Twitter client Tweeten now natively runs on Windows 10 on ARM

Tweeten 5 Arm Light
Tweeten 5 Arm Light

Tweeten 5 Arm Black

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What you need to know

  • Tweetdeck client Tweeten is now available for Windows 10 on ARM devices.
  • The app allows you to customize the Tweetdeck experience.
  • You can download the ARM version of Tweeten from the Microsoft Store now.

Tweeten, a popular Tweetdeck client for Windows 10, is now available for Windows 10 on ARM devices. Tweeten allows you to customize the Tweetdeck experience, including adjusting its color, column widths, and much more. The update which brings ARM support pushes the app to Tweeten 5, which is available through the Microsoft Store now. An executable file to install Tweeten on ARM64 devices will be available later this year directly from Tweeten's website.

Developer Mehedi Hassan optimized Tweeten for ARM64 through collaboration with engineers from Qualcomm and ARM. The app being on Windows 10 on ARM devices means that it can take advantage of features like built-in 4G-LTE and 5G connectivity. More details about the update are available in Tweeten's announcement post of Tweeten 5.

In addition to bringing support for Windows 10 on ARM, Tweeten 5 improves the GIF and video download features and adds the ability to show downloaded GIFs and videos in your file manager. People can also choose a default download path from the app's settings following the update.

Tweeten's been a favorite app of ours for a long time. Its ability to customize Tweetdeck makes it perfect for keeping up to date with news. I've customized and tweaked my settings repeatedly to make sure that Tweeten fits my PC perfectly.

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