ZTE N859 passes FCC certification running Windows Phone 7.5

Recent FCC documentation shows that a new Windows Phone device made by Chinese manufacturer ZTE has passed certification. There are not many details on the N859, as it is called, other than that it is CDMA-only and will be running Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango). One N859 has popped up on Occasional Gamer's gaming stats page, so we know there is at least one out there being tested in the wild.

It's a little odd that ZTE would be looking to release a WP7.5 device so close to the launch of Windows Phone 8 (Apollo), as many consumers will likely just hold off on buying a new phone so they can get the latest and greatest. However, ZTE tends to target emerging markets and cost-conscious consumers, so perhaps they are betting on demand for a more economical device with fewer bells and whistles.

Source: FCC, OccasionalGamer; Via: WindowsPhoneDaily, Engadget

Seth Brodeur
  • This is odd, but another phone is another phone. We probably won't see it in the US or UK anyway.
  • It might not be a bad bet for some of these prepaid and no contract carriers or services... =[
  • Exactly! :) In the end we need to spread Windows Phone love across the globe right?:]
  • Probably heading to cricket.
  • LoL too late.
  • I was asking myself, why would a manufacturer rollout a WP7 device with WP8 so close? But then I thought to myself, well that is what they do with Android devices as well. Many new android devices don't have the latest version of Android.