Turn your Touch Pro or Diamond into a Logitech MX Air

We're used to some incredible work coming out of the XDA Developers forum, but this is all kinds of crazy.

Member marbalon has worked up an app called GRemote, which essentially turns your HTC Touch Pro or Touch Diamond into an uber-expensive Logitech MX Air Mouse, seen above.

Not familiar with the MX Air? Think computer mouse that you wave in the air to control the pointer.

Marbalon has rigged up this little gem to do the same for your computer, complete with scroll wheel, using your phone's built-in accelerometer.

Why call it GRemote and not just GMouse (despite the picture to the contrary)? marbalon hopes to add the following features:

  • Touchpad for devices without GSenor.
  • Keyboard.
  • GMedia, an applet to control media apps such as Winamp, etc.
  • Game controler.
  • GRemoteServer for Windows and Linux.

It shouldn't take a Ph.D. to get this running on your rig, but it will take a little networking know-how. So be sure to read through the thread first. Then get your download on, and get to waving your arms like a madman.

And bravo, marbalon, bravo.

WC Staff