Universal OneNote app gains password protected notes, beta features toggle and more

OneNote users are in for a treat with the app's latest update on Windows 10 PC and Mobile. Available in version 17.7870.57621.0 of the app for production are features that we already saw hit the Fast ring not all that long ago, including password protected notes, the ability to save images and files from your notes, and even a new toggle for beta features in the settings.

Here's a look at the official changelog for the latest update:

  • Reorder your notebooks: Sort your notebooks however you like. Simply click and drag a notebook to reorder it in the list.
  • Password protection: Add a password to a section to keep your notes safe from prying eyes
  • Create diagrams or flow charts: Use the Shapes gallery to insert perfect circles, squares, arrows, and more.
  • Save images and files: Save your favorite picture or an important file outside of OneNote. Just right-click and save it to a location you specify.
  • New page placement: Quickly add a new page below the currently selected one, rather than at the bottom of the page list.

While it's not mentioned in the build notes, there's also now an option in the Settings menu to enable beta features. It's unclear how this differs from testing that's done on Windows Insider rings, but it's there regardless. If you'd like to try it out, you can enable it by heading to the Options portion of the Settings menu and switching the toggle underneath "OneNote Preview."

Download OneNote from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Thanks, @RSrivathsava, for the tip!

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  • Password protected notebooks are next, hopefully
  • Omg awesome! Yayy
  • It's weird when they bother to Update mobile app. Not used to it. Always expect It's for PC only anymore when I see ab article about an app Update
  • Its the same app
  • Wen for Android?
  • Dell inspiron 5378...very understated. One heck of a machine I would say. 8gb ram, 7th gen i5, touch screen, windows hello, backlit keyboard, 1tb hdd, precision trackpad, & the list goes on.
  • What does that have to do with OneNote?
  • There's an article just above this one about the best laptop for students, so they might have commented on the wrong article by accident.
  • Been waiting for password protection
  • Been waiting for password protection.
  • I need OneNote to stop telling me "There are conflicting changes on this page. Try opening it with OneNote Online on a computer to resolve these conflicts."
  • I get that kind of things a lot, something is broken. Do you also get corrupted notes? I'm about tot move everything to a new notebook...
  • Hello. I got some corrupted notes and what I've done is to manually select all the content, copied and pasted into a new note. And deleted the original note after that. BTW, I don't have too many notes, so this should work well :)
  • I've been using OneNote since 2008 and haven't run into conflicting changes error before. Maybe the notebook is corrupt like victor mentioned.
  • I can do all the above stuff except for password protection. How do you password protect a section?  
  • Right-click a section name in a section tab, or in navigation list -> click 'Password protect this section' Been that way for years.  Am I missing something?
  • I didn't find anything that can be password protected.
  • Hello. You can password protect by long tapping on the name of the page, i.e. "Quick Notes" This can be done for a single page, not for a single note. And, what are those "Class Notebook Tools"? I enable it in both modes and I can't tell the difference :/
  • Love password protection.
  • Still no way of opening and saving notes from/to local SSD? GTFOH...
  • It should have night mode