Updated with Lumia Black? Grab Nokia Beamer and StoryTeller from the Windows Phone Store

Nokia is currently pushing out the highly anticipated Lumia Black update to Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925 owners in multiple markets (we're receiving tips left, right and centre from you guys – other Lumia Windows Phones will follow). But did you also know that once updated you'll be able to take full advantage of both Nokia Beamer and StoryTeller?

These two apps were previously only available on the Lumia 1520, which runs Nokia's Black update. Rocking Lumia Black on your Lumia 925 or 1020? Head on past the break for more details, QR codes and download links for these two great apps.

Nokia StoryTeller

This is an interesting app, especially if you're a fan of taking photos (and with a Lumia Windows Phone, why wouldn't you be?). What StoryTeller by Nokia does is it takes all your photos and automatically arrangers them, utilising HERE services for data to categorise said images into galleries. What's more is if you take numerous shots in a single sitting, the app will attempt to select the best ones for you.

A pretty neat feature in StoryTeller is the HERE Maps integration. Further expanding on what we touched on above, when viewing photos you're able to zoom out to be met with an overlay showing where all your shots where taken. You can move around the map, select galleries you wish to check out and you'll be presented with all the best photos, capturing those special moments.

Download Nokia StoryTeller from the Nokia Collection on the Windows Phone Store for free.

Nokia Beamer

Nokia Beamer

​There are generally never any complaints when it comes to Nokia's collection of Windows Phone apps. The company has some ridiculous functionality covered and Nokia Beamer doesn't disappoint. With the app installed, you'll be able to not only share images with larger screens, but also sharing your screen just like a mirror.

If you're a fan of PhotoBeamer, you'll need to install Nokia Beamer. The app mirrors what's displayed on your phone with another device, shared via QR codes, links and more. We strongly recommend you check this out, it's seriously cool. 

Fetch Nokia Beamer from the Nokia Collection on the Windows Phone Store for free.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Still waiting for Black update.
  • +AT&T 920
  • ++920 whats the hold up?
  • Nokia has updated their updates status page with Black updated http://www.nokia.com/global/support/software-update/wp8-software-update/ (click on region to drill down)   Atleast there is some advancement!
  • True, I saw that this morning. I'm just frustrated that AT&T is going to make us that have NL920 wait until they feel like it's ready. grrr I say.
  • But why isn't Storyteller Beta app available for the 920 on AT&T? The app only requires Amber firmware.
  • Waiting for Black update for my l820...
  • +VZW 822
  • Does Nokia Beamer only work with other mobile devices or would I be able to beam to a PC? Guess I shouldn't have been ignoring those "an update is available" messages I've been getting for the past week.
  • Its works with other mobiles and smart tvs with a web browser. All beamer does is take the recipient to a privately hosted portal similar to how applications such as join.me work.
  • I would assume it works on all web browsers regardless of what you're using. I'm wondering if PhotoBeamer is now kind of obsolete??? I mean this can do the same and more!!!
  • I plan on using it (if possible) to beam to a PC then record stuff like games or apps for YouTube. If it can do this, I'd be a happy camper.
  • PhotoBeamer is still valid if you care about the resolution. Beamer captures the screen and is limited to given screen resolution.
  • Beamer is only available to phones with 1 GB RAM so all of us with a 512 MB devices still needs it.
  • I heard it won't have raw support for the 920, just slightly undercooked!!!
  • Why would you want RAW support on the 920? As stellar as the camera is for a phone, it can't match the 1520's and 1020's cameras. There's no point on having RAW support for the 920 because of the low (when compared to either of the two devices mentioned) megapixel count. I got a Lumia 920 too, by the way.
  • I was only joking! Raw and undercooked!!!
  • LOL
  • Omg lmao!!! It's hard to get a joke in a foreign language!! Now that I got it, it was pretty funny hehe :)
  • Is there a timeframe for the 920? I assume that as this is coming from Nokia we don't need to wait for carriers to fiddle with it? Are we looking at weeks or months?
  • RAW isn't just about the megapixel count. It's about receiving the 'raw' sensor data (hence the name) and being able to do more with it because all the post-processing isn't already baked in.
  • It's fine, I know it. I just mentioned the megapixels so my explanation would be simple and easy to understand, as I did not understand Darren's joke at first. Thanks for the insight anyways!
  • I updated my Nokia LUMIA 820 with LUMIA BLACK update, but before that I had Developers Preview on it. I lost my Dev Preview updating, so I'm getting it again now, will it damage my phone.
  • Just tried exactly what you asked about. No new preview OS update available, but no problem doing that.
  • Got it! Love it! (I live in Canada but I bought an unlocked Lumia 1020 from Hong Kong. Totally worth it.)
  • I was able to install on my L925 with dev preview GDR3 but Amber update only, still waiting on black.
  • Not available on AT&T L920 with Amber firmware and GDR3 dev preview. Guess I'll try back in a bit.
  • Me too with my 925 on T-Mobile...same story...waiting..
  • How does Beamer display on a TV? I saw a glimpse of a QR on a TV in a video, but how did that QR get there? Other phones, PCs, etc make sense but the TV is stumping me.
  • U need internet enable tv for this. So a smart tv with a browser will be able to work.
  • Finally a use for Chromecast :P
  • I gotcha. You'd bring up the email in the browser and voila. I kept thinking you'd scan a QR on the TV, which didn't make sense. Any QR I saw must've been on the device to be shared.
  • It's like the Nokia Photobeamer, you open the app on your phone and go to https://www.photobeamer.com/ on the devices you want to share the photos (PC/TV). If your webbrowser on your PC or TV supports HTML5 it will show a QR code, which you will scan with your phones camera to show your photos on that device.
  • Launch Nokia Beamer on your phone, open http://beam.nokia.com on your TV (whether it is an Internet-connected smart TV or a regular TV connected to an Xbox, computer or whatever with a web browser showing that website), scan the QR code on the TV with your phone and you're good to go. Enjoy!
  • Awesome. That's even more slick. Thanks for clarifying!
  • Yup got it on my 1020 today morning and tipped here but guess Rich got the info before that. Works awesome. Was planning to do the proxy trick today bit Nokia knows how to treat its customers well....no xda dev site needed to get optimal use of your phone
  • Storyteller is working for me on Amber. Beamer is installed but gives a warning message when you open it.
  • Ok i grouped my social apps, face, whatsapp, viber, Skype etc.. In a tile. I still get notifications on all these, right? (in my new tile)
  • that would be difficult, although a good idea.
  • But u can't see the count
  • pedometer app ?? is only for lumia 1520?
  • I have the 1520 and I haven't seen any pedometer app.. Where is it❔
  • Grabbed the apps. A good day for Windows Phone!
  • can my lumia 920 update to lumia black??
  • Nope, we'll (I also have L920) probably get it next year when Windows Phone 9 comes out.
  • Nokia Beamer to a laptop? Possible?
  • yes..
  • even in other mobile phones
  • To any web browser :)
  • Storyteller works fine on my L925 Amber... I like it. Very intuitive. Brings your photo library to life. Takes a bit to load up the first time so dont think its broken. Plus I have over 3GB worth of photos.
  • How did u get story teller on ya Lumia 925 im still on GDR2 :(
  • Im on GDR3... On TMO. Used the Dev Preview but its official now as far as I know.
  • All working on Black. Like driving mode, screen rotation lock and glance engancements
  • I don't have Black on my L925 yet but story teller works just fine
  • FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU TMobile. not available for 810
  • I have 920 with Amber and developer preview and I can't download Storyteller but some of you yes. Do I need to do something?
  • you sure youre asking the correct person?
  • Just downloaded both without black unless my phone magically updated without my knowledge and no I don't have it set on auto update
  • Please post some feedback to those using glance.seems like it drains my lumia 1520 battery pretty quick.im not 100% sure that's why im asking some opinion.ty!
  • Rodneyej did you get your black update?
  • Oh you! I see what you did there!
  • Was able to install both with just amber ^_^
  • Need it on the 920
  • No love for 920, available on my 1020... Straya
  • Waiting. Unlocked (never have been locked either), unbranded (never been) Lumia 920. No black for Swedes :(
  • Did you say centre?
  • SWEET!!!
  • I have got the Lumia Black update on my 925 here in Egypt and I'm loving it!
  • Just updated to Black this morning in Malaysia. Will check out new features for Lumia 1020 later.
  • Just got Black wohoooo :D
  • Just got Black on my Lumia 1020 here in Jakarta. Thanks for the news. Cheers!
  • Anybody from oz getting update yet? Unlocked Lumia 1020
  • Waiting for 928 here in the Philippines :((
  • Storyteller provided if you taking photo and open the location services .
  • don't shoot me guys but is there a way to know if you have Black? I was able to download both of these apps - I have a 1020 in NJ USA
  • I don't think you need black to install these, just amber. Go to setings-> extras+info and you'll see what version you have
  • Still on Amber here. Because Brazil, that's why. ¬¬
  • Is it expected on the L928?
  • Just received the Nokia Black Update on my Nokia Lumia 1020 on TELUS Mobility in Toronto, Canada
  • Have "Nokia Storyteller BETA", & "Nokia Camera" Updates waiting to install in the store. Description for both updates says "Requires the Lumia Amber update". Kinda confusing, as I have the 1520 with the Black update. Does someone here at WPC know, are these latest updates just making apps backwards compatible with devices still on Amber? Seems strange to update to what by the description could be perceived as a downgrade....
  • I am experiencing the same issue. Any news yet ?
  • Got the update one hour ago! Lumia 1020, unbranded, Sweden!
  • Installing the update now on my 925 in The Netherlands :)
  • Got it on my L925 in Germany...
  • If I updated my L620 to black,will I be able to get them???
  • If I updated my L620 to black,will I be able to get these apps??
  • In Poland Black is available for 925 users in Orange and 1020 users in T-Mobile.   What does comming soon or Waiting for approval mean?
  • Installing the Black update on my EU spec Lumia 925 right now. Using it as a Aio Wireless prepaid phone and loving it. Please keep up the great work WP Central, Nokia & Aio Wireless! (Edit: Oh and Microsoft!) -J
  • Anybody's Peek not working post-Black? My 925 won't Peek at all now. All other Glance settings work.
  • L520? I don't have Black update .__.
  • my nokia lumia 520 cant get updates...i updated 3 times...bt no amber or black plz hlp me
  • I got update... I m having 925, I am in India... One thing I noticed about rotayion lock... Its saving orientation... If I exit app with landscape and again open in portriet, its opening in Landscape!!! It should lock based on current phone orientation!!!!
  • Agree with Chrish Sandiford, Pick is not working after installing Black update in my Lumia 925 :(
  • Still waiting for Lumia black update for NL520
  • i am now updating with Lumia Black on my 820 in italy !
  • Updated to Black with my L820 in Uk,  why can I not get Beamer?  
  • I have installed the Black Update on my Lumia 820 (India). But whenever I try to install Nokia Beamer it says not available for you device. What could be the reason for that ?
  • I have also just installed Black Update Lumia 920 (Denmark). And like Kaysush i can install the storyteller app fine but when trying to install the Nokia Beamer it says i will need the black update which was just installed. I have restarted phone since installation. Any ideas?
  • when lumia black update coming on my lumia 520 in india? ans me............ iam waiting