TuneIn Radio apparently working on a Universal App for Windows 10

TuneIn Radio is one of those apps that you can love and loathe in equal measures. The apparent lack of interest in its Windows Phone app in recent times hasn't gone unnoticed, while the Xbox One received a pretty nice, new app not too long ago.

The love might be about to come rushing back though as TuneIn is apparently working on a Universal App for Windows 10

The news comes via the official Twitter channel for TuneIn Radio. In a brief exchange with one user, TuneIn declared that there will be a new app coming this fall.

"@izangc Hi Izan, we don't yet have a release date, but we will have a Windows 10 app available this fall."

With a follow up Tweet confirming it will be Universal.

We'll hold off throwing a party just yet, because until we see the app it's still another "coming soon" story. However, fall would suggest soon, though we may also be waiting until the public launch of Windows 10 Mobile. And we're expecting to hear more about that on October 6 in New York City.

Source: @TuneIn via WMPU

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • Wow...maybe universal apps will salvage things! Great news
  • The number of big apps leaving is still > than the number of big apps coming. But there's a tiny glimmer of hope. When BoA and Chase return, then the OS is 'alive.' As long as they don't, the platform must be consigned to irrelevancy.
  • Ally bank just hit 1 million customers. Wells Fargo app is great. Bofa and chase are garbage. I hope they fail.
  • Yayyyy ahhhh app parity at last universal apps woooo like everyone else did with their ecosystems long ago. This brings an end to bone headed leadership from Balmer and will hopefully turn over a new leaf for MS and it's users "I'm so excited I just can't hide it imma about to lost control and I think I like it!" something like that. ^^
  • Worldspy99 turned me onto Ally Bank.  Great service and really nice Windows Phone app.
  • Those two banks define the entire eco system?   Wow.  I guess everybody in the world must bank with those guys.  Move over Facebook and Twitter.  We can live without you, but not without BoA and Chase.
  • I think it's fair to say those two banks define the entire ecosystem.  Absolutely.  Together, they represent most American's checking accounts.  America is WP's largest and home market.  If two such gigantic banks can't be bothered to even maintain their existing apps, then there simply isn't an ecosystem. And as to Facebook and Twitter...well, there isn't even a first-party Facebook app on WP and the Twitter app we have is literally years behind where the platform is today. So...yeah...WP is dead.  MS will be essentially starting from zero with W10M.  Maybe, actually, worse than zero since they've actually spent the last few years burning their supporters by systematically removing everything that made WP interesting a unique while adding mostly worthless spyware like Cortana.  Sure, it's kinda cool, but it's also available on Android, so...
  • You do realize that most of the world does not live in America, right?
  • But if you leave now, that glimmer becomes a beacon.
  • "the number of big apps leaving > big apps coming" Do you have, like, any source for this info? I'm calling BS on this one here. You've listed two apps that left months ago while I can name 10 big ones that have come within the same time period.
  • I'm a Windows Phone user.  That's my source.
  • Wow this is indeed good news
  • They were the first for windows 8 app, so this comes across as no surprise
  • That app is in dire need of a massive update.
  • Could be a great app, if it didn't always say unable to connect.
  • The service behind it is solid, though. I'm using it right now on my Sonos. But yes, the app is something of a low point. Fingers crossed they can bring it back with a brand new Universal App!
  • I have no problem with streaming on my L930 (3g, 4g)
  • Never had that issue, but it is always buffering. Definitely gets annoying. Thought it was my wifi and cell connections, but I see that others have the issue too.
  • Mine works pretty good. It really depends on the station. My crapdroid works about the same.
  • All I use mine for is to listen to Seattle Sounders matches, but it always works perfectly on my L928.
  • I listen to kxl on tune in which works pretty well for the most part.
  • I hope they don't change the UI
  • I have uninstalled and installed this apps several times. When it works its the best around but whenever It says cannot connect at the moment be sure it ain't gonna work ever again. But then again there ain't a lot of good apps for online music in India at least (I.e. Before Saavn was released)
  • Wonderful news if carried out. I now await TuneIns inclusion in Tmobile music freedom program.
  • One app to rule them all. Pick the most feature-rich version out of all the Windows platforms and make that the universal one. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I used to use this app on my BlackBerry
  • Great news!
  • Fuck you is what i would say for now but lets see if they make it like it is on android then i will think about installing it.
  • I've been waiting for an update for months. This is indeed great news for me. :)
  • I would love this app even more if it wasnt either continually buffering or unable to connect on both LTE and home WiFi (and no my home WiFi is not the issue). As such, I have had it uninstalled for months now and switched to MixRadio even though thats a shitty app but at least it works. I tried Rdio but the quality on the free account sounds like shit and always seems to have a static noise in the background. No its not my phone with the issue as local music or streaming from OneDrive is immaculate (when thats not borked either I might add)
  • We need a like button
  • I hope they make it reliable and on parity with other platforms.
  • All I can say is, it is about time.
  • The current Windows desktop version sucks! Glad an update is coming.
  • Buffering/connection issues with this app forced me to look for alternatives and I found myTuner Radio Pro to be more dependable. Will take a test drive when the universal app arrives.
  • Love the service, but not a big fan of their Windows 8 app. I look forward to seeing if this one's any better.
  • t app is terrible for 8.1. It rarely works and there is almost always a codec is or treaming failure.
  • I do use it and I get lots of codec or stream decoding error. Hope it's good when it comes as universal. It should be good if they want people using this on PC, there are lots of alternatives there and working to make it universal could mean there are chances it'll be or par with the other platforms
  • Wow. Pretty surprised great to hear. I thought I would read they're pulling the app.
  • Good news.
  • I running windows 10 on Lumia 635 and using tune in got no issues with it.am using it now and Bluetooth with no lag.
  • I personally love Tunein radio. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What happen to win10 MixRadio?
  • I used to have TuneIn but now I’m using myTuner Radio. It's awesome. Plus, their support team told me they were working on a windows 10 app which is great! :)