US residents can choose any Xbox One game to get for free with console purchase next week

Microsoft is trying to jump start sales of the Xbox One console in the US with a rather interesting promotion. From September 7 to September 13, people in the US who buy a new Xbox One console from participating retailers will also be able to get any Xbox One retail game for free.

That's right; Microsoft isn't restricting the free game from a list of predetermined titles, so you can purchase a console and get, for example, the long awaited sci-fi shooter Destiny for free, which just happens to be coming out the week of this promotion. The offer also includes Microsoft's currently available Xbox One bundles for Madden NFL 2014 and Forza Motorsport 5 so buyers could get two free games with their console purchase.

The offer extends to retail Xbox One games with a price up to $59.99 (in other words, no collectors editions). The offer is not valid for games that won't be released prior to September 13. It also doesn't cover purchases of used or refurbished Xbox One consoles.

What do you think of this rather cool promotion for the Xbox One?

Source: Major Nelson

John Callaham
  • Now that's a good deal!
  • This is a Racist's deal!!!
  • How so?
  • Cause it is US only.
  • Geographically maybe.
  • Racist? We probably have more people living in the U.S. who come from different parts of the world than anywhere else. I'm sure a few KENZIBIT's will be enjoying this deal.
  • Hahahaha love that @Evolutionheavy
  • ;)
  • Someone doesn't know what the word racist means...
  • Smart move
  • Might get one since I need a bluray player too. What game should I get? I typically only play Mario and Mario Kart...
  • they should try the same approach in Japan, maybe someone would then buy it.
  • Lmao true story.
  • Japan has the best bundle yet: Xbox One + Kinect + Titanfall + Kinect Sports Rivals + Dance Central Spotlight, all for 49,980 yen ($476). That's a ridiculously good deal.
  • No fair! I want THAT deal!
  • The deal described in this article isn't too far off because you can pair it with any current Xbox One bundle, including the Forza 5 bundle, which means you can pay $499 and get an Xbox One + Kinect + Forza 5 + any $60 retail game that you want. Or, if you're dumb and don't want Kinect, you can pair with with the Madden bundle and get an Xbox One + Madden 15 + any $60 game you want for only $399. Crazy good stuff.
  • So people who don't want Kinect are now dumb? Nice to know there are still many ignorant people out there.
  • The kinect is being sold separately for $149.99, it comes with kinect adventures which is not worth $30 dollars probably at most $20 imo. So when you think about it when you buy the kinect separately you are $49 dollars, factoring in the bundled game your still out of pocket. Or you could do this, get the $399.99 bundle, get the free game, get the kinect separately (best done at another store) and exchange the kinect adventures game - sealed (presuming it comes boxed, the next day - but if not your pretty much screwed :P) for another game worth the same amount (or less so you can get two games or a game and credit). Since it is new it most likely will be retailed at $49 to $59. This way your not out of pocket :P.
  • The upcoming Kinect 2 bundle comes with Dance Central Spotlight, not Kinect Adventures. It's a digital download title, not a physical game.
  • Oh I see, well I did a quick bing search and that is the bundle I came across soo I guess there is more than one bundle.
  • No, you probably found a Kinect 1 (Xbox 360) bundle. There is only one stand-alone Kinect 2 (Xbox One) bundle, and it includes Dance Central Spotlight.
  • Ah my bad, your right lol.
  • No, they're not "now dumb." They've always been dumb! I'm jesting, of course. I'm sure there are some people who really don't want or need a Kinect, but by and large, the Kinect could benefit almost everyone and just adds so many great features at such a cheap price that, for the grand majority of consumers, not getting Kinect is a dumb move.
  • Ehh, not really. Rivals is a functional failure, and more frustrating than entertaining. Spotlight is a $10 digital title. Titanfall can be had for $20-30 frequently. I'd rather just pick up a Titanfall or Forza 5 bundle and get Destiny or Madden 15 free for $24 more.
  • I quite enjoyed Kinect Sports Rivals. It's not worth $60 and should never have launched at that price, but at $30 it's a steal. Wake racing and rock climbing are superb, tennis and bowling are good, soccer and shooting suck. I'd like to see them add in DLC for some other sports that have worked well in the past (track and field, beach volleyball, etc), but that won't happen because the game didn't sell well (because it was overpriced).
  • The problem is not the price or the bundle. The problem is none of these games is attractive to Japanese. If you care about the weekly Japanese game sales ranking, you should notice that they have a different taste compared to western market, and the only way to success in Japan is (at least) to have some of those games. Unfortunately, only one of Japanese style game will be released on XB1 this year (maybe 2, but the other one has not announced the release date yet). So here is the comparison, PS4 which is more powerful and has some of the games that Japanese like, vs XB1 which is less powerful and have only 1 game that some Japanese like, it's not a hard choice for most Japanese gamers. Not to say even PS4 can't beat WiiU in Japan (far worse than WiiU in Japan), which is not powerful at all but all the games are the ones Japanese like. XO started with relative good Japanese style games at the beginning, but red ring of death killed the console, not the games. Unfortunately, when the red ring of death got fixed, Microsoft failed to pointed out the real reason of failure and stopped supporting those Japanese style games (very little compared to the beginning), and the sales got even worse.
  • rememeber that japan is a country which uses their own products first. they don't have focus product approach but country focus approach and that's a good thing for a country and its citizens.
  • Wish I had the money for a new Xbone. I sooooo want MCC and Halo 5.
  • Wow, that's great for those who don't have one yet.
  • Microsoft keeps giving good deal to new Xbox owners, but what about the day one or people that purchased the console before the deal.
  • What about people buying the console before official release in the country. I purchased mine early August, with basically no games available, and over a month before the release here. Available starting today if I remember correctly... Why nothing for us early adopters!?
  • Right! They can't say they give us incentives with free games with gold because those game just suck. They are not worth me wasting HDD on it.
  • Early August and call yourself an early adopter? Dude, I bought mine on release date last year and it is releasing in my country in 5 days.. Phill Spencer should be sending me freaking games for free
  • What country do you live in? And how has the been importing games? Any problems? Do you import digitally or discs?
  • I live in Sweden. I was a fan of buying games on Amazon UK but after they removed free shipping (for orders of £25 and above), I fully embraced the digital era. Xbox One is region free, so I have set mine on the US marketplace and I pay for my games in dollars. It's like a permanent discount. And on top of that, I'm finding myself too lazy to switch discs all the time. I got a physical version of Titanfall and I'm hating it.
  • You got bragging rights, right? Or you got play you wanted THEN rather than wait a while... I mean that is why you bought the console knowing full well that not only prices would drop but that promotions would come. I mean this has been rinse and repeat for consoles for a while. It's like buying a TV and complaining the price dropped 6 months later and wanting a refund for the drop. It would be nice, but it isn't something that's reasonable.
  • How about the fact that you've been enjoying your Xbox One for almost a year? Is that not good enough anymore?
  • Not as much as I would of love to. I still use my 360 alot more than my Xbox one. FYI I'm a day one Xbox adopter.
  • Those people got to enjoy the Xbox One since Day One.That's the benefit. People who buy now missed out on 10 months of awesomeness.
  • I know, I got an Xbox one yesterday... At least I'm in Canada so I'm still losing out
  • if you only got it yesterday, take it back and buy it again in 3 days...then you won't "loose" out.
  • Day one owners have been able to play the console for almost a year. As a day one owner myself, I don't feel entitled to anything, I don't know why you do.
  • What I'm saying is since we are loyal Xbox gamers she should be rewarded in a better way than games for gold.
  • So what? You expect Microsoft to send you a cheque in the mail every time the price drops? Get a grip of yourself.
  • "The offer extends to retail Xbox One games with a price up to $59.99". Sorry, but does this mean I can get a disc version of this deal if I want or I can get it as a digital version? Basically, I'm asking if the deal includes a free digital game, a free disc game, or the choice of either. Either way, Microsoft should be marketing the hell out of this: this essentially undermines Sony's Destiny bundle, whichi s priced at $450 for the PS4 and game. This way people can get an Xbox One and Destiny for $400. Am I right abut that? They should be blitzing the airwaves with this now!
  • I'd have to guess physical copy only.
  • It likely means a physical game from the store where you purchase an Xbox One from. You'll likely also have to choose from what is on hand and in stock at the time of purchase.
  • Holy balls! I didn't realize at first that the deal can be combined with any bundles! This means you can buy the Xbox One Forza 5 bundle that includes the Xbox One + Kinect + Forza 5 + any $60 game that you want, all for $499! Or, if you're stupid and don't want Kinect, you can pair it up with the Madden 15 bundle and get the Xbox One + Madden 15 + any $60 game that you want, all for $399! Seriously, they need to be blitzing the airwaves with this info.
  • From the source: "Free game must be a new, disc-based game for Xbox One, maximum retail value $59.99." I was planning on purchasing an Xbox One on the 15th. I may have to bump that up by a couple of days. My plan is to go all digital this time. I do not want a disc. Hopefully I can convince my local MS store into giving me a digital copy instead.
  • I doubt the Microsoft Store can sell digital copies instead, but instead, you should go there and buy the Forza 5 bundle with Kinect at $499, that way you can get Xbox One with Kinect, a digital version of Forza 5, and then pick up a physical game at $60 and just sell it online (I'd think that grabbing Destiny at that price, on launch day would enable you to sell it back at a high resale value online). That said, someone said the Microsoft Store is also giving away a $50 gift card with new Xbox One purchase. So, you could just buy the Xbox One Forza 5 bundle, get the $50 gift card and then buy a digital version of a game you want.
  • Good to know about the $50 gift card. That may be the better option. Here's hoping that the Microsoft Store gets some Forza bundles soon. They have been sold out for about two weeks.
  • Really regretting not waiting to buy the Xbox One. First the Kinect is cut from the price. Then deals like this pop up. EA access giving away battlefield which is my favorite game.
  • If you already have an Xbox One and you got it with Kinect, you got the better deal. And I don't get your final point: if EA Access is giving away Battlefield 4 and that's your favorite game, then sign up for EA Access.
  • Pretty much. I like the Kinect but there was no chance I would pay $150 for it so it is a good thing I got it with the Day One bundle.
  • I wouldn't say useless.... The only thing I use it for is voice control. Maybe its almost useless lol
  • Well what I meant was I already bought battlefield LOL and yeah wael the Kinect is useless to me as of right now. That's what I get for making decisions hastily
  • Why is the Kinect useless to you right now? I use my Kinect all the time. Most times, I don't even turn on a controller because the Kinect is so conveneient.
  • Thanks for the slap In the face for being a Day One consumer.
  • U kinda slapped urself lol. Over time when sales slow down they'll start doing this. I wait at least a year to upgrade my console. I only got a 360 when GTA V came out. When GTA VI is out ill get X One
  • Should have purchased a PS4 buddy.
  • PS4 is already past 10mil sales, I think xbone is like 3 lol, way more players on ps4
  • The PS4 is boring and unambitious in comparison. That would've been a good waste of $400.
  • Boring, haha 10.5+ Million sold with great games and still selling faster with Xbox deforestation to try and sell the XB1. I enjoy my PS4 and it's gaming library so far. Your life is boring your crying about a XB1 buddy. Let me guess the Kinect is your reason your Xbox fan.
  • I bought the Xbox one because of the Kinect (I have 3 daughters that like to dance), but mainly because of the options and knowing that it is much more versatile than just a gaming machine.  I would love to see you try and skype someone with your PS4.  The camera quality is excellent and my girls love talking to family over the Kinect as we don't have to sit in front of a little camera or screen and try to cram everyone in. The versatility is what sold me, that and the games on the PS4 just didn't attract me at the time.
  • To this I gotta say he got you there. But then again I don't like the Xbox One at all. There's no point in wasting $450+ on a new console that barely has any games on it. Plus I would have to waste money on new games because it doesn't play Xbox 360 games which I found to be a d**k move on their part.
  • This mindset always irks me. As a Day One consumer you paid for the privilege of being able to enjoy the Xbox One for the past 10 months. That's the benefit of buying right away. Also, given that the standalone Kinect was announced for $150 and you essentially got it for $100 back on Day One, you definitely got the better deal because Kinect is awesome and you got it $50 off + 10 months of extra enjoyment.
  • When did gamers get so entitled?
  • When the internet took over the world
  • Microsoft, remember that there's life out of US. :-/
  • Why not just take $60 off... So we can buy r games used or through GameFly. Such a scam
  • Because subsidizing software costs is always cheaper than subsidizing hardware costs.
  • I know that. That's why it's a scam. Just buy used. it's all the same
  • It's not a scam. It's a deal.
  • Makes you feel like your getting a deal when if you truly and to save you should do your homework
  • Huh? You are gettin ga deal. You're getting a free game that you otherwise wouldn't have been able to get for free.
  • Perfect timing
  • Seriously, for the next 9 days there should be banner ads splattered across every games site and there should be a deluge of commercials on prime time TV showing that you can buy an Xbox One with Destiny and Madden for $399 or an Xbox One with Kinect and Forza and Destiny for $499.
  • This is also happening in Canada through best buy and futureshop Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Canada doesn't matter. As the late Robin Williams said: Canada is like a loft apartment above a great fing party"
  • can you show me the link that says this is true - I checked both BB and FS sites with no info. has nothing either. All fine print reads USA Only.
  • Says it in their flyer's I got Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • where you located? checked the online flyer here in Winnipeg for BB and FS and no mention whatsoever
  • Just moved from winnipeg to kingston so maybe it's a Ontario thing? Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • checked an online flyer this morning and the flyer for my region is offering the console/kinect/forza/tomb raider definitive edition and 1 other game for $499.99 til Sept 11.  
  • Haha Xbox is getting so desperate to compete in sales. What's next a free remote and NFL Sunday Pass.
  • Haha you joke but they might take your suggestion haha
  • After watching NFL games through the Xbox One with Fantasy snapped to the side, I would love that. Sunday ticket, Xbox One, Fantasy football app snapped=Heaven
  • I wonder why US residents only are so generously rewarded. Ok, and guys from Canada. What about other countries?  
  • Smart move MS. Destiny is out next week.
  • Boring, haha 10.5+ Million sold with great games and still selling faster with Xbox desperation
    to try and sell the XB1. I enjoy my PS4 and it's gaming library so far. Your life is boring your crying about a XB1 buddy. Let me guess the Kinect is your reason your Xbox fan.
  • You guessed correctly: Kinect is awesome and it alone makes the Xbox One exponentially more interesting than the PS4. Here's why:
    1. full 1080p HD camera that allows you to Skype with auto-digital zoom with up to 10 people.
    2. IR blaster that turns on your Xbox, TV, and cable box.
    3. Navigation controls via voice
    4. Navigation controls via gesture
    5. Allows you to play advanced fitness games with motion tracking and heartbeat monitoring
    6. Signs you in automatically via facial recognition, even in the dark.
    7. Allows you to play motion-controlled games such as Kinect Sports Rivals, Dance Central Spotlight, Fantasia, Fru, and Fruit Ninja Kinect 2.
    8. Allows you to stream games in real-time via Twitch with an inset video.
    9. Allows you to record game clips without having to remove your fingers from the buttons, unlike PS4, which is crucial for catching clips in competitive online matches like Killer Instinct where moving your finger off a button for a split second means you lose
    10. Allows you to edit game clips with an inset video, great for walkthroughs.
    11. Keeps track, via facial recognition and infrared, which players are holding which controllers.
    12. Allows you to play non-Kinect games with added in Kinect functions that improve gameplay, such as recording original character animations and dialogue in Project Spark, shouting out battle formations in Ryse, luring in zombies in Dead Rising 3, switching weapons in Tomb Raider, etc.
    13. Allows you to chat in party-chat without having to have a head set on, which is especially nice when there are other people in the room that want to participate in the conversation. You cannot do any of that on a PS4.
  • Are you saying the PS4 can't do most of what you mentioned. Sounds like a biased list you have there buddy. Now go look deep into the PS4 features and capabilities. Make a entire list also in comparison to yours. Then maybe you might be right.
  • That is exactly what I'm saying: the PS4 cannot do any of those things. It's not a biased list. Those are facts. And, the really sad thing for the PS4 is that that is nowhere near a complete list of things that the Xbox One can do that the PS4 cannot do. There are a ton more. Those were just the ones that focused around Kinect.
  • You never answered the question. I'm comparison aye you saying the PS4 can't do most what you mentioned?
  • I never answered the question? I answered it twice already. Here it is again: those things I listed that the Xbox One can do thanks to the Kinect? The PS4 cannot do them. None of them.
  • Lol and you can do all of that with the ps4 camera (minus recording a clip, but you get 15min on the ps4 and its constantly recording at 15min intervals versus the 30sec on xbox one Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • No, that's not true. All of those things I listed, the PS4 cannot do.
  • Yes yes it can get your head out of your ass. I own both consoles, I can tell you they do everything you listed Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Pff... No it can not. Seriously, you people.
  • No, it can't. None of them. I know what I'm talking about. Hell, we can go through the list one by one if you want. Let's start with the first one: Can the PS4 Skype in full 1080p HD with auto-digital zoom? Nope. Then you're wrong. Case closed. I'll gladly hold your hand through the rest of them too, if you'd like.
  • What do loyal Xbox one purchasers get? A controller that normally comes with the console but wait hold says "Day One" on it - wohhhhh! Preordered it too! Paid more and no free game???? Wait you mean to say if u wait - hold out you get the console cheaper and a free Xbox game of your choice???? Love it! - Microsoft this is how you treat your loyal customers????
  • I got a bunch of GWG games and a lot of fun playing X1 games with friends that people just buying now didn't get.
  • Dang! I just bought my Xbox One 2 weeks ago! @#$% &*()-\!;:'"?/,. Lol!
  • You usually have maybe 15 - 30 days to return it. Pack it up, return, to buy next week if you need a game.
  • That's crazy.  Just do a bundle and get another free game.  I may be finally buying this for kids and myself.  Too good to pass up.
  • Madden 25 or 15? There is no Madden 2014.
  • Madden 15 is the bundle referenced--i.e. the new version.
  • Btw, it's Madden 15, not Madden NFL 14. ;)
  • Funny commercial
  • Wife got me a One for Christmas last year. One of those 700+ bundles with 3 games and Kinect, which I never thought I would use. Also got me a year of Live along with my mom getting me a year of Live and my wife's sister and mom getting me a gift card good for 2 more games. Best part was my 4 year old daughter spilling the beans 8 days early, so I got to hook it up.
  • If they are doing these sales now, I expect them to give us better deals on Black Friday so I'm gonna wait this one out, even though this is tempting.
  • I wouldn't wait. There is no guarantee of a better deal coming on Black Friday. When the Titanfall bundle launched for $450 (Xbox One + Kinect + Titanfall), it was an amazing deal that a lot of people on the fence passed on because they thought it meant a better deal coming soon. That 'better deal' didn't come until just now, 6 months later. That's a half a year of missed gaming opportunities, which, to me, isn't worth the "what if I wait?" game.
  • Quick! Someone list a participating retailer where I can get the Xbox 360 Forza 5 with Kinect Bundle and then I'll buy (well kindly ask) for Destiny. I wish Forza Horizon 2 was coming out at the time.
  • Microsoft store!
  • Then what makes it better is that I can also get $100 for trading in my old Xbox 360.
  • But it seems to be sold out.
  • And of course I just bought my One a few days ago. Still, I'll go in and bitch, and they'll give me the promo. Free Destiny? Yes, please!
  • Make more sense then offering Skype premium to users who probably wont extend it beyond the trial
  • It kinda pisses me off that day one purchasers got nothing.
  • Except, you know, an extra 10 months enjoying the Xbox One. Oy vey.
  • Holy shit that's a damn good deal. You'd have to be a huge anti Xbox fanboy to pass on this offer.
  • To all you day one buyers.... Cry me a river.
  • Is Amazon a participating retailer?   And to all the Xbox One day one purchasers...You have had the system for almost a year that's exclusive!
  • Man i want Ryse Son of Rome. Now thats one sick game to play.
  • Hmmm thinking of getting but got sick and I don't have money anymore I'll get one soon
    I had a PS4 played it liked something's kept going to something packed it up returned it got my money back worse purchase ever.
  • You have the same last name as me. :-o
  • We do? Lol such a rarity
  • Amazing deal!
  • I buy my xbox on day one, I receive a big nothing with it... now you can buy a console with a game bundle and receive a second game for free, it's a bit frustrating...
  • I'd rather get 60$ off the console.