Twitter for Windows 10 updated with new notification features and settings for live events

Twitter has been slowly branching out to become a platform for live event coverage, and its latest update to its Windows 10 app shows that. Included in the update are new settings for live notifications along with the option to turn on what Twitter calls a "Home Live Banner."

The Home Live Banner is the more interesting of the new options. With the setting toggled on, Twitter will show a banner that "showcases featured live events on home." That'll make discovering and tuning into any featured live events a little quicker.

Under the Notifications settings menu, there is also now a group of live notification settings that you can enable on a granular level. In a more general sense, you can enable notifications when any featured event is starting, as well as any event that is starting within an hour. Separately, there are settings for different categories, including: eSports, Sports, Entertainment, and News. Toggling any one of these on will alert you when an event in that category is starting.

Those are all of the surface-level changes in this update, but there are presumably bug fixes abound as well. In order to pick up these new settings, you'll want to update from Twitter version 5.7.1 to 5.8. The update should be available now on the Windows Store, but the rollout may take some time to land for everyone.

Download Twitter from the Windows Store

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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