Update: Watch the Ballmer-Lees press conference

Couldn't come up with the scratch to make it to Barcelona, Spain, for Mobile World Congress? It's cool. Microsoft and your friends at WMExperts have you covered.

Join us after the break at 9 a.m. EST (that's 3 p.m. Barcelona time) right now for a live feed (courtesy of the boys and girls in Redmond) of Steve Ballmer, Andy Lees and friends as we hope to get our first official glimpse of Windows Mobile 6.5, My Phone, and maybe a monkey dance for old times' sake. (Note: You'll likely need Silverlight to see the feed. Get it here.)

Update: Yeah, the live show's over. Sorry if you missed it (these European times are killer). We'll try to find a recorded version.

Update 2: Here's the whole thing for ya. Enjoy.

Dieter Bohn