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Get out of boring meetings with Phoney+ for Windows 10

If you need to get out of a boring meeting or just want to look incredibly popular, this fun app will sort you out!

Liquid Daffodil updates and re-releases their popular app Add to Contacts

Add to Contacts is a popular Windows 10 app from Liquid Daffodil that makes it easy to add search results to your contacts. The app was recently updated and released.

Liquid Daffodil is giving away a Microsoft Band 2

Popular Windows platform developer Liquid Daffodil is giving away a Microsoft Band 2 to lucky user of Bandsider. While you pretty much require a Microsoft Band to use Bandsider, the developer notes that this is the perfect time to share the wearable with someone you know who wants one.

Liquid Daffodil is calling for 30 beta testers to help with an upcoming Microsoft Band social app

Long-time Windows developer Liquid Daffodil are looking for 30 people to help test an upcoming app for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and the Microsoft Band. Bandsider is an exclusive social experience for owners of Microsoft's smart wearable, much like Outsider for Windows Phone.

Pinpointer launches on Windows 8 to help you find the perfect Twitter client

We recently touched on a new app heading to the Windows Store - Pinpointer. The app, developed by Liquid Daffodil, enables consumers to filter through the array of Twitter clients available on both Windows and Windows Phone. Pinpointer is now available for Windows, while the Windows Phone version will be released soon.

Add to Contacts receives update to enable Microsoft Account sync

We recently covered Add to Contacts after bumping our hardware to Windows Phone 8.1. The app, developed by Liquid Daffodil, enables consumers to save searches and more without having to waste time copying data across from one location to another. Today, the developer has released a minor update that implements Microsoft Account syncronization.

Can't decide on which Twitter client to download? There's an upcoming app for that!

We've been asked the question, "what's the best Twitter app" countless times. Simply put: there isn't one. Well, not really anyway. App choices are entirely subjective to personal preferences and likes. An app we may recommend may not be up your street and you might have another app installed on a Windows Phone. Unfortunately, since there are a handful of apps out there on the store, it can prove rather daunting as a new user to the platform to locate a Twitter client. Luckily, Liquid Daffodil has released a new app to help with that.

Cue Twitter App Pinpointer.

‘Add to Contacts’ fills in the gaps on Windows Phone 8.1 by helping you save those searches

Windows Phone 8.1 is pretty awesome; there’s no doubt about that. Microsoft seems to have improved just about everything there is, but there will always be a few bits that are missing. One of those we even forgot ourselves: saving search results to contacts.

Case in point: you do a search in Cortana (or Bing, for non-US users) for an establishment like a diner or coffee stop. Powered by Bing, Cortana will do a great job of finding what you’re looking for in a jiffy. But let’s say you now wanted to add that find to your People Hub for future reference? Maybe you’re new in town, or you found a flower shop you really like. Evidently, you still can’t do that on Windows Phone, even with 8.1.

Liquid Daffodil, a popular developer firm who makes apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8, has released a brand new version of their ‘Add to Contacts’ app. We’ve covered this app in the past, and we’re happy to see it get a makeover and integration into 8.1.

Never lose Windows tech again with Phablocate from Liquid Daffodil

An issue with technology today is when we're unable to locate mobile devices, especially when there's little time to hunt down the products before heading out the house. Phablocate by Liquid Daffodil aims to solve this problem by enabling consumers to play audible alerts on any device, no matter where in the world it may be, until it's found. 

Grab the latest version of GimmalPoint for free with exclusive WPCentral promotion

GimmalPoint ( for Windows 8 and Windows Phone enables consumers to connect to SharePoint and view documents, sites, lists, libraries and more in multiple views. It’s billed as the most featured-rich solution available on Microsoft’s app stores and is developed by Liquid Daffodil.

We've covered these apps in the past, passing through beta testing and going gold. Today, we’re looking at a significant update. But not only do we have a new release, but there is a special offer exclusively available for Windows Phone Central readers.

GimmalPoint for Windows Phone in private beta; Liquid Daffodil seeking testers

Gimmal ​ ( is working hard on their Windows Phone version of GimmalPoint, developed by Liquid Daffodil​. You may well be familiar with the name, we last looked at the Windows 8 version when Liquid Daffodil were looking for folk to help get through issues reported by users. This was reported to be a successful venture so we're back again with another request for community input?.

To celebrate the series finale of Breaking Bad, Liquid Daffodil launches "Breaking Free" deal

The series finale of Breaking Bad is on the minds of many viewers, and to celebrate the developer Liquid Daffodil has placed numerous Windows Phone apps into the "free" basket for consumers. The developer has launched multiple sales and free deals in the past, but we're glad to see many more are on the way. So, which apps can you download for free over the next 24 hours?

Liquid Daffodil releases piehole, an app that provides you with random Vines

Liquid Daffodil is best known for their incredibly random, but useful Windows Phone apps (let's not get started on branding). The developer has got in touch with us to reveal numerous new apps that are well on the way to the Windows Phone Store. One of these apps is called piehole, a unique app that enables you to enjoy random Vines submitted by the community.

Liquid Daffodil’s Unification Notification center set to retire at the end of October

Liquid Daffodil started a project earlier this year to help unify notifications across a variety of products you use and love. Their Unification service was a cross-device notification platform that allowed developers to unite apps spanning Windows Phone 7.x and 8, Windows desktop, and Windows 8. It was an attempt to fill the lack of notifications available to customers using Microsoft’s products. Unfortunately, the Unification Notification Services will be retired at the end of October.

Developers: Work some magic with App to App and connect to Liquid Daffodil apps

Liquid Daffodil is quite the name within the Windows Phone community. We've covered the developer numerous times here with multiple apps, services and incredible deals and offers for both consumers and developers to get involved. Through receiving a number of requests from developers, today we'll be looking at App to App protocols and how simple it is to connect to Liquid Daffodil apps.

Liquid Daffodil looking for SharePoint users to help test GimmalPoint on Windows 8

Liquid Daffodil is seeking testers for GimmalPoint on the Windows Store. The app (owned by GimmalPoint - enables SharePoint users to connect and view sites, documents, lists, libraries and more in multiple views. Billed as the "most full-featured" SharePoint solution available on Microsoft's desktop store, Liquid Daffodil is running into some problems with a handful of reports from users who can't seem to connect. 

Since the team is unable to reproduce said issues, they're looking out to the community to get some testers on-board.

Liquid Daffodil partners up with Wintellect to offer 14 days free online training

Popular Windows Phone developer Liquid Daffodil has revealed a sweet deal for those who are looking at getting involved with platform development. Partnering with Wintellect (, who specialise in technology training and consultation for companies, limited-time promotional access to online training is now available to developers for free with a 14 day promotion.

Liquid Daffodil adds Aviary image editor support to Windows 8 Twitter apps

Liquid Daffodil has added support for the Aviary image editor ( to all available Twitter clients on the Windows 8 Store. This brings new features and editing functionality to the table for consumers to take advantage of. Instead of wasting time through third-party apps to get the picture just right before uploading, Aviary support in apps provide users the tools to get the job done efficiently.

Grab all Liquid Daffodil apps for less with ✿+☮=❥ for Windows 8 and Windows Phone

We previously looked at ✿+☮=❥, or better referred to as "Liquify", an app that enables fans of Liquid Daffodil to download Windows and Windows Phone apps by the developer at a reduced cost. We're now pleased to announce the app is now available on the Windows and Windows Phone Stores.

The idea is to offer subscriptions that are one-time purchases and each unlock apps across Windows 8, Windows Phone or both. For those who don't know, Liquid Daffodil is the developer behind such titles as glƏƏk!Add to Contactsflyby! and JamTiles.

Liquid Daffodil makes it easier for Windows developers to support Unification

We've been informed by the developer behind Unification that Nuget support is now available for developers. Nuget is a tool present in Microsoft Visual Studio for developers to easily manage SDKs, libraries and other elements. Liquid Daffodil has also opened up identity management across all supported platforms - Windows Phone 7 & 8, Windows 8 and the web. Developers can now access authentication and identity elements of Unification to get a "universal, user-specific" Microsoft Id across all platforms. So, why is this a big deal?