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Updated video of Tiletris shows up, looks even more awesome

If you caught the video the other day, TVShow developer Rudy Huyn has demonstrated how powerufl the new Live Tile system in Mango is by creating "an app without an app". Specifically he created a Tetris game using just Live Tiles, which is pretty awesome.

Though he has no immediate plans to actually make this into a game, he will make the code available so others can get some ideas and hopefully innovate.

In this new video, we see he now uses the Zune controls for movement of the Tetris shapes, which seems a bit nicer and over all game play (if you can call it that) looks smoother.

Source: YouTube; Thanks, Rudy, for the heads up

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  • I'm excited to see a third party app using the Zune controls. :)
  • I guess as a proof of concept it is interesting. I'd not call it "awesome", except to a dev.
  • I rewarded his efforts by buying TVShow :)Good work!