Twitter contact integration issue in Mango resolved

We covered a bug that many of our readers tipped us on that saw the Twitter contact integration in Mango experiencing some difficulty. The problem being that individual contacts and groups were not displaying Twitter connectivity regardless to what settings/filters where chosen. While the Twitter feed is working, there's no way to view contacts who are also on Twitter.

A work around (opens in new tab) was available that saw users re-adding the Twitter account. The reason why this occurred was due to the social network modifying their API, which broke connectivity with Live. Joe Belfiore has confirmed, via Twitter, that the team has looked into the problem and the fix should reflect across the board within 24 hours. More details below from Microsoft Answers:

"We experienced a hiccup in our Twitter connection for contacts, but the connection is up and running again. Your contacts will reappear in the next 24 hours. Your Twitter feed and ability to post to Twitter remain otherwise unaffected. You may need to re-pin Twitter contacts to Start, re-add Twitter contacts to groups and re-link any Twitter contact links done manually. Sorry for the inconvenience."

Source: Microsoft Answers (opens in new tab), via: @JoeBelfiore (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • My question is why did he put "@contacts" instead of "contacts." I checked @contacts' Twitter and it's some nobody account that hasn't been used in a year and a half.
  • I guess he put "@contacts" as a short hand for twitter contacts in the same way people use "@replies". Don't look to deep into it.
  • I think he meant @contacts as a generic form of @yourfriendshandle (where "contacts" or "yourfriendshandle" is the actual user name of your contacts).
  • I have too many contacts on my twitter....I tried adding it saying hey, quick access to tweeting maybe and *poof* there goes my people hub freakin out. I was like whoa, lets take twitter back out since it doesn't give you the option to not add your twitter contacts to your people hub. I'll stick with the twitter app.
  • You can filter it so that your people hub does not show your twitter contact names in the list. Just hit the ... and settings, then hit the filter contacts button at the top and then uncheck Twitter. This still allows you to search for contacts, post tweets and view your timeline, but the names won't blow up you people hub list.
  • And beyond that you can still link twitter accounts to those who are already in your contacts list, so that their tweets will still show up in your "what's new" even though you have twitter unchecked in your people's hub.
  • I figured it was a server side issue and nothing with Mango itself. Seems I was right and they fixed it now, good stuff.
  • No changes here... Still no contacts... 2700 contacts was working before