Tweet It! gets multiple account support, location aware notifications and more in latest update

We all have our favorite Twitter apps on Windows Phone. Mine is Tweet It!

Sure, the official Twitter app is a looker but if you need something with a little more power, you turn to third-party apps to deliver. Tweet It! is that app for me because not only does it look great, but it has some unique and clever features that no other Twitter app can boast. In fact, I’m always calling it ‘clever’ and version is no different.

So what’s so cool about Tweet It! that has me using all of these descriptors? Head past the break to see what’s new.

Multiple account support

Finally, Tweet It! catches up with other clients by offering multiple accounts. This was one feature that kept me from using it all the time. Now with version 7.0.2, you can add multiple accounts and quickly toggle between them.

What’s more, you can set a default account as active when closing and have the app auto-update when switching to the secondary account. That’s quite handy. There’s no limit on the amount of accounts either. Drafts are also now optimized for multiple accounts with this version.

Multi-select Tweets

You can now multi-select Tweets to respond to or save to Pocket (“read it later”). That’s actually super cool as you can go down the list, check off Tweets and when you hit the reply button, it will populate it with their Twitter names. The built in Pocket support is also made much more powerful now with this feature and we haven’t seen this ability on any other Twitter app (though maybe we missed it).

Geo-aware Toast notifications

Toast notifications for Twitter is awesome. What’s not awesome is getting them when you are home and in front of a computer. It’s redundant and it could be annoying. With Tweet It! version 7.0.2, you can choose your home location on a map and Toasts will only come through when you’re away from that spot.

How cool is that? Once again, I'm going to use that word: clever.

Bug fixes and Windows Phone 7

Pull to refresh finally (finally!) works correctly now. The app is also a little more polished in terms of speed and responsiveness. In addition, the Windows Phone 7.x version is being reviewed for Store approval and it will be a free app. Stay tuned.

Editor’s Choice

Tweet It! is just a fun app. But more than that, it’s powerful. If you follow me on Twitter (@daniel_rubino) you may notice I occasionally Tweet out songs when at the gym. To do that, I use Tweet It!, which pulls down the album art and attaches it as an image in addition to artist info. It’s just one of those little things I like about the app.

Other things I like include the image attachment UX, the photo editor, filters, gesture support and the ability to hide the application bar when scrolling. It’s a lot of little things that make it fantastic and unique. (Watch my video above from the last major update a few weeks ago).

It’s a neat little app with features I haven’t seen on other Twitter clients. That’s not to say those other clients aren’t phenomenal—they are. But this is my go to app and retains my Editor’s Choice designation.

Pick up Tweet It! version 7.0.2 here in the Store – $2.99 – Free Trial – Windows Phone 8 only 

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Daniel Rubino

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