✿+☮=❥ Liquify Windows Phone

Liquid Daffodil should be a name many of you know by now. They’re one of the more pervasive and popular developers for Windows Phone, having made such unique apps as glƏƏk!, Add to Contacts, flyby! and JamTiles, to name just a few.

When a developer creates so many apps and values customer feedback as much as Liquid Daffodil, sometimes the Windows Phone Store just doesn’t cut it, hence the creation of the forthcoming ✿+☮=❥. By the way, we can just call that app ‘Liquify’, which is the name users can search for in the Store (or by the developers name, of course).

So what is this mysterious app? Check out our video preview after the break...

The app has three main sections to it, with one being truly unique and relative to Liquid Daffodil fans:

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✿+☮=❥ Liquify Windows Phone

  • News– A way for the developers to give updates to users, special deal alerts, etc. all in one area
  • Phone Apps – An inventory of all of Liquid Daffodil’s apps, with one-touch access to the Store
  • Ultimate Liquid Subscription – By paying a one-time fee (and linking to your Live ID), users can “unlock” fully functional, lifetime, unlimited use of all of Liquid Daffodil apps

While the first two features are just plain useful for any developer with a lot of apps and customers, it’s that subscription that is really unique. Indeed, users can just link to their Live ID after purchasing and download a the free trial of the LD app. When linked to their subscription, the app will become fully functional.

✿+☮=❥ Liquify Windows Phone

The app also features a Live Tile with Unification support, of course.

What can we say? It’s a brilliant idea from one of the most popular developers on our platform. The app runs well, is (as always) very well designed and we can’t wait till it goes live.

When can you get it? It’s very close to release, so we’re talking a few days. We’ll of course tell you when that happens, so just stay tuned to Windows Phone Central!