Tumblast for Windows 10 is great for zoning out on Tumblr

The Microsoft Store has a long history of solid third-party clients filling the app gap. Tumblast is another one of these excellent third-party apps that allows Windows 10 owners to view Tumblr. It also includes some handy features that make sharing and saving content easier than using Tumblr in a browser.

The app is available for free on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

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Enhancing Tumblr

Tumblast does a good job of presenting Tumblr's content within an app framework. You can browse through accounts you follow as well as trending topics on the day. It supports multiple windows, Live Tiles, and easy access to the most popular photos and videos of the day. You can also view live videos and search your favorite content. These are relatively standard features for a third-party app, if they weren't there it wouldn't really be worth using. Where Tumblast stands out, however is the features that it adds that enhance the Tumblr experience.

Some of these features include locking the app with a PIN, support for multiple accounts, and a very impressive set of GIF features that we break down later in this review. The app also shines more on mobile where using sites like Tumblr can be awkward.

GIFs! Glorious GIFs!

One of the best aspects of social media is the prevalence of GIFs. Tumblast is an incredibly GIF-friendly app with multiple ways to record GIFs, save them, and share them. You can record GIFs from your webcam and create a GIF from your locally stored MP4 videos. If you see a GIF in the app that you like you can alsure convert an animated GIF into an MP4 file.

Using a third party client such as Tumblast is only worth it if it provides a better experience than the web version or includes features that the web doesn't. The impressive GIF support for creating, sharing, and saving content is a reason by itself to use Tumblast over viewing Tumblr on the web. The web obviously supports GIFs but the built in conversion tools of Tumblast make uploading content smoother and simpler.

Overall thoughts

Tumblast is a solid client for Tumblr that makes it easier to share and save content. The design isn't perfect, for example some sections require horizontal scrolling while others take vertical, but it is functional. The app is especially useful if you regularly take part in sharing or viewing GIFs.


  • Lots of gif options.
  • Nice shortcuts that enhance Tumblr.
  • Free.


  • Doesn't scale well on larger screens.
  • Scrolling switches between vertical and horizantal depending on section you're in.

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