Two new Nokia phones go through the FCC, one destined for T-Mobile with LTE?

Update: As pointed out in comments, these could be Nokia's Asha phones (305 and 306) which are just hitting the market. The smaller battery and dual-SIMs give credence to that notion, although Nokia often recycles a lot, including battery types to reduce costs.

Despite Windows Phone 7.x devices looking all but DOA for new launches, a few phones have popped up on the FCC that has caught our attention. At this point, we can’t really believe that (a) these are still WP7.x devices or (b) they will launch anytime soon. That means we may be looking at some Windows Phone 8 devices or these are formalities for other reasons (lots of phones get FCC certs without ever being picked up).

First up is of course Nokia (you can read about ZTE’s phone here). They have two devices, RM-844 and RM-852, which are making their way through the FCC. Both devices look to be the same model but RM-852 appears to be destined for Canada with dual-SIMs while RM-844 looks to be for, wait for it, T-Mobile. We're assuming they are Windows Phones due to Nokia's commitment to the platform but there's nothing conclusive in the documents.

The reason we’re looking at T-Mobile of course is due to the bands being tested: GSM 850 / WCDMA 850, GSM 1900 / WCDMA 1900,  WCDMA 1700 / LTE 1700.  Let’s step back a bit: AT&T uses the 700 MHz band for its LTE service while T-Mobile will be using 1700/2100 band for its 4G LTE network which is not due to until 2013.  T-Mobile also uses 850 and 1900 MHz bands. [Note: these still could be used by AT&T though, so it's a bit confusing with so little to worth with]

That’s not a slam dunk of a prediction but if T-Mobile wants to come out with a new Windows Phone 8 Nokia device in late 2012 (when WP8 is expected to launch), it makes sense to have it "LTE-ready" even if that network will still be in its infancy. Then again, we could be reading too deeply into things here but we think that’s a safe bet for now.

We shouldn’t be too surprised though if T-Mobile is going to aggressively push a Nokia 4G LTE Windows Phone, after all they have to compete against AT&T some way and with Verizon on board with WP8, it will be an interesting fall for new devices. Windows Phone 8 is expected to have HD displays (720x1280), dual-cores CPUs, NFC, expandable SD storage and other tidbits which should make them highly desirable for consumers.

Did we miss anything in the FCC docs? Let us know in comments…

Source: FCC (RM544, RM-852); via Engadget

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  • Finally
  • Uhhhh....Exciting News...!!!:D
  • maybe this is another clue that 7.8 more than just startscreen ?
  • Lol!  It's been pretty evident that WP7.8 was going to be more than just a new start screen when they announced it!
  • im sure they will :)
  • Yes! I'm saving my upgrade for WP8 and I'd love for it to be a Nokia since I hate HTC. I would poo my pants if this was a Pureview Lumia :O
  • Why in the world do you hate HTC? I love my hd7 and unlocked titan 2. I also have a lumia 900 that I can't get unlocked yet :( still even though I hate the button layout and the speaker on the bottom always gets muffled (games, music) while holding it. Plus the Nokia doesn't have a led indicator like HTC. Still with all my dislikes I don't hate it. It's a decent phone. You should keep a open mind or you might miss out on something great.
  • I bet Nokia will keep the 800/900 design just make a bigger screen for wp8
  • Wait, the article mentioned Verizon on board with wp8!?  Is that a fact?  That would be big news since Verizon and Sprint carry only one wp7 phones each. 
  • Yes, it's a fact. They publicly commented on it after the WP8 summit along with T-Mo and AT&T. Actually, insider news: Verizon was supposed to have said something on stage during the summit--plans changed at the last minute. Sprint, however, has not committed.
  • Big deal sprint also.having wp8 Coming too in fall. Yup all you can eat.unlimited data baby hahaha
  • Sprint is the only telco that has not publicly committed  themselves to WP8 though. T-Mo, Verizon and AT&T all said they would have new devices. That's not to say Sprint won't have new devices but they are being coy and not going big so far.
  • Sprint coming with wp 8 read this & learn. Unlimited data baby while you pay for over charges if you past over your data on your att, :-P
  • the HTC Arrive, hadn’t “done well enough for us to jump back into the fire.” He did say, however, that Sprint would look into Windows Phone 8"
    That's not a commitment, that's looking into it. Being "bullish" on Apollo does not translate into "we're testing a WP8 HTC device". You're terrible at reading and understanding news.
  • BGR?  Lol!  That is the last site I would ever go to for WP news.
  • Unlimited data at dialup speeds. T-mobile has a network that ranks in between 1st and 3rd in speed depending on location while sprint is dead last
  • This is my next PHONE!!!! Hoping this is finally T-mobiles high end windows phone to just rock the fricken world!!! And if it has PureView there is no competition!!
  • Just out of curiosity, did anyone else think it was weird that all three "leaked" HTC WP8 devices are HSDPA+ and not LTE?
  • yes i did! it would seem extremely wierd since verizon and at&t arent releasing ANY new smartphones without LTE
  • Those were the international versions. The US versions will be modified for LTE.
  • Most likely because they don't have LTE in Taiwan. LTE will be there when they hit the US and other LTE compatible countries
  • Damn it its about time
  • Wpcentral those two phones are Asha 305 and 306, super cheap S40 phones.
      Phone RM-844 / Battery BL-4U / AC Charger AC-11E / Headset WH-102 /  Dummy battery SD-52    BL-4U is 700mah battery. It also mentions on the FCC page that both phones hardware is same, other just have dual SIM and WiFI. Nokia Asha 306 and Asha 305
  • Actually those look like at&t frequencies.
  • Could be, they do overlap. What threw me off was the 1700MHz LTE band and no mention of LTE 700MHz which is what AT&T primarily uses, AFAIK.  But no 2100Mhz frequency is odd as you'd expect that for T-Mo.
  • AT&T doesn't have WCDMA on the AWS band.
  • Faster faster please come come
  • I hope these are high end sets. I'm overdue for a new phone. Stuck on HD7 until the refarm or better tmo branded phones
  • Looks an awful lot like the Asha line for me...