Twitter to shut down Vine 'in the coming months'

Twitter has announced plans to shut down Vine, the short-form video sharing service that launched in 2013. While the website will be sticking around, Twitter says that Vine's mobile apps will be discontinued.

From Twitter:

Nothing is happening to the apps, website or your Vines today. We value you, your Vines, and are going to do this the right way. You'll be able to access and download your Vines. We'll be keeping the website online because we think it's important to still be able to watch all the incredible Vines that have been made. You will be notified before we make any changes to the app or website.

While the service certainly hasn't proved to be as popular as it once was, this is sure to be a blow to anyone who enjoyed perusing the often humorous 6-second clips that Vine was known for. There's no hard timeline on when users can expect the mobile apps to stop functioning, with Twitter only stating they will be discontinued "in the coming months." Presumably, this shut down also includes the Windows 10 PC and tablet app Vine launched earlier in 2016.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Why? Are they losing too much money
  • Are they even making any money?
  • I think it's because of the whole buying fiasco 'n' everything. Kinda weird to see this happening. Especially since Vine was really good. There are way worse services that are still alive.
  • Twitter is hurting right now. They've been trying to find a buyer for sometime. The biggest issue with a lot of buyers backing out is due to how Twitter has been handling trolls and bullying and has caused potential buyers to walk away. Disney and Sale Force were just a couple of big companies looking to buy them out but pulled out due to these concerns.
  • You mean how they've taken to heavy censorship of late?
  • Censorship? How so?
  • I'm not home to give specific examples (if you send a reminder and care, I can try to find them when I am back there). However, there has been a lot of pro-Trump/anti-Clinton stuff suppressed/censored there recently. Hashtags with massive numbers of tweets get taken down from trending. I think the guy claiming to be Bill Clinton's illegitimate son just got banned from there. One prominent Trump supporter has had his viewer count suppressed of the Twitter-owned Periscope. If I remember correctly, Saudi Arabia has someone who is one of the largest shareholders of Twitter, and Clinton has received a lot of money from there. That is all to say, Twitter seems to be dipping its toes in altering content to influence politics.
  • Censorship is when the government has something taken down.  Twitter is a private company operating how it sees fit.  Don't like it then don't use it.
  • The term censorship applies also to private companies. On the other hand, private companies can spin whatever they want based on their political bias. As you say, don't like it then don't use it.
  • Censorship also applies to companies
  • Definition of "censor?" "to examine books, movies, letters, etc., in order to remove things that are considered to be offensive, immoral, harmful to society, etc." Point to where that says it's a government-only act. I'm glad you're OK with having the media alter elections by hiding facts and spreading misinformation, though. I don't take Twitter as a news source for this, but it seems you're just fine with such stuff. Of course, I'm sure you'd hate it if it weren't done in a way you find preferable. Also, congratualtions on calling Twitter a "private company" when it's publicly traded, and therefore classified as a PUBLIC company. Happened with their IPO filing years ago.
  • So you believe private companies have the right to refuse service to anyone they wish? I think there's some bakeries who'd agree with you on that one.
  • I don't believe the Clinton Saudi Arabia link, but I'm glad anything related to Trump and his fellow rasist bigots advisers is toned down.
  • You misspelled "racist," and have no proof of legitimate bigotry, unless it's the standard "expecting people to enter the country illegally is bigoted." I'm not going to turn this site into a place of political discourse and get in trouble for supposrting the wrong things, but it doesn't take more than a couple of minutes to find things like: --Trump fighting to end segregation at golf clubs. --Trump hiring the first female campaign manager for a GOP Presidential candidate. --Clinton taking donations from the Saudis, Qatar, and other foreign nations to fund her campaigns. You aren't educating yourself, and it's disappointing to see when people don't think for themselves. If you didn't like Trump for researched, legitimate things, but all you did was dump some classic hits from the mainstream that show you're flipping on CNN or Twitter for news and never doing research.
  • Awesome...self important politics on a tech site. Yippeeee
  • No kidding. If we gave a $|-|it about your political views, we'd read the bumper stickers on your cars.
  • SnapChat killed them
  • Probably not
  • Are there anyways to save a package of this app or any app in this case so you can sideload it later ?
  • If they're keeping the website open, a 3rd party app (6sec for example) might be able to access all the content. Probably not upload new vines tho.
  • Smh I like watching peoples vines tho
  • Tony Hawk's vine posting are usually pretty cool.
  • Same here, it's sad that Vine's being discontinued as being able to revine other Vines was a lot of fun as well
  • Wow that is a way to cut costs
  • Well this is obviously another nail in the coffin of Windows Mobile. They are removing the ability to use Windows Phone with this great tool, and without support for WP, that platform cannot survive. (I know, they are shutting this down for all platforms. But I know we will see it spun this way) Edit: Damn, I even say that it is sarcasm and it gets downvoted.  
  • The only one spinning it that way is you...
  • I am not spinning it that way, I am making a joke at the way people will take any news and try to use it to "proove" that Microsoft is a failure. Just above there was a comment where someone actually thought this, and then learned it was for all platforms.
  • I gotchoo
  • Microsoft is a failure tho. lol. Nokia worked out so well for them :P And the Microsoft Band
  • What is your preferred tech supplier? Apple or Google? Because I can list off many failures that both of those companies have had.
  • I've been Microsoft for a really long time, and had based my software development business mostly around Microsoft technology, but Microsoft almost don't want their products to succeed. Surface line and xbox are their good product lines. After replacing my Microsoft band & other family members about 12 times, that thing was clearly a failure. And then their phones, have owned some great hardware from them. The 1020 started it all and then it just went down hill when they took over. Microsoft do still make some awesome stuff, but I had hoped for better with their phone and wearable lines
  • What is your definition of failure?
  • Because Google and apple are two utopia companies with no product failures /s Honestly, all companies are failures in one aspect or another
  •     Yeah I agree with that, but it just seems Microsoft don't really want some of these products to succeed. With next to to marketing for half of them they have no chance. The band was a different story, they literally fall apart.  Not here to start an argument or anything. And obviously totally off topic from this post, was just my 2c on this comment. I for one want to see Microsoft products do well, but sometimes it feels more than Microsoft want to.  I've always recommended Microsoft to everyone. Got all my family on to the band and was embarrassed doing so after every single person I recommended it to had problems with it
  • LOL try harder
  • I think people recognized the sarcasm but they just thought it wasn't a very good joke as it was plain obvious what was happening.
  • I think sarcasm is used too often.
  • So all mobile apps? Wow. Usually its only WP. Good thing I don't care about 7 second videos.
  • Actually it's 6 seconds!
  • I guess that's how much I care about them. =P
  • For the best. I don't know anyone that seriously used Vine on a regular basis. Facebook and Instagram and even Twitter can do better already. Vine was too niche.
  • Sad news. Twitter owned sites are some of my favorite internet services.
  • So bad. It's painful to see Twitter hurts. I just love it :'(
  • NOOOOOO, sell it or something to keep it alive, I LOVE Vine
  • Waste of bandwidth....just the retarded people are going to watch 6 seconds videos.... be more retarded and just use a GIF
  • "Only stupid people use just be even more stupid and use GIF's instead." Well done.
  • I agree. I hate GIFs too. Apparently WhatsApp started supporting them and the whole messaging thing is ruined now :(
  • Ah, and here you can see the idiot, trying desperately hard to insult a large(ish) group of people. What a sad sight
  • Twitter is all about streaming these days, but need into its Twitter app.
  • Why not just sell vine off
  • Need a buyer.
  • I suppose everyone is using Facebook Live, Instagram Moments and Snapchat more than Vine.
  • At last iPhone and Android users will understand the Windows Mobile experience!
  • This is what happens when you stop allowing open! LOL
  • Stupid auto correct changed porn to open
  • Feel that ios and android!!!! P**a!
  • O Latino, Anda!! :)
  • I didn't realize this was still a thing. I'm still only using Facebook actively and Twitter rarely. Facebook does everything all these smaller social networks do, so I don't see a reason to join another site.
  • I'll miss it :'(
  • Meanwhile, at apple event:
    The new Final Cut Pro will be the most powerful Vine editor yet.  
  • Well this sucks
  • What a garbage headline.  
  • Meanwhile, MySpace, with far fewer users and much less mindshare, is somehow still alive and kicking... You'd think that if Twitter was losing that much money on Vine and couldn't figure out how to turn a profit, they'd sell it to someone like Verizon or something. Shuttering it is a total loss, and makes very little sense.
  • The Cringe is over... finally
  • I think I opened this app a total of 3 times, that allowed me to see everything on vine and get bored.
  • Crazy
  • Murdered by Music.lys
  • This is so upsetting, especially as the Vine app for Windows 10 is still fantastic. I feel like Jack Dorsey's a way worse CEO than Dick Costolo tbh. Twitter's a lot less interesting especially for businesses so they probably had to cut corners in order to make ends meet.
  • #FreeMilo
  • W
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  • Rocks