Never lose Windows tech again with Phablocate from Liquid Daffodil

An issue with technology today is when we're unable to locate mobile devices, especially when there's little time to hunt down the products before heading out the house. Phablocate by Liquid Daffodil aims to solve this problem by enabling consumers to play audible alerts on any device, no matter where in the world it may be, until it's found. 

If you're not familiar with Liquid Daffodil, they're the resident Windows and Windows Phone developer behind the likes of GimmalPoint, Piehole, and Unification . So, what's Phablocate all about? Phone + Tablet + Locate.

Whether you own a Windows Phone, Windows 8 tablets or laptops, Phablocate utilises Microsoft accounts to manage attached devices and ensure owners never lose a piece of kit again. This service can be used in a number of situations, including when at home searching for a Windows Phone or helping a loved one in a different country to locate their Windows tablet. 


Although the main function of Phablocate is to locate lost hardware, should it be in the near vicinity, there are more creative uses for the service too. It's worth noting that should you own a Windows Phone, which doesn't support custom toast sounds, the alert will be what is configured on the handset. 

We're pleased to see such an app be released for the platform, enabling hardware owners to locate their possessions without using GPS. As is the case with other Liquid Daffodil apps, the user interface is well presented and everything is super easy to get set up. Both a Windows and Windows Phone client is available.

You can download Phablocate from the Windows (opens in new tab) ($1.49) and Windows Phone ($0.99) stores. A limited trial version is well on the way and will be available soon, as well as an in-app purchase to unlock the ability to add an unlimited amount of devices. If you have a Liquid Subscription, you'll be able to have full access to the new apps for free.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Pretty much does what find my phone does.....
  • Yeah... But it costs a dollar instead of being free. So technically it's not exactly the same...
  • And good luck if your phone is on silent ...
  • Find my phone still rings on silent...
  • Yes it does. I think he was talking about the app, which doesn't ring and thus becomes useless when your phone is on silent.
  • Thanks, yes I was talking about the app. It has no way of creating an audible alert that will go off when the phone is on silent.
  • Stupid question, but can't we do this with Windows Phone 8 natively out of the box with a connection to our Microsoft account?
  • You can go to find my phone in settings to set it up, this app comes in handy for tablets and devices without GPS - surface rt, dell venue pro, and my Nokia 920 that's stays in airplane mode because its filed as a broken phone and not just cracked screen
  • Oh, gotcha.  That makes sense.  Didn't think about people using legacy devices that might not be connected. :-)
  • Find My Phone doesn't need GPS actually. It can make your phone ring. No app needed. Just go on the Windows Phone website from any computer, login and find the button to make it ring. Also, if your phone is on airplane mode, nor the app nor Find My Phone will work since your computer won't be able to connect to your phone to make it ring... Edit: Oh, and if your only connection is Wifi, Find My Phone, on the Windows Phone website, works fine. I just tested it.
  • Take out the SIM...
  • this is good for people who have a Windows Phone that's not on any cellular plan.  My 521 is completely off the grid and used as a computing device.  No data plan, no cell plan.  Only wifi.  Sometimes I'm tearing the place apart, looking for the phone.  Most phone locators only use GPS and tell you a general address. Otherwise, if I had a phone plan, I would just call the phone and hear it ringing.  :p
  • Actually you can use Find My Phone on the Windows Phone website. It's completely free, it can be accessed from any computer or phone without needing an app, and it works over Wifi (I just tested it) so no need for a cellular connection or GPS.
  • Phablocate goes WAY beyond something like "Find My Phone". Not only is it for tablets, laptops, etc. as well, but it lets you connect any devices to you, like family members, friends, etc. without having to use their accounts. Its super convenient and super easy to manage. If you have more than a phone, or just one device, try it. Youll see what I mean. :)
  • Yeah, as if I ever let my Lumia and Surface 2 off my sight.
  • Love the concept, will see what's up in action.
  • One thing to remember, if you're the kind of people who puts his phone on silence, the app won't work since it's using your standard alerts, unlike the Find My Phone option on the Windows Phone website that uses a different alert sound, even if your phone is on silence, and it's pretty loud so you can't miss it.
  • Yep, totally useless app for me, much like the other apps from this developer that wpcentral keep harping on about. Why pay for something that is already built in and works better than what is being offered by these guys?
  • Not sure if this is useful for me... Any situation where I would need to use this for my phone: Find my Windows Phone would take care of it (and my phone is always on silent, so the app wouldn't make a sound anyways. Only Find my Windows Phone would work...). As for my Surface Pro 2: installed some software called Prey for this purpose. It's still not ideal, because it only works on WiFi (and the SP2 doesn't support ConnectedStandby), but yeah, this service just doesn't offer anything for me. :/
  • "It's worth noting that should you own a Windows Phone, which doesn't support custom toast sounds, the alert will be what is configured on the handset." ????
    Last time i checked, windows phone NOW supports custom toast sounds!
    Also I think Find My Phone is superior since it works if you have internet connectivity (which this app also needs) and will ring the device even if it's muted.
  • It's a shame they didn't have the trial reay to coincide getting this great coverage from WPC.
  • When you lose your phone, you lost it.
  • Too bad unification didn't catch on....oh well, we got a brand new notification center coming up in 8.1 anyways
  • Yeah, which codesmith said would never come to wp so we could buy that useless app
  • Something that every developer had to implement was never going to work