A future Xbox One Slim and a new Xbox may have been revealed in FCC filings

There's lots of speculation that Microsoft could launch a new and smaller version of the Xbox One at E3 2016 in June. Now, newly discovered filings by Microsoft to the Federal Communications Commission have added fuel to those rumors. There's also speculation the filings reveal plans to launch an all-new Xbox console.

The FCC filings were first reported on the NEOGaf forums. The speculation begins with the fact that the FCC listed the current Xbox One's wireless chip with the model number 1525. One of the two FCC filings, 1683 lists "User Manual 1525" as one of its documents. The speculation is that since this new product uses an old user manual, it might indicate a revised Xbox One that could be smaller than the current model.

The other FCC filing, 1682 has the same wireless chip but doesn't have the same user manual listed in its documents. Some people have suggested this means Microsoft might be preparing to launch a new Xbox console. Of course, all of these speculations might be leading people to the wrong conclusion, so take these kinds of reports with a grain of salt.

John Callaham