TuneIn to stream live NHL pro hockey games for free starting January 1

The TuneIn streaming radio service has scored another deal with a big sports organization, the National Hockey League. Starting on January 1, the free version of TuneIn will provide broadcasts of 1,230 regular NHL season game broadcasts. It will also stream all of the league's playoff games, including the Stanley Cup Finals.

According to the company:

TuneIn will kick off its NHL events coverage on January 1st with the 2016 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic live from Gillette Stadium in Foxborough with the Original Six rivalry between the Montreal Canadiens and the Boston Bruins. NHL fans can also listen to special coverage of the 2016 All-Star Game in Nashville and the Coors Light Stadium Series.

Here's some of the other NHL content that will be available via TuneIn:

  • On-Demand Content – Users will be able to listen to replays of every single in-season NHL game on-demand if they can't catch the live broadcasts.
  • 24/7 Hockey Channel – TuneIn will have a live 24/7 channel where users can listen to live and recorded hockey audio.
  • 24/7 Team Channels – All 30 NHL teams will have a team specific radio station that will give fans access to daily recaps, analysis, press conferences, replays of historic games and other action-packed team content.
  • NHL.com – Starting January 2016, TuneIn's player will also be embedded on NHL.com making it easier for fans to listen to their favorite NHL content straight from the NHL's homepage.

Download TuneIn Radio from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • Love this app
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  • Pulled
  • It's in the store now.
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  • Working just fine on my 950XL. I was surprised to see I already had it installed though. Don't remember downloading this before. Did it come preinstalled on the 950 XL?
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  • Awesome... now, if only it was available for my Win10mob Lumia 830. Says it's not compatible with my device.
  • They told me they haven't published the phone version yet, despite the fact they did then pulled it. I sure hope they hurry up though and sorry things out.
  • It's in the store now and seems to be working just fine.
  • It may be for you. But not most. It lists as incompatible for almost everyone.
  • Actually, mine was already installed though I have no idea when I installed it.  I must have an older version.
  • Nor the 930 w10
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  • Not compactible with my Lumia 830
  • Not compatible with 920. Hmm, sounds like the app was pulled.
  • Yes, the app was pulled for Windows 10 mobile devices.  It's still available for PCs and for WP8 devices.  Windows 10 mobile users, however, are out of luck.
  • The app is in the store now and working just fine.
  • Screenshot or it didn't happen
  • Ya, like I'm going to put in that much effort to prove I'm not lying.  Nice try.  
  • This is awesome. If only the other leagues did this.
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  • When will be a version like the Android one that can even records your shows also would be very nice that the NHL release an app for windows because they have none
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