TuneIn Radio returns to Windows 10 Mobile after taking hiatus to fix issues

For those who use TuneIn Radio on the phone, the last few months have been a rollercoaster ride. First the app is coming, then it comes out in December, then it disappears, and now it is back again.

As it turns out, the developer hired by TuneIn Radio had some issues with the Windows 10 Mobile version of the app. So much so that the app was temporarily pulled until streaming errors and performance issues could be resolved.

In an email response from TuneIn Radio customer service about the missing app, the team responded:

" The Windows 10 OS was just recently released to a limited number of users. With this release, we're still working to optimize the app for the new mobile experience. We appreciate your patience as we work toward creating the best possible app for our users. Rest assured that this issue has already been properly addressed and finishing the final touches for the updates. We appreciate your patience in this issue."

Evidently, that day is upon us as starting on Friday the app was made available again for Windows 10 Mobile users.

Loading version 3.0.1715 of the app is certainly much faster for response time and in fact, at least on our Lumia 950, the app now feels zippy. We also had no issues in streaming media, which, after all, is the point of the app.

Anyway, if you lost the app and were unable to download it over the last few weeks you can now cross that off your bucket list.

Check out TuneIn from the Windows Store (Free)

Check out TuneIn Premium ($7.99 a month)

Thanks, Chris F., for the email and others for the tips

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Daniel Rubino

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  • Woo!
  • I've had it the whole time and used it quite a bit. It used to crash quite a bit while navigating but it seems fixed now. Works great, just wish there was a paid version without ads.
  • Yeah, the ads are rather garish.
  • I hate ads, so..... delete. Greetings from The Netherlands.
  • There is, or was- on Android. I use it every day. but GTFO for premium radio. If they simply extend the paid features to windows 10 (universal app) then I would buy it again. BTW, paid is just no ads and rewind for what you are lisinng to.
  • I think there's paid premium version, check it out Sent from windows 10 mobile
  • Doesn't work on my 950xl running 10586.164. All that shows are the upper menu, the adverts at the bottom and the spinning loading icon.
    I've uninstalled and reinstalled but it doesn't help.
    Hoping for an update soon.
  • Same problem here, blank screen with a loading circle in the middle and ads in the bottom. Also checked my PC version app and have the same behavior after this update
  • Yes, I'm having the saving problem on my 950 (and on PC). I've heard from a few others who are having the same problem.
  • Works on my 950
  • Try this:  Close it by switching to multitasking view and swiping it away.  Then deactivate WiFi.  Then relauch and make it work over cellular.  Then reactivate WiFi This usually works for me (sometimes I have to do this twice).
  • Works well on L930
  • Just as a reference point, it works fine on WP 8.1.
  • Ya blank screen on my 950xl, nothing loading.
  • Is this better than My Tuner Radio Pro?
  • Does work on lumia 950xl, feels a lot better, feels like win10 app ☺. Since those ups and downs, mytunerpro took its place( just worked pc n mobile), tunedin looks better now tho
  • Doesn't work on Lumia 950 & doesn't work on PC. Posted from Lumia 950 DS
    Madrid ES.
  • Still has issues on my 950xl on the fast ring. It periodically stops the live radio steam. Sometimes when it drops the stream it removes the station from the favorites list and I have to go back and manually find the station again. This behavior has been happening for the past few months and unfortunately the last update doesn't seem to have fixed it.
  • Yay more & more keep it up !!!
  • My experience with recent incarnations of TuneIn Radio has not been good. When it was first released the interface was intuitive, clean and easy on the eyes. It seems like about the time that all mobile os's went with "material design" that product went to ****.
  • New one lacks charm! some options were removed now ( v.3.0.1715.0), I couldn't find streaming quality, Auto restart player, etc. under SETTINGS!!  :(  This is on at&t Lumia 640 LTE though.
  • Works great on the L635 (512MB) WIN10 Build 10586.107. Also working on the SP3. What other phone would you be using beside the L640?.... I'm just sayin...
  • Sadly still on both Desktop and Lumia 950 XL still have stability issues.
  • Doesn't work on my Lumia 930 or my Surface 3. Just the top navigation bar, ad at the bottom and the loading icon. The Windows and WP8.1 version just worked.
  • mine as well, all my devices stop to work. i assume they block my location, since i am from Canada.
  • Oddly though the Windows and Windows Phone 8.1 versions worked for me
  • Finally at 950!! Sent from my Lumia 950
  • Finally! Was missing this app after I upgraded my L920 to Windows 10!
  • Yippee!!!! It works!
  • Great. My favorite daytime app is back. I have to admit, it was garbage for a while.  Tomorrow morning, I get to bump this app again.  Thanks devs.
  • Another prayer answered! It's working great on my L1520 (fast ring). It is much faster than I remember. I wished it had a translucent tile.
  • it dosn't work , neither on my surface pro. seems like they block Canada to access it now.
  • Is there a way to access Tunein Premium from the mobile app? I hope I'm just missing something since I canceled my subscription, I'd re-subscribe in a second if it worked in this version! It is nice that the Win 10 version works on my 950 now as well as my 1520 but there wasn't any real downside to the old version on the 950 if neither supports Premium
  • This is great news! For me, this is an essential app, something i used daily at work for podcasts, Bubba The Love Sponge stations and local radio. Works pretty well on my 640, fast enough. Still no ability to comment on the stream like the Android version which could be fun, esp during the crazy moments on BTLS. Hopefully well see that at some point. Also no ability to reposition favorites in your cue, a little annoying but very much welcome back! Almost makes me not care that there still is not an official SiriusXM app, as the content availabile with a little searching is on par if not superior to that pay service.
  • Used to be my most used app on android few year ago...good come back on windows but I will wait for ad-free paid version.
  • Working fine on Lumia 830 W10M :)
  • Where's the Sleep Timer? Please don't tell me the W10M version doesn't have that any more....
  • It lacks basic features such as sleep timer. I switched to rad.io a few weeks back and I like it more than TuneIn right now. Also, TuneIn has no Premium version.
  • After many crashes of old version TuneIn and no updates for many months, i currently use SHOUTcaster (simple stream player without ads). In TuneIn i miss feature of addíng own ip/streams to playlist
  • Thanks for the update . Just installed on new .164 build, works great. Bluetooth playback working without a hitch. Pause and play work no problem. Glad
  • Thanks, great work! No problems on 950XL/14295.1000, with or without Continuum setup.
  • Happy for apps, but those colors are second only to Yik yaks' hideous sea-green colors IMO.
  • Need sleep timer before it becomes useful again.