Tweet It! for Windows 10 adds Tweet Marker syncing and Pocket integration

Windows 10 Twitter app Tweet It! has received a major update for its PC version, adding some new features and fixes. While the headline additions are Tweet Marker syncing support and Pocket integration, Tweet It! 2.5 also adds a number of capabilities that may seem small individually, but add up to a better overall experience.

Here's what you'll get on you PC with Tweet It! 2.5:

  • Added Tweet Marker support
  • Added Pocket integration
  • Huge performance improvements
  • Filtered tweets are now will be totally hidden
  • Updated settings UI
  • Ability to hide inline media
  • Ability to choose UI language
  • Ability to choose translator language
  • Abitility to switch off notifications for each account on a device
  • Fixed bug with fake notification about new message
  • Ability to delete direct messages
  • Built-in web browser
  • Fixed bug when drafts are not saving properly
  • Full screen support (press F11 to toggle)
  • Improved performance of additional columns
  • Ability to change width of columns
  • Now you can have up to 5 columns depending on application window size
  • You can set specific List, Search or Friend's Tweets to be shown as additional column
  • Updated icon for Task Panel
  • Ability to switch on/off notifications about new followers and who unfollowed you (it was on by default with no option to switch off, now there is such option and it set to off by default)
  • Added welcome screen
  • Fixed bug with viewing quoted tweets

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Source: Tweet It! (Tumblr)

Joseph Keller