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Valve recruited the developer of the Unofficial Steam Authenticator to build its official mobile app

While Valve is finally bringing official Steam app to Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile, it seems that the company looked to a third-party developer to help them get it done. Valve has apparently hired Thomas Cheyney, developer of the Unofficial Steam Authenticator to help it build its official app.

Cheyney, under the username Top_Cat, confirmed the move on Reddit. In answering questions from users, Cheyney indicated that the app, at least for now, would remain mobile-only.

This is certainly an interesting way for Valve to go about developing its official app. However, it's also nice to see a company pull from a talented community to get the job done. You can find the official Steam app now on the Microsoft Store, though you may not be able to download it just yet.

See the official Steam app on the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

QR: steam

  • That's how you know it will end up good. He's got passion. Not just doing it to get it in the store.
  • I'm glad for the developer, but you gotta admit the app is no where near the quality level the Android and iOS clients have, even aesthetically. You'd think Valve would at least give him the apps code for him to have some guidelines.
    What bothers me the most is how the chat seems to be just a web wrapper for the browser version of the chat. Notifications don't work on my Lumia 1020 running 8.1, and that huge "send" button looks completely out of place. Could replace it with something like WhatsApp/messaging from Windows 10. And it also happens that sometimes I go to the chat and it asks me to sign in again.
  • In the release log they acknowledge that it's a "initial, limited functionality, release."  Hopefully this means they'll actually support and develop it more though.
  • I'm really hoping about that since the app currently does the job but looks and feels like an early alpha stage development. Especially when compared to iOS and Android version, our app looks like unofficial in comparison despite it really is. Now the only concern left is if the app will get continual support and significant improvements overtime, and updates on par to other platforms. This is the stage where many of Windows Store apps fall into, we got apps but left abandoned. But anyways, at least we can take advantage of Steam services since we got the authenticator that allow us to do trade and other stuff restricted without one, good news for sole W10M users
  • Aesthetics and UI definately needs tremendeous work, no doubt. Hopefully that this just a start and (crossing my fingers) very soon we will get updates improving the app overall User Experience. Valve indeed need to give the developers UI guidelines to inline with Valve's look and feel and hopefully developer will also incorporate Microsoft Design in right mix (mostly it will be just making squared edges and using official UI components). What I wish for is the Hamburger needs a swipe-from-the-left-edge gesture, which is sadly not official on Microsoft guidelines, but having gesture provides better UX for using Hamburger menu.
  • Hope it does end up good because right now it's awful.
  • Nice move from Valve :D
  • It took Valve 4+ years, but it's finally here.
  • Love hearing about things like this. There are some seriously talented developers on Windows and mobile and I'm happy he got recognition for his work.
  • Just like Locana. It was the reason I bought Sony because it's the only one with WP app.
  • GG Valve.
  • If only Snapchat would hire Rudy
  • Hopefully they will
  • Isn't DropBox his day job now?
  • He mostly started Windows Phone development in his spare time so he could still do both.
  • Wishful thinking.
  • Snapchat's CEO is an all time Microsoft hater and a ******. He stated many times that he hates the platform and laugh at us users for being on windows phone.
  • I laugh at him too. Deleting information... is aganst everything the information society stands for. And i laughed even more at Snapchat users since now they got the offer to se "deleted" messages for money again.
  • He did tweet that he was working on something official, I'm hoping that this is what he was talking about.
  • Actually he tweeted yesterday that he doesn't believe himself that Snapchat is coming
  • Pretty sure Rudy said he wouldn't want to work for Snapchat if they offered it.
  • Pretty sure Rudy said he wouldn't want to work for Snapchat if they offered it.
  • Why is the "Get App" grayed for me?
  • Valve things you're a bad at video games.
  • Correction Dan: Valve thinks you're bad at playing video games.
  • Oh oh. Lols
  • Burn!
  • rofl
  • I can already download it since hours ago :D
  • I wish long and awesome career in Valve to Cheyney, thanks you so munch for making this happen. 
  • More like shortlived since he would be able to copy-paste the code from the unofficial app and make some things new.
  • Even Valve, on the changelog of the official Steam app, have said that is the a minimal first release. Things will get added, and having in-house support for Steam is going to make this one of the best apps on the platform.
  • Very cool!!
  • Buggy and crashing. But glad its there.
  • nice move, thats is the way that things should be done with every app... but some companies prefer to remove the unofficial app from store and leave the users without anything
  • If only more companies would do this (Hint, hint, Snapchat!) Kudos to Valve for getting it right!
  • What does the steam app do?
  • You can use it as an authenticator, for chat, and sell in the community market without the 15 day wait time as compared to doing it from the PC.
  • That would explain why, with every page that I went through, it would ask me if I wanted to open it with the steam app or the unofficial steam authenticator app. #GoodGuySteam
  • hence proved......Big Company's Eyeing on Windows Developers.....first was Rudy Hyun(Dropbox Lead UI/UX designer) and Then Thomas Cheyney (Valve First party App Developer)...... hopefully.... Snapchat Developer Soon....
  • Thanks Valve!!
  • Like Rudy, this is a awesome move. Really smart people manages Dropbox and Steam.
  • Meanwhile they have hundreds of people developing for iOS and android. It takes one windows developer.
  • Lol hundreds
  • How stupid now those paranoid people feel who didnt believed that app? Where are you now ?
  • I knew it as soon as I opened the app, many similarities. Also it kept trying to link me to his app. I commented on this on the initial post but it wouldn't let me send
  • Something Snapshot won't do.
  • If you can't download, switch region to Germany. I was able to download after doing so
  • Does the Unofficial app have to be 'de-authenticated' or can it just be uninstalled and the new one will work?
  • De-auth first. I didn't and it caused problems. Got it all sorted via the website so no biggie. Also uninstall the unofficial too. Or you still get more of prompts asking which app to open your clicks!
  • No wonder I thought the listing part looked similar!
  • Looks like mainly a wrapper around the mobile webiste to be honest. App needs some work to be useful.
  • Aren't the apps on the other platforms web wrappers too?
  • Feels like it in Android. The original version of the app a few years ago definitely was, and was trash. Last year they completely revamped it though, looks great. But some parts still feel like a badly made web wrapper. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Good old fashioned Valve
  • Good guy Valve
  • It makes you wonder how many other companies have done this and we just don't know about it.
  • This is what big companies should do: Hire the third-party app counterpart developers to develop the official apps and pay them a good price for that. It'll make things a lot more easier and recruitment won't be difficult because there are tons of third-party developers in the community.
  • The app is really bad. It's just a web wrapper. They could at least change the style sheet so it looks somehow professional. Hope this guy will put some work on it.
  • The app looks very rushed just to get released soon as possible, it doesn't look great indeed but at least it also works. Hopefully that next couple of update or just one big update will address that. Valve can provide a guidelines for it.
  • I thought this type of application was a simple translation using the ios bridge