xbox one

Microsoft is trying to jump start sales of the Xbox One console in the US with a rather interesting promotion. From September 7 to September 13, people in the US who buy a new Xbox One console from participating retailers will also be able to get any Xbox One retail game for free.

That's right; Microsoft isn't restricting the free game from a list of predetermined titles, so you can purchase a console and get, for example, the long awaited sci-fi shooter Destiny for free, which just happens to be coming out the week of this promotion. The offer also includes Microsoft's currently available Xbox One bundles for Madden NFL 2014 and Forza Motorsport 5 so buyers could get two free games with their console purchase.

The offer extends to retail Xbox One games with a price up to $59.99 (in other words, no collectors editions). The offer is not valid for games that won't be released prior to September 13. It also doesn't cover purchases of used or refurbished Xbox One consoles.

What do you think of this rather cool promotion for the Xbox One?

Source: Major Nelson