Beer lovers rejoice as Untappd gets major makeover in 2.0 for Windows Phone

If you like to drink beer (and who doesn't) then you want to grab Untappd 2.0, now live in the Windows Phone Store. The free Untappd service lets users look up beers and check-in, record ratings, upload photos, notes and sharing the information socially. Users can even earn badges or follow people for recommendations on beer.

The previous app for Windows Phone was infamously a Phone Gap app, meaning it was not actually native, but rather a port with limited functionality. This limitation seems to change with 2.0, which looks to be a native app. Even better, the Untappd developers have included a rather lengthy changelog. Let's take a look!

Untappd 2.0 for Windows Phone

  • Push Notifications - We finally bring the power of push notifications to the Window platform!
  • Better and Smoother Scrolling - no more "window jumping".
  • You've asked for it - and it's finally here: Quarter Star Ratings! You can now rating your beers to the .25th degree.
  • Make a spelling mistake with your check-in comment/review? You can now edit it and fix those typos.
  • Forget to add a location to your check-in? You can now add a location to your check-in, after you have checked in.
  • Check-in Alerts: You can now get alerts when your friends check-in! You can turn this on for Nearby checkins or for all Alerts! Enable this on their profile page today!
  • Want to change your username? Now you can change this via the application, in your Profile Settings.
  • Added an In-App Feedback button for you to let us know any feedback you may have

That is a rather significant feature list for Windows Phone. Even more importantly, as far as we can tell this brings the app up to feature parity with iOS and Android (the app looks closer to the Android version with some design elements, though there are subtle differences too).

Up until now, we have been enjoying the excellent third party app Tapped, but we may take another look at this official offering again. Grab the app and tell us what you think!

Download Untappd for Windows Phone

Thanks, Adam, for the tip!

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