Turn your Xbox One into a fireplace, snowy forest or beach front for the festive season

If you fire up your Xbox One right about now you should be seeing an icon on the dashboard to turn your console into a roaring fireplace for the festive season. Or a snowy forest. Or a beach front with rippling water. Microsoft has added the trio of ambient themes to the console for you to use at your leisure. Or if you don't have a real fireplace.

It's not the first and only place Microsoft has done this either. The Bing homepage can also be turned into a flickering fire to brighten up your seasonal searching.

Happy holidays!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

Richard Devine is a Managing Editor at Windows Central with over a decade of experience. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently, you'll find him steering the site's coverage of all manner of PC hardware and reviews. Find him on Mastodon at mstdn.social/@richdevine

  • Nice!
  • Beach not available in the UK.
  • Except it clearly is because I can see it. Unless you mean an actual beach. Then you're more correct ;-)
  • Enjoying a nice toasty fire as we speak. Probably going to go to the beach soon.
  • Xbox 360?
  • Yeah, wondering the same
  • :'(
  • Nah, i got HTPC under my tv (AFAIR its edition of windows is far pricier than xbox1's, not to mention hardware), but seems like there no way to get this from Microsoft to the screen other than heading to bing page and changing region to US. I wonder why not simply a screensaver? Or Vista-like live desktop if they really want this done ass backwards.
  • Will have to have a look at this, thanks!
    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone :)
  • Nice
  • Can't find it!
  • Me either.
  • I can't either... must be a time zone thing....
  • Same.
  • Probably like on Bing, U.S exclusive?
  • No, as with a comment below, I'm in the UK so it's not a U.S. exclusive. Neither is the Bing thing, because I wrote that too.
  • This is amazing.. Thank you, Microsoft.
  • Seen it listed under "Featured" after I logged in... Pretty neat!
  • I hope this is something we can keep! I love this!
  • Yeah, they should just make this a free Xbox One app. Why not?
  • But not 360, can't do it.
  • Merry Christmas guys!
  • Sam❓
  • boot straight to beach option? ;)
  • This is awesome
  • Well look at that! Is US only again! Why do I still stuck whit this bullshit
  • Two things: (1) I'm in the US and do not see this yet (2) Richard, who wrote this and took the photo, is in the UK So you may want to rethink your comment...
  • Well, I may have been overreacting but it is still true that we who don't live in Us or Uk don't get so much:/
  • True!
  • Maybe you should stick with a UK based smartphone/OS... oh wait... nevermind.
  • Your comment doesn't support the windows platform growing.....
  • Lol. True. Make a video game console and your country can have things first.
  • Saw it under featured also. Nice
  • I'm on Xbox Dashboard preview in US and does not show
  • You only get it if you're on the Nice list. Sorry. Next year, maybe?
  • That logic doesn't apply. I appreciate your honor but as I am a Jehovah's Witness, I do not celebrate :).
  • Santa Clause judges everyone. Don't you watch Futurama? Must be why you're on the naughty list.
  • Personally I choose not to watch insecure dull shows :). I appreciate your asking though my friend.
  • Is it typical for a Jehovah's Witness to tear somebody down while they smile to your face?  oh, and by the way...have a nice day.
  • No, its just my personality haha. Im joking with ya guys. I am JW, but I was kidding xD. You too though my friend!
  • In Ireland and nothing
  • It is available in the UK, I've got the roaring fire on my tv as I type. Merry Christmas.
  • If only I could do this with my 1520. It's big enough, right?
  • Don't see it in Canada on my Xbox one
  • Shame you cant set it as your background. And it is available in the U.K.
  • This is available in the U.S. now under featured.
  • Cool
  • Love it i am so glad i got an Xbox one
  • It clearly says Xbox One, people. Read the title before you ask if it's on 360
  • Is it US only? Should also be in the article. Like the other day an article said virgin mobile but didn't specify which virgin mobile country. Half of all comments are usually like this on WPCentral. I think the authors need to start being more specific
  • Why would I be specific and say it's U.S. only? I'm British. It's just a cool little thing on the Xbox One. Microsoft didn't put out a press release listing each and every country in the world that can see it. Maybe they only did this in countries that generally celebrate Christmas? Who knows. It isn't U.S. only. If something is relevant to a specific country, it usually gets mentioned. As for your Virgin Mobile comment, here's a hint. If the currency is $, it's probably U.S.
  • Reading is hard.
  • Not seeing this in Mexico, either...
  • Awesome!
  • US available under featured. I prefer having a babe with that beach :D
  • No. The author lives in uk.
  • Yeah so? Im using the fireplace on my US dashboard thats available under Featured.
  • LOL I went to YouTube on my Xbox during my Ugly/Tacky Sweater Party and we put on a Yule log video for the duration. I wish in had seen this though!
  • I hope they make this a permanent feature.
  • I'm really digging the beach. Hopefully this stays around so I can enjoy the winter stroll when it's 93°F in the summer.
  • I would use this all year round
  • Nothing for windows phone?
  • Should make it a permanent feature.
  • I'm sure I saw my cousins xbox 360 have this early this year, but I cant find how he did it.
  • Where can I find those Sweeties??? (Xbox One, Germany)
  • Where do you find it?? Cant see it?!
  • I can't see it either.....
  • Typical not available in the UK!