Turn-based, survival-management sim Sheltered 2 launches today on PC

Sheltered 2
Sheltered 2 (Image credit: Team17)

What you need to know

  • Sheltered 2 is a survival management simulator developed by Unicube and published by Team17.
  • It is now available for purchase, and Team17 has uploaded a launch trailer to commemorate its release.
  • The sequel features a number of new additions, including a new 3D art style.

Sheltered 2 is a sequel to Sheltered, the survival management simulator from 2015, and it's hitting Steam today. Developed by Unicube and published by Team17, this game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has been pushed to the brink of extinction. Your goal is to take control of a group of survivors and help them overcome all the dangerous challenges this ruined world has to offer.

To survive in Sheltered 2, you will need to scavenge the remnants of civilization for supplies to keep your survivors in good health and tools to maintain the stability of your shelters. You can also reach out to other groups of survivors and form friendly relations with them to trade resources or murder them in turn-based battles and loot their bodies and homes. Whatever method it takes to guarantee your colony's safety is up to you.

To celebrate the launch, Team17 has released a launch trailer to celebrate this event and show off gameplay which expands upon the gameplay mechanics of the original Sheltered. These features include a new 3D art style that gives the character designs extra detail while remaining stylized, and a revamped combat system that allows you to build parties up to four survivors and target specific enemy body parts to deal maximum damage.

You can also customize your survivors with unique traits, skills, and personality quirks to allow them to perform special actions both in and out of battle. One such example is appointing one of your survivors to become a Faction Leader, which is a completely new mechanic the original Sheltered didn't have. The Faction Leader will be critical to your group's longevity in the wasteland since they possess extremely potent and powerful traits that no other survivor has. However, if they die, it's game over so it is imperative you keep them alive at all costs.

The original Sheltered is considered a cult hit within the survival management genre for its emotionally stirring gameplay where you had to make morally difficult decisions to save your survivors. Will Sheltered 2's gameplay be just as impactful and become one of the best survival games on PC? Grab a copy today on Steam and decide for yourself.

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