Updated: More Windows Mobile 6.5 screenshots

If you're anything like us, you just can't get enough speculation over exactly what Windows Mobile 6.5 is going to look like. And you just can't go wrong when your home screen has a big, crazy bird on it.

We should find out for reals in a couple weeks at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and our own Dieter Bohn's going to be there. For now, we've found some more screenshots on XDA Developers of what user xaoc747 says are "Real screens of Windows Mobile 6.5!"

Read on for more pictures and our thoughts on them.

UPDATE: Here's yet another thread over at ppcgeeks. Seriously. Has this thing been launched yet?

On the left, that same homescreen we've been seeing for a while now. Note that we also get the number of texts, voicemails and missed calls. On the right, the new Internet Explorer Mobile, with Opera-esque buttons at the bottom. We're betting the buttons are back, bookmarks, soft keyboard, zoom and tabs. Not that big a limb to go out on.

On the left, a zoom scroller in IE. On the right, another shot of that honeycomb feature. One interesting thing to note is how the honeycomb appears to continue below the visible screen. Because we can see that, it would eliminate the need for the unsightly scroll bar on the edge.

And, lastly, we're back to that crazy bird. Look at the top of his head. We're betting that's a touch-based unlock feature.

Anyone starting to get a little more excited now?

Phil Nickinson

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