If you use Uber in india, you know that the only form of digital payment currently accepted by the service is Paytm. While it's convenient to use the payment wallet in the country, the service doesn't work outside of India, which makes hailing an Uber in other countries particularly cumbersome.

That's all set to change soon, as Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma announced that the service will be integrated into Uber on a global scale, allowing you to pay for your ride in rupees even when you're abroad.

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Uber Paytm integration

In a statement to The Hindu, Sharma said:

By the end of May, Paytm will be able to launch the Uber-Paytm in-app integration feature for its Indian customers so that Indian travellers will be able to pay for their Uber rides outside of India through their Paytm account.

The best part about the upcoming integration? There won't be any hidden charges, which means that you'll be able to track your fares abroad just as easily as you would a domestic transaction:

We will have no hidden conversion charges and will charge the regular forex exchange rates.

Having seen just how difficult it is to add a credit card to the service while abroad, I am very excited about the upcoming integration. What do you guys think of the move?

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