app
  • 80073cf6 error while installing.... someone plz help... on my l520
  • Not able to download..
    N the star sports app is also showing some error while downloading.....