UC Browser

We previously went over what's new in version 3 of the popular third-party web browser, UC Browser not long back where many exciting features were stated to be coming soon. Today, we're pleased to relay news that the update is now live for consumers to enjoy. So what's new in the latest release? 

Here's what we listed in our previous coverage:

  • Upgraded Homepage - A complete overhaul of the homepage with new features such as the ability to move and contract your Speed Dials like Tiles in WP8.
  • Speed Boost - The speed of downloading has been increased by 40%-100%, along with an increase in page loading speeds.
  • Increased Usability - You can now exit UC Browser by clicking “back” twice at home page.
  • Domain Name Support - The entering of domain names in different languages (like .рф) allows for more convenient browsing.
  • QR Code Scanning - You can now scan QR Codes (although this is listed in 2.9, it looks to be updated here)

UC Web Browser

The best part of UC Browser is that the app is completely free. You can download UC Browser from the Windows Phone Store. Both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 supported.

QR: UC Browser