UC Browser version 3 hits the store, brings an array of new features

We previously went over what's new in version 3 of the popular third-party web browser, UC Browser not long back where many exciting features were stated to be coming soon. Today, we're pleased to relay news that the update is now live for consumers to enjoy. So what's new in the latest release? 

Here's what we listed in our previous coverage:

  • Upgraded Homepage - A complete overhaul of the homepage with new features such as the ability to move and contract your Speed Dials like Tiles in WP8.
  • Speed Boost - The speed of downloading has been increased by 40%-100%, along with an increase in page loading speeds.
  • Increased Usability - You can now exit UC Browser by clicking “back” twice at home page.
  • Domain Name Support - The entering of domain names in different languages (like .рф) allows for more convenient browsing.
  • QR Code Scanning - You can now scan QR Codes (although this is listed in 2.9, it looks to be updated here)

UC Web Browser

The best part of UC Browser is that the app is completely free. You can download UC Browser from the Windows Phone Store. Both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 supported.

QR: UC Browser

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Great little browser. A quit button right in the menu and fixing the running out of memory that sometimes happens would be nice
  • We implement the wp8  "local-cache" feature in this version, should see less "out of memory" problem.
    But the Browser Control  run out of memory pretty quick. Sometimes a large webpage in Desktop Mode will eat through the 300MB limit for WP apps.
    IE was a system app and don't have that limitation, we were really jearous...
  • I'm a big fan of UC since you people launched it for s60v2. The 1st thing I searched on wp store was UC Browser. I love the way you people properly implemented integration of music+video hub with any supported music and video files after downloading but 1 complain or I should say demand from me, can you please add background download support in UC Browser ?? Because, whenever we minimize the app, it freezes the download as you know many sites don't support resume and we can't stare download screen or browse other pages everytime. Please add this feature, it will be a welcome addition... Thank You....
  • We would love to. But last year we did a test and found out some crashing bug with default downloading feature.
    So we rewrote the download feature to avoid it, which cannot run in background since it's not native.
    We will do another estimation after Build conference for background download.
    Thank you for your longtime support man. We will definitely do our best.
  • Thank You for this great product.... I would love to see further evaluation of UC for WP...And thanx for taking my request on record.
  • Love the home screen.
  • It would be cool if one day WP could use other browsers like Firefox, or dare I say Chrome.. Not that I would use them, but It would open the platform up for others more biased.. Just an idea.
  • I agree. A Webkit based browser would be a good thing. I'm glad IE is now following standards, and I hope they continue. However, most mobile sites are designed for Webkit. It would at least be a workaround for that problem.
  • That's really a huge step backwards, like when IE6 was leading and everyone needed an IE6 compatible webbrowser because the web was designed for it.
    Web pages should work across all browsers that adhere to the standards. Yes, there will be minor differences here and there and things won't render pixel-perfect on each browser but you shouldn't aim for that.
    If you find a web page that doesn't work with a recent version of IE, Firefox or Chrome/Safari, go hit the developer with a cluebot.
  • Why would you want Spyware like Chrome?
  • I don't, but others might...
  • ^This
  • We have the same rules as iOS towards browsers, so we could have chrome or opera they just don't want to bring it.
  • Well, I figured it was something that MS blocked, or didn't want WP to be a part of.. So, you're saying that if the demand was there for third party browsers we could possibly get them?
  • Yes and no. iOS has Chrome, but it's using iOS's Browser Object, not anything made by google. Same goes for other browsers on iOS. So they could do the same on Windows Phone, except iOS's Browser Object is webkit based, while Windows Phone's Browser Object is Trident based. Granted the lates version of trident (an engine made by microsoft specifically for IE) uses the current standards, but Chrome has alot of experimental non-standard code support in its version of webkit, so getting such to work on Windows Phone would take extra effort.
    Thats why Firefox wont go to iOS: they cant use their engine. And the same applies to browsers and Windows Phone. UC and others are on WIndows Phone, but they are very multi-platform (UC has/had Java versions for feature phones even), so theyve shown they dont really care about engines, and that their browsers are about features, not HTML support, they have over the other browsers.
  • So, is UC for WP basically a skinned version of IE10?
  • Yep. Just like Chrome for iOS is a skinned version of Safari (technically, its less. Safari for iOS has Nitro JavaScript Engine, which is only accessible in Safari. 3rd Party browsers use a webkit based UIWebView object) Only thing 3rd Parties can add is features ontop of the engine (bookmark sync, added video support in some rare cases, data compression through servers for faster load times, etc...)
  • Lol wat stop spreading lies uc has their own engine numnuts this is not ios we allow other engines noob
  • We have our own engine with Speed Mode ON. But it's more for saving data usage instead of showing the full power of HTML.
    We also have a WebKit engine which we love to bring to WP, but would need more time to implement.
  • Nooo they use their own engine WP does allow other engine's
  • yeah! dude,
    I am waiting for browser like Opera Mini or Dolphin
  • Why do some people are making fun of IE10? Did they even tried it yet? Its really fast guys.
  • Ie10 at my surface is better than chrome, but at my lumia920 I prefer UC
  • IE10 is faster then chrome and Firefox on my w8 laptop but IE10 doesn't play flash games as well but still its the only browser i use
  • its a good core, but very limited
    -orientation lock for example,
    faster way to open,switch and close tabs. 
    auto text alighment after zooming in/out, 
    surfube has one of the best UI i've seen so far,  it was meant to mulit-tab.. ironically enough, it crashes after u open 3 tabs or more :P
  • I agree. It is best.
  • IE is lacking bookmark sync, file downloading and a forward button. All of which UC has.
  • Is there a UC Desktop browser to sync bookmarks to? IE10 does sync its bookmarks, as mine were put back when I reloaded my 920. Forward button is a curious miss from IE, I just tried that. File downloading must be a minoroty sport no? Interesting to have though.
  • Ah typical WP argument... If I don't need it, no one else does! Smh.
  • Yeah, I think they took that feature (forward button) out along with find on page, when mango came out... So lame :(
  • If this could be set as default somehow that would be great.
  • +1
    I prefer to use a browser all of my links will directly open in
  • Aren't these third party browsers just using IE10? Aren't they for the most part skins that function differently? I'm speaking of UC browser.
  • Most browsers on any platform on anything but Android are, to be honest. Even chrome for iOS, last I looked, was using the browser object baked into iOS. All they do is offer different functionalities (such as bookmark sync, auto-login, reading mode, etc...).
  • Nope stop spreading lies uc on WP have their own engine are u a troller ?
  • No uc is not IE they use their own engine u and dustin should stop making stuff up otherwise ima report u for trolling
  • I like the browser, can download, its fast, but always has the out of memory message and can't watch embedded videos on forums.  So i stick with IE10. 
  • I just wish it was based off of another browser like Firefox instead of IE. Checked the UA string a few versions back and it's IE. I f this had the option of changing user-agent, I'd download it. My friend's site doesn't load if it sniffs IE, so I have to be on the PC, which has FF installed, in order to access it.
  • Download user agent switcher
  • And tell your friend his site sucks and he should feel bad for using webkit exclusive tags. Remind him of IE6 and how Webkit is quickly becoming that.
  • I want to like UC, but it seems too slow to me when loading pages sometimes. MS needs to open up the browser more to devs. Too much locked down
  • this is now officially better than ie :D it loads so fast, and the start page is awesome!!
  • How exactly does the developer make money? By selling, view browse history?? Not trying to be negative its an honest question.
  • Not all developers are after money. I know I program only to benefit the Windows Phone community as of now :-) Not too proud of what I offer currently (even though my app port is the best on any platform imo :P), but I am working on a huge project that will change all that :-)
  • Can you give us some links to your apps?
  • http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/ashens/98a40ee5-0c28-46ef-9d... Again, an extremely simple app for a very niche select of people. I'm not proud of it, but considering the iOS app crashes frequently, has no transitions, and lacks ringtone functionality, with the Android version worse than that, I think my port is okay. I only made it as an experiment of whether I want to pursue programming, and I liked it, so I'm going to do something much more practical this time. I don't want to make "crapps".
  • UC has been building Mobile Browser for 8 years. 
    We earn money just like other browser or app companies: Advertisement & Games.
    For global market profit was not our priority since there's much to improve before we make everyone satisfied :).
  • I would love to Save pics from the page! I don't know how to... And it also is pretty awesome, better than IE in many things!
  • Who remembers that post about JLo's music video last Sunday?? That was fun. Lol!
  • The UC Browser has always been my favorite mobile browser. I even like it more than Opera. I've always found it to be a straight-forward easy to tool around with browser. I like that they are always improving the product too.
  • SurfCube 3D is where my heart lies.
  • Cube is cute But it won't hurt having one more browser on your phone :) You will find it more handy when downloading files and watching Youtube.
  • Cube is indeed quite cute. I tried UC before but wasn't a major fan of the interface. I must give it another try to check the latest updates.
  • Hi Boris,
    I think UC is cute (you guys even have a mascot_, Cube is awesome :P
    Peace, bro!
  • Lol, ya, the squirrel was cute.
    Someone tell me their kids was very disappointed when they tap that lil icon and found out it's not a game.
  • I'm bored I want an instagram or YouTube thread lol
  • Then go to the forums instead of posting here. Anyways, I'm gonna run this browser for a few days and see how it is compared to surf cube and IE. The home screen is nice and browsing so far seems fast.
  • Forums ain't news
  • Question: why I cant login in any online service using this browser (Facebook, YouTube, and others)? It asks for my login and password, and after I hit the button, it justs reloads the login screen. 
  • Good to know i'm not the only one experiencing this. Well i also don't know why that is the case.
  • May I ask what language are you using ? Was trying to pin point this problem for quite some time?
    Let's talk in PM
  • I can t receive any PM (dont know why). You can try my email (raphaelchaia@terra.com.br).
    I'm from Brazil, use my Lumia 920 in "portuguese (brazil)" language. I have this login issues for a while (a few months, to be honest). I only manage to login in the fast mode, not in the regular. 
  • I am experiencing the same problems, at least with the old version, no update yet via the store. Trying to log in results in the log in page reopening... I'm using it in Germany.
  • Hi, running english operating system here, having the exact same problem. Site just reloads when hitting Sign In. 
  • Even for me it is impossible to log into Facebook, when I enter the credentials and I click enter the page update itselfs and returns to the previous page!
  • i have the exact same problem when entering espnplay.com :/
  • Not sure, as I just tested it and I logged in with no problems.
  • Great browser but still Impossible to login to Facebook, anyone have got the same problem?
  • OFF-Topic
    The game Turbo Racing League has been updated.
  • Recently? I don't see it yet.
  • On I guess I'll try UC again, I tried it before but immediately noticed it was slower than IE10 and the extra features didn't impress me so I uninstalled.
    I'll give it a another try though.
  • On second thought, I don't like apps that don't have the developers name in English. Bigotry? I don't think so.
  • As long as it doesn't magically gave my phone 600MB of app data like last version, I'll keep this awesome browser this time around
  • Browser cache problem has been looked into. It should clear outdated data regularly.
    For large data from previous version, you would notice it become fewer everyday untill reach a reasonable level. That's because checking and deleting all of them at once will slow the browser down, so we do it step-by-step.
  • Like UC a lot. Use it more than IE on 920 mainly because of forward arrow. Sad but I hate not having forward button. Like MANY I'd rather the search icon was a forward button and we were forced to have Bing on our home screens. (like apple does for Stocks). I do have a work around in IE but it requires having to go into favorites like this:
  • Thanks for your support:)
  • i got a question, will the browser ever support flash? it would be a killer feature, for that amazing browser. also i dont understand how the download thing works :s
  • More power to UC Browser!
  • People at ms don't listen very well on what people want in a browser. Thanks uc
  • I would love to see if there is an option to transfer all downloaded files to my PC. I have seen this feature in GetThemAll software. Do you guys have any plans about it? IE is worst ever. Event it do not allow me to download and save any music of video file. You guys have a  good browser.
  • That would need a desktop client. Would hate to mess with that, but might give it a shot at Sept.
  • Great....but unable to login....in normal mode.
    When i switch to speed mode, i can.
    Please fix this....
  • Excellent hint. Webpage is not pretty in speed mode, but at least saving passwords works...
  • How did they get around the no 3rd party browser rule?
  • Sorry but I am still having problem. 
    I can not log in any site from this browser. Gmail,Facebook, outlook, nothing works, it just reload the page when I press sign in!
    Any ideas why?
    I am using Lumia 920!
  • Trollers here as usual saying uc has IE 10 engine which is not true they use their own engine
  • I do like very much UC.B (I use it as my "default" browser since 2.9). Especially it's handful for forum threads, where I can background open any thread and seek from one to the other tab in a faster way than IE10.
    What I saw in UC 3.0, though, is that I can't find some useful things that 2.9 had. Maybe it's my fault:
    1) the Start screen now is handy, BUT.. how can I edit the URL in there? It seems my only chance is delete/resize a "tile"; no content modification is available..
    2) I lack the "Bookmark star icon" in the Start screen. Yes, I can swipe a couple times and find it boldly on Green. I tried to long-press that box hoping for a menu that offered me to "pin" it directly on the Start screen. It wasn't. Wouldn't be useful to pin those Bookmarks, Downloads, Watch it later boxes into the new Start Screen if the user was willing to do that (UC 3.1, anyone)?
    Thanks for your precious work!
  • ack, That would need some work.
    We was trying to make "feature shortcut" go to "my collection" and "website shortcut" goto Speed Dial. But I am more interested about: why would you need to modify a url?
  • Well, if not Url, to me come to mind at least examples for title editing: often I end up with Untitled tiles and I need to fix this by renaming those; or to shorten the name of a page.. As like as one does with the Bookmarks. The last free corner of the tile could drive to an editing content page. My 2 cents.. ;)
  • I hate this browser for one serious reason: the scrolling sucks. Tried latest version and page srolling has not been improved.
  • May I ask what's the problem? laggy?
  • The instapaper bookmarklet doesn't work with this browser and I'm not going to use another read it later system cos instapaper is synced with my PC and my surface. :(
    Was there some good instapaper app on WP?
    We would love to  do some "share to" cooperation with them.  
  • developer. how come the webpage of facebook keeps on returning to the main homepage. i just like it to go back one step backwards not back to the homepage. can you be able to fix that? thank you . but i noticed this that the desktop version isnt like this. just in the mobile version. please reply
  • Fix was coming on 3.1 for WP8 The problem was "back" with IE do not provide page cache. So everytime you press back you need to load from internet. It's annoying so we add cache. But Facebook and Youtube don't use normal link. They use AJAX for "in page refresh" so usually it's not recognized as "another page". WP7 lack an essencial API , so we will work on WP8 first. Hope it can solve your problem
  • Only browser that allows download music and videos.....that is only reason i installed it
  • Thanks for the support! I believe you can find more out of it!
  • Why theres no Large Tile for 7.x users? :/
    Suggestion: Thumbnails for pinned pages :D
  • for large tile you mean full width? We don't have that for both wp7/8.
    We have that in concept design, but can't find any content to fill the empty space. 
    So this feature was skipped in this version. 
  • Even without content would be a beautiful tile. 
    There's any chance to bring us thumb for pinned tiles?
  • At 3.1 we will have a thumbnail for "tab management'
    See if you like it. 
    The design was beatiful, but I doubt the actual screenshot thumbnail can look nice.
  • When I try to scroll down on MSN mobile, it just glitches and takes you back to the top of the page. I'm unable to click the lower articles on the page
  • Can I ask which link was it ? 
    Also was the 4 language setting in your "language + region" set to the same one? what was it?
    Thank you !
  • Hey, just wanted to post that I have no idea what changed, but the scrolling issue I was having has completely cleared up. The URL is http://t.msn.com , but everything is working fine now.
  • Good to know that. 
    We also checked the problem. It only happen with Beta version, we fixed it right before release.
  • hai guys, i can not clear active sessions (for example Facebook/Twitter logged-in sessions) in ucbrowser eventhough i already do "Clear records".
    in Android i know i can clear ALL UCbrowser (including active session). For me, this bug become very annoying, especially if i use UCBrowser to open static page, it show only the cached version of the page, not the updated one.
    My phone is Lumia 520 and UCbrowser
  • 1. Fix the "Recovering memory for you" issue. 2. Change the live tiles of selected pages to show a screenshot of the page instead of just an icon, this would be much more appealing. That is how IE does things, but it does decorate the start screen a little more. Thanks for offering alternatives,
  • Without UC downloading would be tough in windows phone.
    .anyways man how to transfer videos downloaded in Uc like IDM integration . .
  • Unable to sync downloaded mp3 s to my music+videos hub !! Anybody plsss help
  • Most of the time web pages never seem to finish loading the progress bar gets to 99% but never 100% and it just sits there.
  • If we export downloaded video files to music videos hub it plays audio only how can we get video also?