UnfollowSpy gains Instagram support, stalk your stalkers

Need to keep track of your followers and who you follow on Twitter? Maybe you’re not that narcissistic and instead manage an account for a brand. Whatever the reason, UnfollowSpy is the app on Windows Phone that we really like for managing who we follow on Twitter. The app just received a pretty big update. The big change? Support for managing your Instagram account. Let’s check out what all is new in UnfollowSpy for Windows Phone.

Quick recap. UnfollowSpy is an app on Windows Phone that allows you access to certain follower metrics on Twitter. You can see things like who follows you that you don’t follow back, who you follow that doesn’t follow you back, new followers, recently lost followers and more. It’s a pretty powerful tool if you need to manage a Twitter account like that.

So what’s new in version 2.0 of UnfollowSpy for Windows Phone? The following:

  • Instagram support added!
  • Allows opening profiles in Twitter or 6tag
  • Individual progress bars for each account during refresh
  • Now allows navigating through app during refresh
  • Allow refresh under Lock screen for large accounts
  • Other bug fixes and improvements


Instagram support has been a big piece of feedback from users of UnfollowSpy and it’s finally here. The app will now let you add any number of Instagram or Twitter accounts for you to manage. You can also tap on a profile to expand it with more info or have it open the specific profile in either Twitter or 6tag.

The app is a solid way to manage and take control of your followers on either Twitter or Instagram. You should definitely head to the Windows Phone Store to get UnfollowSpy. It’s a free app, but in-app purchases allow you to remove ads and/or add features. 

Sam Sabri
  • Apps, apps, apps..
    Who remembers when WP launched back in 2010 with only 2000 apps..... And no copy, and past❔❔.. It's funny thinking about 7.0 now.. I think it would be cool if a editor, who uses WP daily, switched to a pre NoDo device for a week, just to give us his/her impression on using it in 2014. That would be cool❕
  • Probably would be like using one of those old but classic Nokia phones that had the game Snake and a numpad on it. Usable and not quite [that] obsolete... but leaves a lot to be desired. Though you could probably get by using a pre NoDo WP. No one would really look twice to check its version, whereas if I had my Nokia 3310, people would probably ask me which era I was still living in. But hey. Pre NoDo's have internet. :)
  • The third sentence in the second paragraph doesn't make sense. :-\
  • It's just the "who you follows you" bit that's wrong... Remove the first "you" and it's fine
  • Actually it does, read carefully.
  • It's been edited since then
  • So it has. :-). It was looking like a tongue-twister before.
  • this application require buying if you want access to full features. Anyway the app transitions (animations) are very well-done. I hope Twitter/Instagram official apps implement those in the official
  • Sorry, still new to the whole "Social Internets" thing...Will this app allow me to "bulk unfollow" people?
  • To unfollow people, I use other application. Tried different ones, but chose fast-unfollow_com, therefore that the best offer on a ratio the price quality. It works so quickly as it's necessary for me, and cheaper than others. Besides I got first 1000 unfollows for free.
  • Please allow to chose which instagram client to use - 6tag or official instagram beta.  
  • Are there any analogical apps with similar, perhaps symmetrical features and functions for instagram, except this one? My brother use Zengram, btw. he got new followers with it, but i would like to read your suggestions.