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Liquid Daffodil's Unification re-published to the Windows Phone Store, applies some changes

Attention Unification users, or those thinking about jumping aboard and utilising the service. Unification has been moved on the Windows Phone Store. It's now sporting a brand new logo, as well as a new location so be sure to upgrade if you've had the previous version installed. We've included the new links and QR codes in this article, making it real easy to get the correct app. So why the move and what's the current situation? Liquid Daffodil was contacted by Microsoft (you knew it was coming, right?) and has complied to make some alterations to both Windows Phone apps.

The team was contacted last week with some recommendations that should be applied to the Unification apps, particularly the version for Windows Phone 7. We've been informed of a number of changes that are in the works, but unfortunately the developer is not at liberty to talk about. Since the app is freely available, it was easier to apply changes numbered by Microsoft and re-publish the Unification apps to the store. That's the tl;dr version. Unification is readily available once again, with some slight alterations made.

So what's new in this "new" version of Unification? There are a number of new features that have been bundled with the re-launch. Multi-select is now available for actions, such as removing notifications (similar to how email management works on Windows Phone) and allows users to request favourite apps to get "Unification Ready" directly from within the app. Pretty neat if the apps installed don't currently support the notification center (see below for some screens on both app requests and multi-select).

Unification App Request

As well as affecting Windows Phone apps, some of the changes Microsoft advised also covered the Windows 8 version of Unification. The good news is that all three editions are available for consumers across the Windows eco-system. A unified notification center experience? It's happening, folks.

So how's the service performing with a limited number of apps "Unification Ready" and only being live for just over a week? We've got some rather exciting statistics to share from Liquid Daffodil. The developer reports that daily traffic is clocked in at approximately 180,000 Notifications being sent through Unification. That's not a bad start. It's no secret that consumers are desperately holding out for a notification center solution and Liquid Daffodil has managed to provide such a service. We've also been told that German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese language support will be implemented soon.

Remember though, folks. Apps that do not currently support Unification is not a limitation of the service, but the app in question. Should you wish to get your favourite apps using Unification, be sure to contact the respective developer. Following the development of Unification closely, we've been continuously impressed by the progress made. At the very least, Unification will provide a temporary solution until Microsoft eventually launches its own native alternative. But until that day arrives, we're happy to see Liquid Daffodil expand the service and have more developers adding support.

You can download Unification from the Windows Phone Store (both Windows Phone 7.x and 8), as well as Windows 8 (once it's live - we'll update when the store lists the version).

QR: Unification

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • This is also a very nice initiative and idea but to be honest its quite useless right now, it supports 10 apps?!
    I use none of the apps listed.
    I hope developers gets interest in supporting this.
  • "Apps that do not currently support Unification is not a limitation of the service, but the app in question. Should you wish to get your favourite apps using Unification, be sure to contact the respective developer." <<<
  • I appreciate that they are trying to fill in a hole in WP.  But I don't think this will take off with devs.  Its hard enough to get most devs to implement actual MS recomended features and APIs, like Live Tiles and Notications.  So I doubt these devs are going to implement some 3rd party's API.  In the end, the real solution will have to be for MS to get off their ass and release a true notifications center.
  • Exactly! And neither does it support the integrated apps like Phone, Messaging, Email etc..
  • <p>integrated apps doesnt need to be supportedt, notification for integrated apps will show on live tiles, and if you didnt pin those apps to your homescreen, it will show notification count on your lock screen</p>
  • I actually don't mind that. I look at my live tiles for the Phone, messaging, etc., but it would be nice to have one place to look for all my "second tier" apps - apps I care about but don't want live tiles for.
  • Yeah.  This is an app that must die.  And I am sure even the developers are hoping to be made obsolete soon.
    But until MS get of their duffs and do this themselves, this is the best we've got.  Kudos to LD for this major effort.
  • Why is the approval of other apps taking so long? WPCentral is still in the pending section.
  • We are writing support into our next update
  • hey jay just wondering are you guys working on a windows RT/8 application? i know its a bit redundant since you can use the browser but an app would be awfully convenient, and i would pay for it :D
  • Yeah he made an announcement awhile ago, however I haven't heard since. I am curious when he expects to release it.
  • Says install not update.Odd.
  • It's a new listing, remove the old Unification app and install this one :-)
  • Useless. And I have Locksider+ installed (though don't use it) and it doesn't show up as being in my phone in this app
  • Agree.
  • What does it do exactly?
  • If more developers get on board its an all in one notification center.
  • why not available in China Market? does it cost more to publish an app globally?!?
  • That's an issue in China. Its actually a selection to publish to everything BUT China...many developers select this to avoid their apps being failed due to some regulation difference in China.
  • Useless app
  • For some, maybe, for many, awesome. The traffic of Notifications says alot, and its only been a week. As more an more apps get online it will be a core service for most.
  • As much as I appreciate this, it just takes too much effort to make it all work. Microsoft really needs to get moving on this.
  • I'm with you. Though I don't particularly find that LD's apps fit my needs, I really love the passion they have for the platform. I'm still not sold on a notification center as being essential as I personally have never come across a situation where I felt like I needed one. But I hope this continues to grow for the users that really desire it.
  • I still have not got a clue what this app does.
  • It is a notification center for 3rd party apps that choose to support it.
    Liquid Daffodil has created API's that, for example Facebook could use. When Facebook implements those API's on there back end servers it then sends an update to the LD servers which the clients app (Notification Center) then pulls that update into there phone.
    Obviously the more app developers that support this the more useful this Notification app becomes. Until then........
  • This app is useless as others stated. To me its just a push to show what Microsoft could do. Once Microsoft implements a notification center then we'll have to wait on the real apps to update to that notification. Thumbs down on this app. (the ghost of Ebert)
  • I have to disagree.
    While I don't have this app it sounds like it does do what it's designed to do, and does it pretty well. 
    It's up to developers to support this if they want. If they don't then the app becomes pretty useless. It's still very much so in it's infancy so I wouldn't say this is a thumbs down but more of a "Meh.".
  • You can disagree but at least get the app and don't assume.. So your comment is null and void foe no facts or evidence to back up your statement
  • Fair enough.
    I tried the app. My comment is now SUPER DUPER RELEVENT! 
  • The apps wont need to be updated for Microsoft's notification center. Because, the notifications already pass through microsoft's servers, so they can directly implement it without additional work on developer's side.
  • Lol amm its says all at one place but where ate the so called face book twitter etc. Notifications xD
  • Anyone please reply :/
  • The developers of the apps needs to put a code IN THEIR OWN APP in order for it to work so contacts the developers.
  • Vb2012 - Facebook twitter apps would have to include code in their apps for it to work with unification app.
  • Is there any way to make Unification list missed phone calls, text messages and skype calls as well?
  • Calls and texts, maybe not. Skype might, but again as everyone has said, the developer of the Skype app would HAVE to add the code to that app themselves.
  • Why? The live tiles for messages and phone calls already show this. I want this unification app for apps that I don't use daily like weather, twitter, ECT.
  • Is there a polite way of pointing out grammatical errors?
  • Pointing out grammatical errors is a free service provided by those like us in order to help improve the general state of English. Politeness should be a concern of secondary importance. :P Unless, of course, the poster whom you are correcting is not a native speaker of English (and there are many such folk on this site), in which case you're going to come off as a douche regardless. However, if you mean mistakes in the posted article, then my advice is to let it slide, lest you incur the Wrath of the Rubino.
  • Is it safe to assume that this is a privacy nightmare in the making?
  • Nice idea, but without support...thats all it is.
  • The bare minimum I want from an app like this is to centralise all of the Windows notifications. Email, text, Facebook, Chat even store app updates. Given this doesn't do one of these functions and is only going to be good for third party apps (one day in the distant future) it's not for me.  
  • Multi select and requested are not available yet.
  • Did anyone else half expect this to named something like "YEStifications!"? :P
  • it's weired. I installed the new version, but it seems same as previous uninstalled version. For example,  I couldn't able to remove a bunch of notication like the e-mail managment works on windows phone. 
  • Conspiracy theory time. Why are MS a little touchy on these notification apps? First with windowsphonehacker now Unification. Probably something mundane, but who knows what's MS brewing internally...
  • It must suck to be a developer and listen to a bunch of non-contributing complainers call your efforts "worthless" because it doesn't do exactly what they want it to. Geeze people remember:
    • They can't force other developers to opt-in, instantly. Even WPC has to take time to update their app.
    • They don't control the OS, so limitations exist, in terms of missed calls, texts and emails. Which is OK b/c those are handled perfectly by tiles.
    • This is NEW and FREE. Show some patience and tact.
    • Downloading this app will give it numbers, showing other devs that it would be worth their time to make the code changes in their apps.
    So how about being constructive instead of throwing out insulting, one word criticisms? If you are incapable of doing that, then try shutting up and doing a better job of writing the app yourself. After many hours of work, publish it and we'll all sit in smug judgment.
  • "An Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages"
  • Microsoft is too slow to make apps....... Its nice when Facebook, twitter, crickbuzz, and all favorite apps are available.
  • I appreciate the effort from Ld and ms, but this app is pointless right. If I could find a fb app to alert me when I receive an inbox message, I'll be satisfied..
  • I have a LOT of apparently supported Liquid Daffodil apps installed and the Unification app just says its lonely in here, add some apps, when I click on any of the already installed supported app, it takes me to the marketplace where it tells me I already have it installed
    What does this app do exactly? Or what SHOULD it do ?
  • I have the same prob. I am using gleek, and have had new followers and had tweets favourited since enabling unification, but it just says lonely.
  • Waste...........