Various Diamond 2 and Touch Pro 2 WM6.5 updates across the pond

No surprise with Microsoft calling for December/January release time-frames for WM6.5 updates (opens in new tab) that there will a ton of announcements in the next few weeks.

Recently we got wind that India's Touch Diamond 2 had been blessed with their official update (available here (opens in new tab)), which could please a few million users we suppose.

Likewise, Orange has released their WM6.5 upgrade for their Touch Pro 2 (available here (opens in new tab)).

Finally, Australia's open-channel Touch Pro 2 is also eligible for their WM6.5 upgrade. Open-channel is down-under speak for non-branded versions aka not on Telstra. Get that update here (opens in new tab).

While having cooked ROMs is a blast, using official released base ROMs is even better for stability, plus not everyone has time for customs.  So if you're one of the few who needs these (and you do), go get 'em.

[via XDA , WMPoweruser, Windows Mobile for Australia]

George Ponder

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  • weren't we supposed to see biweekly announcement regarding WM starting October?? It's been extremely quite...
  • Regarding: "While having cooked ROMs is a blast, using official released base ROMs is even better for stability, plus not everyone has time for customs." I don't entirely agree. I dealt with the original Touch Pro ROM for about nine months, after which I finally opened up to trying a custom ROM. I had originally believed that the base ROM should be more stable, and I didn't want to deal with the 'hassle' of loading a custom ROM. I was pleasantly surprised that there are ROMs out there that can be much more stable than the base ROM. Yes, I have needed to try several ROMs, and I have gotten a bit sucked into the ROMs with newer versions of WM, so it can suck up a bit of time, but if you find the right ROM the first time, it doesn't take much longer than upgrading your base ROM to a new officially-supported base ROM. If only there were a proper guide to the custom ROMs out there... that would be great. Probably taboo, I'm guessing.
  • To counter and clarify from a chef's perspective, having an official ROM to work off of is very important. For example, up till US Cellular released their Touch Pro 2 a few weeks ago, there was no CDMA WM56.5 base to work off of--all kitchens and ROMs were a hodge-podge of WM6.5 GSM files, WM6.1 CDMA files, etc. Once we got the US Cellular ROM, we had a single, stable base to expand upon and ROMs became more stable. True, just because an "official" ROM is out doesn't make it a good one, but surprisingly many really like the Sprint version a lot and the fact remains: most people won't bother with the custom ROM community.
  • Although I will upgrade when Sprint releases the official 6.5 update, I am one of those who is quite pleased with the official release on the TP2 for Sprint. Very stable and quick. And of course with the HTC modifications it is very finger friendly already. This allows me to have patience I normally don't have. :-)
  • check out my sprint windows mobile 6.5 htc touch pro 2 in action.
  • Ah, OK, I smell what you're steppin' in. The updated Sprint ROM for the Touch Pro is vastly better than the original one... but by then (what, 9-10 months with the phone, and about a month after I finally decided to try the custom roms) I was already sucked in and enjoying things like Titanium or the newer Manilla builds. And I certainly would've matched with 'most people'... I wouldn't have bothered with custom ROMs had the original ROM been more stable and able to last one day on the 2000mAh battery. Thanks for the clarification.
  • I wish VZW would get it together and drop their stock 6.5 rom. The stock 6.1 was impressive and I look forward to seeing what they do with 6.5. I'm on MightyRom right now (tried a few others as well) and it's quite good, but feels a little slow.